Part 2/3: Langkawi - the Jewel of Kedah

This is going to be my birthday post in Langkawi on 21 February 2014 (Friday). This is also my first time celebrating my actual birthday overseas. Normally I will spend this day together with family. As continued from the previous post. I did not notice about the birthday cake on the table which he thought I did! Anyway, Thank you, Berjaya Langkawi Resort for this lovely birthday cake. And thank you, hubby for writing in to request for this cake.

 We got Moscato at only RM42 per bottle. We had two bottles throughout our stay. #toocheapmustdrink
And the clock hit 12am! Dong Dong Dong!

Can't believe that I am actually mid of 20s. Gosh! I thought I am still 21?!?! Hahaha. After the mini celebration, I thought everything has ended. Oh well, just another day~ But he asked me to find my own present. Seriously I was quite shocked. I didn't expect any present from him at all. So I searched the whole room like an idiot. I was telling him "What if I found something I shouldn't have found" I am just trying to scare myself! Hahahaha! And so, the present was just behind the sofa that I sat!=\
Thank you hubby for the lovely present! Just when I needed the most!

For the rest of the birthday celebration, we went out to explore like a tourist again! Forgot to mention about the breakfast in Berjaya Langkawi Resort, we love their breakfast so much! Do top up for it if your package didn't come with it! I love the freshly baked croissant. So soft and crispy~ No Picture No Talk. Sorry. I did not take any pictures! Geez. We headed to the beach area at Berjaya Langkawi Resort for a walk after a hearty breakfast. Life is so good when you woke up to such a relaxing morning! After all the hectic works that we have, we really deserved a break to relax ourselves.
The sand was so freaking hot even though I was wearing slippers. And we spent some times looking for beautiful seashell. THERE ARE LOTS OF SEASHELL! We hope that we can collect the seashells from different part of the world! Hahaha!
They have lots of facilities like gym, jet boating, canoeing and etc. Lots of activities to keep you accompany even if you don't feel like going out. We went to their game room and had a few rounds of pool. Each game cost about RM3. I am totally a noob for it. He won every rounds =< My aiming really sucks. We reminisced those days where he taught me how to play pool when we were both very young. As I recalled, I was telling him "Oh. So this is how you woo girl right. Purposely offer to teach how to play pool then touch touch my fingers...."
After that we headed to the Oriental Village which was just right beside Berjaya Langkawi Resort. The shuttle service actually brought us there for free. Hubby heard about the highly recommendeded cable car ride and decided to bring me there. We bought the Combo Package which comes with Cable Car Ride and Cinemotion. It cost RM50 per person. Honestly speaking Cinemotion is a waste of time. HAHAHA! My advise is to buy the cable car ticket at RM30 will do. Save RM20! *KACHING! *KACHING
Langkawi Cable Car is one of the main attractions. He kept saying we have to visit here! Well, we never regretted going for it! The sceneries were so beautiful! Be shocked that it actually bring you all the way up to about 708m above sea level. SUPER DUPER HIGH! Some people will actually feel the pressure but we were pretty good.
Totally depressed when we realised that the Hanging Bridge (aka. Skybridge) was closed for maintenance! =(
The sun was mad scorching in Langkawi. Apparently I got sunburnt. Do remember to check the weather before you go. And I did not apply any sunblock at all. It seems like the sun is following you 24 hours! So hot and humid yet couldn't find any shelter. #hotdieme

After that, we took taxi to Kuah Town, one of the most popular and happening town in Langkawi. But we don't think that it is really that happening at all. The cost of the taxi from Oriental Village to Kuah Town for about RM30.
Here is the zoom-ed in of Kuah Town.

I got very frustrated here because there were nothing to do there! All the shops along the road were closed! Totally empty! It was so difficult to even buy a drink there! Phew! We were quite surprised because they said that this is the most happening place which we really doubt so!
We couldn't find a proper place for our lunch (Because none of the shop were opened!) and we ended up at Secret Recipes. Located at Langkawi Fair Shopping Mall
Then we walked all the way to Eagle Square which was super duper far! I was grumpy because the weather was killing me. There were no shelter. We were under the sun for almost 20 minutes of walking! Almost died! Finally we got to see the Eagle sculpture. This is the most well known attraction. So WE GOT TO TAKE PICTURE WITH THIS HUGE EAGLE! Hahaha!
Then we headed for massage at Bellis Spa which took us pretty long to get there again! But everything were so worth it! Totally glad that we found the spa among those empty streets. I couldn't remember how much do it cost. At least the environment is rather cozy and WIFI connected. Lol. Our last stop will be  Night Market (Friday) which was the largest night market among all! I SUPER LOVE THEIR STREET FOOD! This "Ming Jian Kuey" cost only RM0.20 each! It consists of sugar, powder peanut and corns. So crispy and delicious! Specially when it was freshly made. *DROOLS*
And the fried chicken below. We really had no idea how they fried the chicken wings. THEY ARE MAD CRISPY! They cost RM2 each. We ate this EVERYDAY!
Lastly, thank you everyone for all the wishes! As well as my families for the birthday angbao!

Stay tuned for the last part of Island hopping!
Part 1/3: Langkawi - the Jewel of Kedah
Part 2/3: Langkawi - the Jewel of Kedah

With love

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