Prewedding Photoshoot Nails from Absolutely Nails

I am really thankful to be the ambassador of Absolutely Nails. And because of that, my prewedding photoshoot nails was done by them as well! YAY!!

Heading there on a Saturday afternoon, I was so guilty that I am late due to the atrocious jam and bus broke down! But thank god, Jacklyn and Yen waited for me despite clashing with their appointment! Can't explain how thankful I am to them!

I did a few research on the nails that I want to do for my prewedding. My nails were actually long enough to do more design BUTTTTT it broke a few days ago! You seriously don't know how upset I am!

Initially my idea of my prewedding nails are to be simple! I don't really want it to be so bridal as I don't think the design can be seen clearly in the photo too! I don't want my nails to be full of colours! Imagine having 10 different colours on my nails, I think it will look awful specially when you are wearing white gown. Kinda mismatched right. Or even dark colours like black, bright red and etc. It might look beautiful if the photos are focusing on your fingers but it will definitely look like you are poison from far if you chose black!

So I decided to do something closer to nude colour and add a little floral design to it!
Tadah! I had this done within 1 hour! Really thank Jacklyn for the fast work!
How did my prewedding photo shoot go? Will update soon! In a meantime, if you are looking for some inspiration for your bridal nails, you may want to visit the following websites:

Hope you can get some inspiration from there!

Absolutely Nails
Address: 136 East Coast Road, Singapore 428821
Contact: 6345 3303 (Do call to make appointment, they are usually very full on weekends!)
Like their Facebook Page for more promotions update!

With love

Unknown  – (May 27, 2014 at 11:21 PM)  

Hi katty, i love ur bridal nails.. May i know how mcmuch u did for this design??

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