Zalora Singapore Great Singapore Sale 2014

Ladies, I know you have been waiting for this to arrive and that is…

*Drum Roll*

*Drum Roll*


Are you mentally and physically prepare for this event?
Have you trained your eyes to spot for things among the Sales sections?
Have you physically prepare to squeeze yourself into the Sales sections?
Have you....
Have you....

Hahaha. Ok. I am just exaggerating. BUT STILL...I truly admire people who can actually do that! Squeezing them in the crowd, queuing to pay for the items that they have fought back. *THUMB UP* For me, it will be a NO NO as I really hate to squeeze among people. Normally I will be curious over what they are snatching but most of the time I will just walk away. How about you?

So... can you actually recalled what werethe awesome items that you have got yourself during the Great Singapore Sales? I hope you do lah, since it was definitely a tough fight for these items. Hahahaha. Perhaps you wanna share with me what were the items you have gotten and share with me the price as well?

So, what am I doing during the Great Singapore Sales? As a woman, I will shop as well lah! Since the price during the Great Singapore Sales will be so tempting! But where am I?

Guess what? I will be at home...

Very focusing in my phone or computer.


Shop online lah! That is the best way to enjoy the Great Singapore Sales! I don’t have to squeeze among people. I don’t have to travel all the way to the shopping malls. I don’t have to sweat like a pig just to snatch the item I want from the people. BEST OF ALL, I don’t have to queue to make payment! *WINK*

You must be thinking "There are so many online shops in Singapore, how do I know who are the participants and what are the items they are selling?" Well,  right now the first online portal that I have came across is Zalora Singapore. I am pretty sure you have heard of them. They sell EVERYTHING that you can find in shopping malls. From clothing to shoes, accessories, bags, sports item blah blah blah. JUST EVERYTHING!

Well, what I did as a Kiasu Singaporean is that I actually went to sign up to access all their latest deals!! HAHA!!! How to sign up? Simply visit Zalora Singapore Great Singapore Sale 2014 and follow the below steps will do. Simple and easy!

Simple? And the SWEETEST thing is I RECEIVED $10 GIFT VOUCHER FROM THEM after I have signed up! Totally cheap thrill! HAHAHAHA! Mad happy! Now I have $10 OFF for the first item that I have purchased in Zalora Singapore YAYYYYYYY!
Good things are meant to share! So quickly go and sign up at Zalora Singapore Great Singapore Sale 2014 now. Don't say I never introduce you ah! Meanwhile if you are a tumblr person, you may want to check their tumblr link at Zalora Singapore for the latest trend in town!

With love

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