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Do you remember how you describe your mum when you were told to write an essay during your pre-school days? The topics usually are “Describe your mum”, “Tell us why your mum is the best person in your life”, “Why do you love your mum” and etc. And we used to write simple sentence like

“My mother has short hair. She is fair. I love her because she cooks for me. She fetches me to school every day. She is a wonderful mother and I love her.”

It seems very easy for us to write this kind of essay about our mother during those days. And we even made cards and flowers during Mother’s Day to show our gratitude to her. But as we grew older, most of us will start to neglect these. I couldn't remembered what I wrote about my mother in the past. I hope I kept them. I think I will want to keep all the DIYs stuff that my children make for me in the future. So that I can show them while nagging "You see! You see! You used to make these for me when you were young..." HAHAHAHA!

As for my mum... My mum loves her job a lot and it seems like she will NEVER quit it. She is loyal to her job. And it is not like her pay is very high. She wakes up early in the morning before everyone does. She walks to the market, be it the one in Little India or the one in Beach Road. Rain or shine, she just walks there. On the way, probably she has to crack her brain to think of what she should cook for that night and what are the things that run out in the family. Every day without fail. Perhaps she will have a tough fight in the market. Haggling the price of vegetables or meat, picks the fresh meat or vegetables before the rest do and last but not least carrying them back no matter how heavy they are. Her job duties are almost the same every day. But she will never grumble. She will sweep and mop the floor, does the laundry, folds the clothes, tidies up everything, fetches and brings one to school, cooks lunch and dinner. She doesn’t expect anything, she doesn’t complain about her work, she does all these willing and wholeheartedly. In fact, I think that she has a toughest job but probably the happiest job too!

Just want to say:

Thank you mum for all the sacrifices. 妈妈,谢谢你给我们的一切。

Though I am not a mother right now, I can really feel that it is not easy to be a mother. 世上只有妈妈好! Totally agreed to this. I am really fortunate to have her as my mother or rather WE are really fortunate. She feeds us well with her home cooked food. It is way too awesome that I will miss badly when I am overseas. Hahaha. She cooks our favourite food when she knows that we are coming home for dinner. She cooks whatever we are craving for. She makes herbal tea for us if the weather is really bad. She makes tonic for us when we are not feeling well. No words can describe how much she has given in this family, how much sacrifices she has given us. All I can say is...She is our superwoman. :') And I bet she will feel "Finally all my children have grew up, married and started their family. But I have to start all over for my grandchildren." HAHAHA! My niece and nephew sometimes really drive her crazy. But I am sure that she is contented and happy. Soon, there will be more grandchildren for her to look after too. She is the most happiest mother and grandmother.

Thank you Swee Heng 1989 Classic for the lovely Mango Classic and a bouquet of carnation flowers! Happy Mother's Day (In Advance!)
Anyway, Mother's Day is around the corner. Do you have anything you would like to tell your mother yet you are shy about? Don't worry! Nowadays, everyone is so "tech". You can express your word to your mum even through Facebook! Nowadays, a lot of mothers are having a Facebook account. NOT TO STALK ON THEIR CHILDREN! Maybe this is part of the reason? Hahaha! Hop over to Swee Heng 1989 Classic's  Facebook Page to join their contest "What you wanna say to the special lady in your life on Mother's day". The best 3 comments will stand to win 10inch cake (worth $28.90), a bouquet of carnation flowers as well as $50 Swee Heng 1989 Classic Voucher! Contest is ending on 6 May 2014. Make it fast!

With love

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