His Birthday!

Mr. Chang's birthday falls on a Friday this year. By right, it will be definitely a good time to go for a short trip. Just like we did last year to Phuket. But we decided not to due to leave constraint as well as money constraint. HAHA! I think as we grow older, we will not really want to celebrate our birthdays. Each birthday symbolizes one year older which means getting older now. =P

In order to do something special, I gave him a surprise this year. I actually sent one sunflower bouquet to his office. He showed me his desk by taking a picture before and I thought his desktop is really dull! How to work like that? Unlike mine. I have a lot of ling ling dong dong on my desk. HAHAHA! I guess that is the difference between male and female? But at least we need something to spice up the working environment right? I even thought of buying a photo frame and sent it together with the balloon and flower. But it cannot be done =(

Anyway, this was the surprise!

It wasn't really easy to get this because it was Mother's Day festive and lot of places actually do not have sunflower. But I still managed to get this and the lovely balloon from xpressflower.com. Super love their efficient service! Mr. Chang actually thought that this was from his colleagues when his colleague brought it in to his office. Surprise considered succeeded? Hehe

We went for a mini celebration which he wanted to have Japanese cuisine. So we randomly came upon Shabu Sai which he thought it was more valuable than the other that I have found. So we decided to have this instead. It cost about $29.99++ with $1.99++ free flow drink/soft drink. Total cost per person will be $37.40 =) We were lucky as there was no queue at all.
And these are free flow as well. *YUMMY* But you have to order these from the waiter and waitress while the rest of the stuff you can actually get it from the counter. Sad to say, the waiters and waitresses always took very hard to serve them. To cut cost I guess =(
There are various soup base for you to choose. I think we had seaweed and spicy. Both are the most popular choice and I thought they are quite good too!
We were only allow to dine in for 90 minutes. For us, it was sufficient and were glad that they did not chase us away even when we were about to hit the 90 minutes limit. And we had a simple celebration in that restaurant as well! The cupcakes were from his colleague actually. HAHA! He told me not to get cake so we just use this to represent. It was his actual day, cutting cake and blowing candles are a MUST to do right!
To end off with dinning at Shabu Sai restaurant, we thought that it was quite ok only. There weren't lot of varieties for us to pick. For those meat lover, they will most probably ended up with eating those meat. The services was way too slow. I wouldn't say is a MUST to visit, I believe there is other better shabu restaurants out there =)

After we left, the next surprise will be his favourite, Spider-Man. Ok. We went to watch The Amazing Spider-Man 2. I am glad that I did not fall asleep. But I always get very confused. Seriously, I can't remember all the Spider-Man movies that I have watched. They look the same to me! Sorry that I have to disturb you throughout the whole 142 minutes! At least I did not sleep right! Hahaha!
I managed to hide his present even though he already knew what he will be getting. I mean, we went to shop for this present together! *ROLL EYES* So he wouldn't be excited to know what he will be getting even though it was wrapped. IDIOT RIGHT! But again, he got surprised because there was a card in it. Hahaha! Idiot!

Anyway, happy belated birthday (though it was over). There will be plenty of birthday celebrations ahead! *WINK*

With love

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