Part 1/3: Langkawi - the Jewel of Kedah

I always wanted to visit Langkawi, mainly because of her white sandy beaches. And finally I have a chance to visit this lovely island during my birthday trip in February. We went for 5 Days 4 Nights. We booked the tickets in September 2013 and it cost $244 for both of us. I can’t remember what exactly the promotion was but it was considered quite cheap. As for the accommodation, we stayed at Berjaya Langkawi Resort. It was one of the best beach resorts in Langkawi. He always said that he can leave all the travel trips to me because I always get the best deal! Indeed. YAY!

Some selfie before we left for Singapore… 

And more selfie when we have boarded the plane. Hahaha.
It was a 1 hour and 25 minutes of journey to Langkawi. Throughout the flight, I was totally engrossed with my Hong Kong Drama, The Hippocratic Crush II (On Call 36小时Ⅱ) while he took a short nap. If you have watched that show, you will understand how I feel. I was at the last 2 episode whereby 车车 passed away! I felt so heartbroken and literally cried like nobody business. He noticed that I was crying and was so shocked. I looked at him and said “车车很可怜leh” then started to cry again! HAHAHAHA! He totally gave me a WTF look because he did not watch that show at all and did not know what had happened! He then laughed because we were supposed to go on a happy trip and was taking lots of selfie like 30 minutes ago. Even flight attendants looked weird at me. It was not just tear dropping that kind of cry but really that 痛哭 kind! Ok. I sounded terrible. Then he stopped me to watch the LAST episode because he feared that I might cry even harder! Anyway, fuck man, why did they even let 车车 die at the second last episode!!!! Argh!

Then I started to calm myself down and listened music with him. “Happy Thoughts! Happy Thoughts!” Suddenly I feel a sharp pain right in my head/brain followed by my ear drum. It was so freaking painful and I never experienced this before! I was so uncomfortable throughout the whole journey that I really feel that I might died. I couldn't wait to leave the plane. I almost wanted to call for help when they announced that the plane was preparing for landing soon! He said that it could be air pressure plus I had a hard cry. Well, I have no idea. But somehow I feel super relieved after I have landed though the pain was still there for the rest of the night. :'( When I was at the immigration centre, the immigration officer actually asked me if I am feeling ok. He said that I looked sad (You know after all the woo-haa!). I feel so embarrassed and let out a smile at him. I think I have to do that else he will most probably think that I am being kidnap. HAHAHA!

Langkawi International Airport is very small and easily accessible. We did our research and found out that the transport (Taxi) in Langkawi is considered expensive and most people recommend renting a car instead. And renting of a car from the airport will be cheaper than those outside We did not ask the rate in the airport though. But we have found out that the cost of renting a car outside is about RM90-110 (a day) depend on what kind of car you are looking at and motorbike will be at about RM40 (a day). VERY CHEAP RIGHT! We wanted to rent (we both have car licenses anyway), but when we arrived it was about 9 plus and everywhere was so dark. Worst of all, we couldn't get prepaid card at all and throughout our stays. I didn't know why it was so hard to get. I always thought it is easy to get data SIM Card in Malaysia. In the end, we did not rent the car for the rest of the journey cause without GPS, we were afraid that we might get lost. In the end, we spent quite a bit on transport.

Taking a taxi in Langkawi International Airport is very easy! There is a counter right in front at the exit door and all you have to do is to tell the person which hotel/resort you are staying will do. There is a fixed rate for all the hotels. As for Langkawi International Airport to Berjaya Langkawi Resort, it cost about RM40 (If I didn’t remembered wrongly) and it was about 20 minutes journey. Kinda expensive right! And in fact, taking a taxi in Langkawi is very easy. All of them have a fixed rate for all tourist attractions. So it was rather hard to bargain.

Berjaya Langkawi Resort is located right at the end of the island. The roads were so dark with little/no lights at all. The road condition is like Bali/Batam. Very bad. Seeing the journey made us think that the RM40 was well spent. HAHAHA!

We took an evening flight and by the end we reached our resort, it was quite late already. He did the check in while I roamed around taking pictures.
The resort is way beyond huge. In order to get to our room or anywhere around the resort, one of the way will be to walk (but it will be hell far, unless your room is very near to where you want to go) and another way will be by their shuttle service. Their shuttle service is 24 hours. All you have to do it to call the shuttle service number in your room and mentioned "Shuttle Service Please"  and they will reply "Please wait outside of your room" Simple as that.

