Before pre-wedding photoshoot to Salon De Choix

A few days before my pre-wedding shoot, I we headed to Salon De Choix to fix my hair. It is important to get your hair fix before your pre-wedding shoot. You won't want your hair colour to look uneven on your wedding photos right? So getting your hair fixed is something that you CAN'T save it or miss it!

And that was the reason why I was at Salon De Choix. My hair colour was fading so badly. For this time round, Ricky did colouring as well as highlighting of my hair. He said that highlighting will look lively when my make up artist styles my hair. And Oh! I won't be doing any cutting or trimming of my hair now cause I need them for my actual day in September!

Totally a bad hair day that need to be fixed!

Ricky chose a gold colour base as well as a lighter gold colour for my highlight. I thought gold colour was quite old fashion but it turned out to be great! Continue to read on! My vain husband was there with me as well. He is now a regular customer of Salon De Choix. He used to go neighborhood salon! Guess he is being pampered by Salon De Choix too much! Hahaha. Not only him, I have several guy friends who are now their regular too!

Hair dying of process took about 45 minutes. It was pretty fast as I do not have to dye my hair first then follow by highlighting. Concurrently, I am doing both! Save lots of time waiting! Teehee~
After that, Alvin (I finally got his name) helped me with the hair washing! His hair washing skill is
 reallyEven husband agrees to it too! Most of the time I will fall asleep! I have been to lots of hair salons and I dare to say that Alvin has the best hair washing + head massage skill. Please give him an award! Hahaha.

Lastly, the monthly hair treatment to keep away the dry end of my hair! I love how my hair smell after every treatment. ♥
While my head was having a "SPA" treatment, let's move to what my vain husband did for his head. 
And tadah! Here is the clean look of his. ♥
And back to myself! I always love how Ricky curled my hair. I WILL NEVER LEARN THIS SKILL ON MY OWN! I love the hairdo every time I came out of the salon BUT it will never look same the very next day! I am sure YOU GUYS will understand me. Hahahaha!
Here is the end result of my tresses. They are beautiful right! And the gold colour didn't look o-biang at all! Most importantly, it was not that kind of ah-beng-gold that we thought it will be. Hahaha.
Lastly, thank Salon De Choix for the perfect hairdo! Experience your hair journey with them now! Visit them at 3 Killiney Road #01-06 Winsland House 1 Singapore 23951 (Just few minutes walking distance from Somerset MRT). Don’t forget to call them at 6836 2959 and quote “Katty” to entitle 15% OFF.

With love

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