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You will be surprise of this amazing product that I am going to introduce. I will leave the amazing part in the later post. Meanwhile, this brand – lyncaCare is actually set up by a Singaporean. Do support our local brand!

Before I go into the amazing part of this product, I don’t know if you ever feel that it is very hassle to bring around your makeup sets. Especially when travelling. Brusher, eye-liner, eye shadow, foundation, highlighter, bronzer and the lists will go on and on. Not that I am very vain, but at least these are the basic cosmetics that we girls will bring right? So, most of the time, I secretly hope that I can reduce the weight of my makeup pouch. Don’t be surprise! They DO have a certain weight! Hahaha. Well, if we have 2-In-1 shampoo or even 3-In-1, why not a 2-In-1 cosmetic or even all-in-1 cosmetic?

In woman’s perception, these are the woes that we often meet when come to cosmetic products.
1. We bought the wrong colors. Be in foundation, eye shadow or lipstick. Admit it; you do have times whereby you chose the wrong color for yourself. If you have gotten the wrong colors, what will do you with it? Uh-uh I heard that you mutter “Dump it aside” THEN HOW?

2. You don’t like the color of the eye shadow that your friend gifted you. “This will be so much better if it is in bronze, I don’t apply pink eye shadow. What am I going to do with it?” Most people will give it away. But giving it away don’t really sound good especially when it is a gift from your friend. WHAT TO DO?

3. The change of makeup style. You are no longer into punk style but sweet Korean style. What are you going to do with the change of colors of your cosmetic? WHAT TO DO?

If you have noticed, the three examples that I have given evolve in Colors. Do you agree that makeup is all about colors? It is about giving colors to our face to look better. But there are so many outstanding brands out there, carrying almost the same products. How are we going to find the ideal cosmetic color for ourselves?

And that’s when lyncaCare comes in. lyncaCare is a cosmetic company based in Singapore which focuses on mineral colors makeup that is suitable for eyes, lips, cheeks, faces, nails and even hairs. I can almost label it as all in 1 product.

I am lucky that lyncaCare had sponsored me four Mineral True Colors. THANK YOU! And I am so excited to try them out!
It took me quite a long to decide on the colors because they have more than 80 colors (Which I can’t be possibly showing all of them). They have so many awesome and vibrant colors. I bet you have no reasons to give excuses like “I can’t find a suitable color!” 
Not only of the vibrant colors that Mineral True Colors have, check out the benefits of their products.
1. They are free from silicon and wax additive. Meaning Oil-free!
2. Do not clog pores at all.
3. It feels absolute light and natural on the skin and long-lasting on skin

These are the colors that I have gotten. Kopi, Silver White, Soft Pink and Natural Pink.
I did a short make up tutorial based on lyncaCare products. Just a basic one as I have never done any make up tutorial before. =P

Kopi Colors for Eye Shadow
For the eye shadow, I always prefer to use colors like bronze or brown. I feel that my eyes will be more outstanding and bright with these colors. And that was why I gotten Kopi. There are shimmering and matt kind but Kopi has a shimmering finishing. It is perfect for nails as well!

I got a clean brush since I'm using a new color. TIP: Do remember clean your brushes occasionally to remove the dirt! Most of the time I applied one color eye shadow. Be it going for work or going out. Fast and convenient for a lazy bum like me! :D
And here is the finishing look of my eyes after I have drew my eye liner and put on eye lashes. I don't really wear eye lashes that often now. Most of the time I put on mascara. I only wear eye lashes during the weekend when I have important dates, events, happy mood (LOL!) or sometimes when I want my real eye lashes to "rest". Hahaha!

Next, will be Natural Pink for my cheek.
If you realise in the above picture, there is actually a sticker. What I did was after I have dispensed whatever I need, I will stick it back to prevent it from toppling over.
As for the lip, I mixed the Soft Pink and Lip Gloss together to create my own lip gloss color. That’s how amazing lyncaCare is.
Follow by Silver White to highlight on the certain area that I wish to highlight. Most of the time I will highlight on my nose bridge area. 
 And here is my complete make up with lyncaCare
Sorry if it was not a detail make up tutorial after all this was my virgin make up tutorial. HAHA. Hope it is still okay! There are just too many awesome ways to play around with lyncaCare. One price with so many usages! You might thinking that it will be very expensive since this is a multi-usage product. Neh. It is not at all.

Being my readers, you will have perks as usual. You will have additional 10% off! YAY! Save money! Save money! Just head over to Luxola now with this purchase code "LYNCABLOG10" to purchase them! Promotion till End June 2014!

Product Information
lyncaCare website
Their Facebook Page

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