We were guided by them to take the shuttle service. It was about a minute or two to reach our room. We alighted and made our way to the room. We were quite skeptical because we were surrounded by lot of trees and our unit was like out of nowhere. There were signs that say “Beware of Monkeys” So close to nature that I was a bit afraid. Remembered my bali resort incident?  Hahaha. We had to make our way up the narrow and dark stairs. It was almost pitch dark for a night-blindness like me. We quickly inserted the key and I ran into the room. HAHAHA! I was really afraid that monkeys might suddenly appeared, snatched our luggage and ran away. LOL.

This was our unit that was taken in the day. Can you imagine how eerie it will look at night? Hahaha!
Forget about the environment outside during the night. It was so fabulous during the day. Hahaha. But best of all, we were very pleased with the room...
The room was clean, huge and cozy. Insect-free! Totally love it! However, just to complain a little, the WIFI is super duper weak! It was almost with no connection at all! Kinda disappointed. WIFI is only available at the café and lobby area. After we have settled down, we ordered for room service! The first supper that we had. Can't remember how much does this pizza cost. But their room service was rather reasonable.
I couldn’t remembered how many movies we have watched during our stay. Hahaha! We literally watched the movies till midnight!
The view in the next afternoon (Thursday, 20 February 2014), we literally slept through the morning and woke up in the afternoon. We explored the resort first we headed out to explore the whole island.
The resort was actually doing some upgrading, building more water villa chalet. But the upgrading did not affect our stay at all. We did not think of upgrading to water villa chalet as we thought that the sea in Malaysia might not be that clear. Water Villa stay will be more worth it in places like Maldives? That's our personal views.  

Do remember to take the map in the airport (Can be found at the tourist centre at the airport) I did not do any research for this trip as I was too busy with work and he helped out to research some of the attractions that we have to go. Couldn't really find a proper detailed map online and thank god, we got this prefect one in the airport! Hope it help you!
Click for larger view
We headed to Pantai Cenang, one of the towns in Langkawi. The town might look huge on the map and to the fact that it is very small. We took a taxi from our hotel to Cenang Mall and it cost about 30RM. 
There are nothing much in Cenang Mall. We settled down at one of the cafe for our tea-break because it was so scorching outside!
We basically explored the whole of Pantai Cenang. We walked from one end to the other. And this is the place that we found out about the rental of vehicles. We headed to the beach area where there were lot of tourists. The beach is beautiful and clean.
We walked right to the end where Starcruises' port was. It was so freaking far and we still managed to explore right to the end! We wanted to go for a K-session at Sun Karaoke (No.27 on the map) but it was too expensive. The cost is charged by room. For example: RM100 for a room of 3-4 people and etc. Too expensive for just both of us.

We stopped at one of the shop along Cenang Mall which provide day tour. It works like Phuket whereby there will be people selling their packages out at the roadside. We decided to book through Pro Link Travel andTours which look reliable and friendly compared to the rest. Hahaha. 
We took up their Nature and Wildlife tour. It cost us about RM100 per person. Not very cheap. But well, it will be an experience since this is our first time. Will be talking about this tour that we went in the next blog post. We wanted to take up their Sunset Dinner Cruise but due to time constraint we decided to give up =(

There are night markets in Langkawi as well. I have circled in RED on the location of the night markets.
The most interesting part is that there is only one night market operating every night. And honestly speaking they sells the SAME product and you might even spot the same seller. HAHA! And that's what we did! Some of the locals which we have purchased actually remembered us!

From Pantai Cenang to Night Market (On Thursday) was about 10 minutes and the cost of taxi fare was about RM10. It looked very near on the map but there is no way to walk there at all. Too far to walk, too near to take taxi. Hahaha. This night market is relative small compared to the rest that we have visited. But we got to experience the local delights.
We bought back some of their local foods and had a feast in the hotel. Hahaha! We took a taxi back and it cost us about 20RM.
We stopped halfway through the journey because the taxi uncle wanted to get some watermelons back that was selling at the roadside. We were so shocked when he told us he got 10kg of watermelons for his family and they cost about 20RM. 10KG of watermelons!! We were thinking if they had watermelons for all their meals. We did not really communicate that much with the taxi uncle as sometimes they don't really understand what we were trying to convey.

Stay tuned for the birthday celebration I had in Langkawi

With love

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