I just wanted to say that university graduates aren’t really big deal. Holding a university certificate might make you significant in this society, but it doesn’t mean that you are going to get despised if you are not. At least I have a job with a stable income, giving my mum's allowance every month, spending my own money, able to travel... What's more can I ask for?

I wouldn’t say that I am a smart person. During my 10 years of education, I am always in the middle range. I had never excelled too much nor flunk badly. Well, in fact maybe I did but I worked hard and managed to pass through my O’level and got into a proper local polytechnic. My results in my polytechnic can allow me to continue for university. But I stopped. I did not want to continue to schooling.

I don’t think I need to elaborate on the reasons why I did not want to continue my study. Schooling can be a burden to me and my family. The expenses that needed... I still remembered when I first got into the polytechnic, I was told to get a laptop for schooling purpose. It was hell chaos. In the end, my brother and sister had to literally “find” the money just to get a laptop for me. Yet we don't really use that much in school. DAMN!

What really interest me will be having a proper job after I have graduated from polytechnic. I have been working part time since I am 14. I had a few of odd jobs like distributing of flyers and working in Mcdonald (Only $3 per hour). These two jobs were during my secondary school time. The pay was THAT pathetic. I still remembered one of the odd jobs that I had when I am only 14. I went blocks by blocks in Tampines to distribute flyers with my female friend. It wasn’t an easy job. We walked every block to give out the flyers from day till evening and even got ourselves lost! Hahaha. Worst, at the end of the day, we only earned $30. Those were the days and were already contented with the amount of money earned. I don't think there will be any 14 years old kids will want to take up this kind of job now.  Later in polytechnic life, my part time jobs will be selling shoes, gifts and CDs ($5 per hour). Those money earned were all my expenses in my polytechnic. My poly classmates will always asked me “You going to work later again?” Cause most of the time I will reject them and they will go ahead with their chilling and relaxing after their lessons while I headed to work. It was so hard of them to ask me out. Haha. And I feel very bad till now.

I don’t know why will people think that I am from a rich family. In fact, I am pretty shocked when people labeled me as 千金小姐. They find it difficult to get close to me just because they thought that I am rich and ignorant. Do I have a difficult-to-get-along face? Oh please, close friends will know how “sam-pah” I am. And I am friendly, I won't bite. Lol. 

I am not a 千金小姐. I don't flaunt my wealth or rather I don't have the wealth to flaunt. I don't born rich. I don’t live in palace. I don't have a car. I don’t live in big flat. I am from slightly below average family and live in a two-room rental flat over the years. I don't think living in a two-room rental flat is something to be ashamed off. Yet I received sarcasm when I was very young. A primary school friend tagged along with my best friend and they came to my place. She simply said something like "You mean you live in this kind of place?" I was too young to react what she was trying to say but somehow I still remembered this incident. Hahaha.

Though 5 of my family members used to live together in a small flat, I felt that we get united than those living in a bigger flat. Our house is forever noisy and happening. Our relationship are closer because we get to see each other everyday, we talk to each other, we bond together and we grow up together. Being the youngest in the family, I can say that I can pretty fortunate as I received the highest qualification and earned the most in the family. You must be laughing your ass off, but well. That's the fact. My elder sister suffered the most because she dropped out of the school to repay my dad's debt. Life was tougher before I was born. I did not know what really happened but all of us still managed to overcome it. Though my dad did not have a proper job (most of the time), he gambled, he drank, he smoked, he borrowed money, but still we never hate him for all his doings. We never blamed him for not bringing us comfort and money. In my eyes, he is still a good dad even though he is not around anymore. When he had money, he would buy things for us and give us money. In another words, we as a family suffered together, enjoyed together no matter how hard the condition was.

Life was never easy.Yet I feel I am already very fortunate as compare to the rest. I feel that it was the process that groomed us into a better person. I am contented with what I am doing, I am happy with who I am. I am not saying that I am someone who can take hardship because I might not suffer the worst yet. I know that I still have a longgggg way to go. So, before you start to "ya-ya" about your qualification, wealth or career, do make sure that you will keep on climbing and never fall...

With love
(Just MY personal thoughts.)

Anonymous –   – (April 22, 2014 at 11:52 PM)  

Hi Katty, I have been your silent reader for the past few years. I really love all the "Thoughts" posts that you have wrote. Just wanna say, all the best in your life and in whatever you do. Jyjy!

Anonymous –   – (April 23, 2014 at 8:40 PM)  

hi babe, has been following for few years n enjoy reading your blog. you are very pretty :) Thank you for sharing your travel post n updates in life. want to say jia you too. best wishes :)

Anonymous –   – (April 23, 2014 at 11:38 PM)  

Hi pretty, don't be disappointed. (: Everyone went thru different stages of their life and learnt different things. You are doing great! All the best and I'm looking forward for every of your post (:

K A T T Y  – (April 24, 2014 at 2:21 PM)  

Hi all, would like to say THANK YOU for your encouraging words and supports even though I have no idea who you are (Hopefully you will leave your name next time round!) :')

Anonymous –   – (April 24, 2014 at 9:49 PM)  

wanna compliment you. that all those words are so true and realistic. family, standard of living, there's definitely no shame in it all no matter the circumstances that whoever is living in. what matters most is kinship, bonds, afterall blood is indeed thicker than water. regarding diploma or degree, i think as long as we make effort in life to live better, to achieve more, for the sake of ourselves, our loved ones, qualifications play a part to a certain level, the rest is up to attitude and perseverance. Cheers to you, this beautiful lady. I've been motivated and inspired by your blog post :)

K A T T Y  – (April 28, 2014 at 4:05 PM)  

Thank you Eda! Yup. Totally agreed that attitude and perseverance is very important. I just get pretty upset when there are people flaunting their qualification just because they are graduate and totally look down on those who are not. Anyway, thank you so much! I feel very motivated after reading your compliment! :D Have a great day!

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