Feet Haven Reflexology Review

Honestly speaking, I am not into reflexology and had never been to one before. When I received invitation from Feet Haven Reflexology, I thought I should try out as I have heard about them since last year. I am thankful that I went despite of my fear (I will be talking about why the fear in me.) And I never regret going!

I headed to their second branch in Serangoon Gardens. It is actually just opposite MyVillage and Chomp Chomp Food Center area. Follow the stretch of shophouses to Cedele and there you are, Feet Haven Reflexology is just above them.

When I first stepped in, the first impression I got was pretty good. The environment is very soothing, peaceful, clean and etc. The couches are very comfortable too! I headed there after work and it was not very crowded. If you are going on weekends, do remember to make appointment as they usually very packed! 
Before my masseuse (I am so sorry that I forgot to get her name.) has started, she cleaned my feet. This is definitely a step not to miss! It is for hygienic purpose! My masseuse has over years of experience, professional and at the same time humorous too! I burst out laughing when she asked me the very first question...

She: "How long do you bathe ah?"
Me: "Er...About 20 minutes?"
She: "What you do inside!? Polish izzit!"

Okay. I was stunned yet feeling funny because she don't look like somebody who jokes. She even laughed at her own reply. That's really cute of her. Hahaha. Throughout the 30 minutes of foot reflexology and 15 minutes of neck and shoulders, I learnt quite a bit from her. Definitely not the skill but how feet reflexology improve our health. For example:
- Improve blood circulation
- Relieve stress, tension and fatigue
- Improve the functions of your organs
- Remove congestion and blockages from energy pathway
- For stronger body resistance and many more.
As for myself, she spotted lots of problems in me like dehydrating, backache, not enough sleep and etc. I feel kinda naked in front of her because she knows that I bathe very long,  I wash my hair every day and night, I will hold my bladder, I have this pain and there pain quite often and etc. LOLOLOL! Kinda embarrassed yet amazing?

Talking about the FEAR! One of the reason why I never go for foot reflexology is because of the...PAIN. I am really afraid the pressure that the masseuses apply. You know, some will keep pressing even though you are screaming for help. BUT I am glad that I did not suffer in that way. She is very nice enough to keep asking me if the pressure she applies is good enough or she will prewarn certain parts that I will feel painful. I think I am the only one who is very unhealthy because looking around me, I saw some of the customers chit-chatting and some even fall asleep. Hahaha. To be honest, it is absolutely okay to feel painful if you are new to foot reflexology. But the more you go, the more you will feel less painful each visit. I am glad that I have made the first step despite of all the pain! I felt very light and really had a good sleep on that night!

Just in case you were wondering if you are suitable for foot reflexology. Foot reflexology is suitable for EVERYONE! The old and the young! Be amazed that the youngest customer that Feet Haven Reflexology had was actually 4 years old and the oldest was 73! SOOOOO if you are looking for foot reflexology in Singapore, be it you are a tourist or local, Feet Haven is definitely the Best Foot Reflexology in Singapore that you got to visit! Don't believe me? Google it!
Tadah! Not because I am sponsored and I have to say the good words. Even the google says so! Hahaha! Feet Haven Reflexology was even awarded the Best Food Massage by Harper's Bazaar Spa Award in 2013 and rated the Best Value Spa by Simply Her March 2013! I think I have said enough. You got to experience it yourself! Book an appointment with them and tell me your experience okay?

Lastly, thank you Feet Haven Reflexology for this awesome experience!
Feet Heaven Reflexology
Address: Katong (136 East Coast Road)
Contact: 6344 7311
Address: Serangoon Gardens (4A Maju Ave)
Contact: 6228 2314
Opening Hour:
Monday - Thursday: 1pm to 10pm
Friday: 1pm to 11pm
Saturday: 12pm to 11pm
Sunday: 12pm to 10pm
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With love

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