Wedding Gown Rental: Blessed Brides (Part 1)

These few weeks we have been very busy preparing for our wedding. Finally I feel the sense of nervous and excitement because I have been quite relaxed ever since our solemnization. Cause I have the feeling that since we have already married so the upcoming customary wedding will just be "another” normal event. He felt the same way too! BUT we were so wrong about it! Customary wedding is so much complex than we thought! It was so different from solemnization. BUT!! As we plan, we get very excited about it. Well, after all, it is a once in a lifetime event, we should be enjoying every process right?

My local wedding package comes with 1 wedding gown and 1 evening gown which I don’t really want my morning gown to be the same as the one that I am going to wear at night. Reason? It will remain secret (Will reveal after the wedding!) =D

I was desperately looking for my perfect gown when I saw Blessed Brides name appearing in the forum that I have joined. I did not straight away to look for Blessed Brides as I was just browsing at that time. I am seriously having bridezilla mood because there are so many gown rental shops in Singapore. Where should I start to visit and who should I be looking for? So I randomly searched for “Gown Rental” in Streetdirectory (Google is not always my friend. HAHA) and TADAH! Blessed Brides appeared again! I thought that it is quite fated and I decided to take a look at their website. Well, BTBs, trust your instinct! *WINK*

So, I am really really fortunate to have Blessed Brides to settle my morning wedding gown. They have a wide range of custom-made gowns and even European wedding gowns (Such as Rosa Clará/Pronovias). They are also the only one bridal shop that carries Pronovias White One Collection! If you are looking for Ala Carte service like myself, their gown rental is quite affordable at only $1,500 to $1,800. Their Rosa Clará and Pronovias collection gown purchase is from $2,400 and above. And if you would like to have something special, they do have made-to-measure wedding gown as well as evening gown from $1,200 onwards. They have bundled up packages which will be cheaper. For example, made-to-measure gown for rent as well as made-to-measure evening gown for keeps at only $2,800. Totally worth it uh?

Anyway, Val is the one that I have been liaising with for the past weeks! She was also the one who started Blessed Brides. Pretty young and beautiful lady. I met up with her on one of the Saturdays in their bridal studio at 11B Mohamed Sultan. 

Honestly speaking, we really love the ambience of the bridal shop cause we feel very welcome and exclusive. Val who is also a gown designer, totally understand what kind of gown that I am looking for after I have shown her pictures of my preferred wedding gown. Totally made the hunting-for-the-prefect-gown went smoother and easier than I thought! She personally picked a few gowns for me to try. And oh man, every piece that I have tried, made me even harder to make a decision. One thing is that she is so open when comes to taking pictures of myself wearing gown. She actually allowed me to take as many pictures as I like. No restriction at all!

This was the first gown that I have tried and I totally love it! Can you imagine? This is only the first gown! I can’t imagine for the rest!
Honestly, I am not a lace person but the embroidery lace on the wedding gown is totally just nice for me. Not too fanciful. Simple and elegant that are exactly what I am looking for! The quality of the gown is fantastic, not those cheapo material. It is very comfortable! However, Mr Chang told me that this gown looks very similar with what I will be wearing for the night. After struggling, I decided to strike this beautiful gown off =( A very painful decision.

I won’t be showing the rest of the gowns that I have tried because I am still struggling which one to take! Oh-My-God! The rest of the gowns that I have tried are all so beautiful! Normally, BTBs, when you go for gown fitting with your husband-to-be, you know exactly which gown to take when you see your HTB’s eyes glowed when you wore out certain gowns right? But in my case, Mr Chang’s eyes glowed almost every of the wedding gowns that I have worn! =( This is not going to help me with my decision making!!! And this really shows that Blessed Brides carry lots of beautiful gowns. I will reveal the rest of the wedding gowns after second fitting. Alright? I have a painful decision to make. Hahaha.

As for the evening gown, actually I am looking for one for the “special appearance”. It will be different from the wedding package’s gown that I have taken. Val let me try their pink range. I prefer the third one but it is not really suitable for the “special appearance”.  And so...searching is still on-going! Hahaha!
I seriously can’t wait for the second fitting at Blessed Brides again and I hope this time round I can totally make up my decision. Well, every bride will definitely want to look beautiful on that day. So am I! Although, hunting of the wedding gown can be quite torturing but the moment you find the right one, it is all worth it! Stay tuned as I will continue to update on my searching of my gowns as well as the recent updates.

Name: Blessed Brides  
Address: 11B Mohamed Sultan #03-01 Singapore, Singapore 239010
Contact Number: 6735 6334 /  9728 3901
Their Facebook Page
Their Website

With love
135 days to #gavinkatty1209!

Anonymous –   – (May 3, 2014 at 8:29 PM)  

Hi Katty, can you do a review on your Radiesse voluminizing filler since the last time you did it? I'm interested in doing it also. But is worried about any side effect. Can you blog about how do you feel after 4 months of the treatment? Is there anything different about your face as compared to before? Like does your face feel stiff? Thanks!

K A T T Y  – (May 6, 2014 at 4:50 PM)  

Hi there! There are no side effect at all. I feel perfectly okay and normal. The feeling is the same before I had fillers :)

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