Part 3/3: Langkawi - the Jewel of Kedah

22 February 2014 (Saturday) was the island hopping tour that we have purchased in Pantai Cenang. As usual, the weather was super crazy! We headed out for sea trip! Initially I was quite worried that we will be using speedboat. But thank god, we were not! If not, hubby was going to suffer again. HAHAHA!

This little girl is mad cute! She kept smiling to us when we made eye contact with her! So friendly uh! She has a bright beautiful pair of eyes!
We had a hard time taking selfie due to the strong wind. And that was the best of all! At least our faces were not covered by my hair! Haha!
Our first stop was to feed the coral fishes at Dangli Island. The boat docked in the middle of the island and we could see the coral fishes swimming around us! He was saying that "These fishes look very familiar...Just like the one that ate my XXXXXX in Phuket"  *INSIDE JOKE* HAHAHAH!
Next will be their local floating restaurant located within the Kilim Geopark Nature Reserve. That was where we had our lunch as well. You will actually see that there are several boat tours docked here for lunch and tours. We got to see several kind of fishes which include Stingrays, Archer Fish, Electric Eels and etc! We were actually allowed to feed them or even stroke them if we want too!
After that we headed to Eagle Watching activity where we will get to see the eagles soaring high above us! And we even got to see eagles swooping down on preys! This was something that we will never get to experience at all.
We headed to Gua Kelawar which is known as the Bat Cave. We were told to lower our voice and not to on our camera flash. Just in case we woke up the bats. You will be shocked by the number of bats that we have seen.
Can you imagine how many fruit bats are in this cave? Gosh! I'm so afraid that we might woke them up! My hair literally stand! =\
Monkeys were everywhere but we were told not to feed them at all. I am kinda afraid when one of them was so near to me!
We went through this crocodile cave. No worries, they are no crocodiles at all! The cave is so shallow and is just nice for a boat to enter in. The tour guide actually stopped near the mangrove and asked us to look around to see if we get to see "something".
And we managed to spot snakes! They are all camouflages on the branches.
Lastly, we ended the tour at Tanjung Rhu Beach which was also known as the white sand beach.
Pretty interesting tour as we got to experience wildlife and mangrove. Getting close to the nature. It will be good for the kids as the tour guide really explained well. Seems like we have went on an education trip instead. hahaha!

23 February 2014 (Sunday) was our last day in Langkawi. Had the final fun and relax before we headed back to face the cruel reality! Had the yummy breakfast before we headed for a swim
Last night market (Sunday) before we say goodbye to Langkawi. I missed their local food so much that I must have the fried chicken before we leave. HAHAHA!
That's all folks! I know this langkawi post has been delayed for months, thanks for reading! Hehe. It was a fantastic trip! Totally a 忙里抽闲 trip for me! HAHAHA! Thank you hubby for the wonderful birthday trip as well as the surprise present! And now, I can't wait for the next beach vacation in next month!

Did a summary video weeks before and thought it will be good to share it here too! We usually will take videos and photos during our trip but never have the thoughts to compile them all. Enjoy~
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Part 3/3: Langkawi - the Jewel of Kedah

With love 
 (Next travel post will be on Ireland!)

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