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It almost drove us crazy when we were deciding places for our wedding photo shoot. First, we had to think what kind of styles we are looking at. Vintage? Fun? Oldies? Traditional? Second, we have to think of the outfits that we want for each location. Third, the locations that you have chosen. Time is very important, I am sure you don't want to waste any time on the transport right?

TIP: Think of what kind of places you would like to go for your wedding photo shoot before you choose your wedding gowns. This is to prevent any mis-matching. *Wink*

Initially we wanted to go for oversea photo shoot. Places like Taiwan, Thailand or even Korea. But we met Labelle Couture whom we feel that the photos that they have taken were what we are looking for. Not very Singapore style but Korean style. Immediately, we signed them up right away without going for more bridal shop hopping. Comparing is really tiring. I am not going to reveal what kind of package that we got. But I did mention the list to look out for when you are looking for a bridal shop.

Though we did not do much recce on the locations for photo shoot, AT LEAST we did some online research. These are the locations that we thought of going but in the end we did not due to some reasons. I am unable to take some of the pictures or paste them here. Probably you may want to click on the link to see how it looks like :)

1. Bukit Timah Rail Corridor
Charge: FREE
Location: Location: From Botanic Garden MRT Station, walk towards Bus Stop @ Bukit Timah Road (B41021). Take Bus 66, 151, 154, 170, 67, 171 and alight 12 stops later at Bukit Timah Road, King Albert Park (B42061)
- This is such a beautiful place specially with the railway track. We had to give up this because it was too far from the place that we HAVE TO go. And I have learnt that the station (The one painted in red) had already closed, so most probably you will only get to take some pictures of the railway track only. But it seems really stupid if we purposely travel there just to take the railway track right?

2. Upper Seletar Reservoir
Charge: FREE
- This place is getting more and more popular because of the "Apple Tree". It is SO famous that almost every couple will rush there just for this beautiful tree. Though the tree is a MUST to take but what I really love is the little boat. Try searching for it. Samuel from Pixioo actually told me this secret place. But sad to say, we have to give up this place because it was too far from our initial location.

3. Punggol Ranch
Charges: 1 Hour - $321 (With sitting of horse), 1 Hour - $214 (Without Horse Sitting)
- We wanted to have some horse photo shoot. But Punggol Ranch is not really the ideal place for us. This place is relatively new. We have been there several times, the place looks great but we don't like the feeling whereby people will know that "OH! THIS IS PUNGGOL RANCH!" Hahaha! And I feel that there are nothing much for us to take. Not much sceneries around that area

4. Seletar Airport - Not available anymore
- We got the inspiration from Triumph in the skies II. Seriously it will be fantastic if we are allowed to take picture with the planes! I saw some of the couples taking their wedding photoshoot there and they are so beautiful!! But then again, according to the my photographer in Labelle Couture, he said that this place is no longer anymore! SAD!

5. Kampong Bungkok/Lorong Kampong
- This place is definitely suitable if you are looking into olden kampong days.This place will definitely bring back lots of memories. I personally like this place a lot. In order not to waste the time, I decided to say goodbye to here. Hopefully I am able to go there for casual shoot.*WINK*

6. Pasarbella
Charges: FREE (Remember to drop an email to the management to inform them)
Address: 7 Lorong Buangkok Singapore 547 557
- We wanted to go this place as well but it was too far again. I know, I have been complaining about far locations. But time is really important! Hahaha. This is quite a new place. However, my photographer said that this is not an easy place because of the dim lights. But I have seen a few couples headed there and the results were great!

7. Asher's Vintage Market
Charges: 1) 1st 2 hours - $50/ hour (min. 2 hours)  2) Every subsequent hour - $40/ hour
Location: Tampines
- This is relatively a new place for photoshoot. Best of all there are different kind of settings for you to choose from. For example: 1930s, Retro, Lounge, Peranakan and many more! It was a pity that we have to give up this place because the photo shoot have to be done on weekends only. Try to email the owner. The owner actually said that we can take picture in the evening but our schedule was too rush, so have to cross it out as well.

Notice that Museums and Cafes were not in my choice? Actually I did look up for cafes but to my horror, most of the theme cafes were closed on Monday. I DIDN'T KNOW THAT! And it was so happened that my photo shoot is on Monday too! So, yah, no cafe shoot at all. As for museum, we were afraid that it might turn out boring and that going to change the style of my white gown. So decided to bid goodbye as well. For cafe theme shoot, you may want to try CAN cafe or Fullhouse. Do note that they have some charges as well :)

So, what are the locations that I have chosen for our wedding photoshoot? I will stay mysterious!

Exactly 3 months to #gavinkatty1209! ♥

With love

Minty  – (July 9, 2014 at 3:17 PM)  

Excited to see your wedding shots!

Thx for sharing those sites. haha I'm keeping note of punngol ranch haha

K A T T Y  – (July 10, 2014 at 12:05 PM)  

Hi Minty, you are welcome! I will post a few sneak preview after I have gotten them in soft copies! ;)

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