Annyeong Korea - Last Part!

I am back from my Ireland Trip. So here is my last post of my Annyeong Korea!

It was considered our last day in Korea as we got to catch an early flight the next day. We continued to visit the tourist spots. One of them will be Trick Eye Museum.
How to go? Alight at Hongik University (Green: Subway Line 2), Exit #9 then walk for about 7 minutes.
Opening hour: Everyday from 9am to 9pm.

It wasn't really easy to spot Trick Eye Museum because it was located underground. We really had to look out for the sign that says "Trick Eye Museum"

The ticket costs about 15,000 won (S$18) for adult. We can get to enter the Trick Eye Museum as well as the Ice Museum.
The place is quite small but there are lot of things to take pictures with! It was almost crowded with tourists mainly from China as well as Thailand. Pictures shall do all the talking. And you will realised that we really 很爱演!We can really act as if we are in our own world. HAHAHA!
Can you figure out how we took the above picture? I really looked like I am flying in the air ah?
I really like the dinosaurs. At first I don't really know how to pose until he told me that those pair of "legs" are supposed to be mine! HAHAHHA!
And I really like the two picture below! Hehehe! 
HAHAHA! I bet the above picture made you think twice. "HOW SHE DID THAT?" I took me quite a while to pose it as well.
He said that the above pair of legs really look like mine! I will consider it as a praising uh? HAHAHA!
After that, we headed to ICE Museum which is just beside Trick Eye Musuem, same building actually. It was rather warm because the air-conditions were all switched off. So when we entered the ICE Museum, we were like "Wah, damn shiok sia" It was actually minus degree! Then it took us less than 5 minutes and we started to shiver all over again! YET refusedto take out our jacket because we were so lazy! HAHAHA!
We went up to take this slide down. But GUESS WHAT! He made an u-turn without telling me and I am so paiseh. Cause we realised that we did not bring the sliding board! I ended up rubbing my butt against the slide to make myself slide down. OMG! It was so embarrassing! AND IT WAS SO COLD! Yet he was there laughing at me! Grrrrr.

We were making our way out when we saw LOVE Museum. In order to enter, we only have to pay an additional of 7,000won (S$8.50) since we have 1,000won discount. So we headed in and the whole place was rather empty!
We were greeted by this big boobs! Omg! We could really visualize what is inside already. Everything are so obscene! And you can see he seems to be enjoying. LOL! Really 真爱演 right!
I can't stop laughing at his expression below. Damn classic!
 There was actually a short cartoon movie which you should know what is all about. =\
 Being in this museum is already very embarrassing, what make it worst is that there is this female shop attendant. She is really helpful and friendly I must say. But she is always appearing asking us if we need any help to take picture. OH GOSH! And she always appear so sudden!
Hahaha. You can see most of the pictures are just him. I am his personal photographer. LOL. After that we went around Hongdae to shop. This is where I realise that all stuffs in those cosmetic shops are all in a different price! Hongdae costs more expensive than Myeongdong. What I meant was the products in FaceShop, Skinfood and etc. These were what we observed.

After that, we decided to have our lunch at Pal Ja Mak Chang (팔자막창) which was also recommended in Chinchaijiak blog. And I realise that it was running man's Haha and Gary restaurant. I think they did one of the filming there as well!

It took us super long to find the shop despite it was just around us! We couldn't get the direction right despite having a map. So we decided to ask one of the locals. Two uncles. We couldn't really communicate with them but they could understand that we are heading to this place. They tried to direct the place for us using their own Korea map. In the end, they decided to drive us there! Omg! We were kinda shocked when they asked us to hop to their van. So nice of them right!

Finally we reached! GUESS WHAT? THEY ARE NOT OPEN YET! Omg!!
Totally wasted the effort! Feel even more apologetic when we arrived they were closed! But still thank the two uncles. So many nice people around in Korea! It is all my fault cause I forgot to check their opening hour as well. So if you are interested, here are the detaisl:
Address: Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, 395-17
Opening Hour: 1700pm to 0500pm
You may want to head over the ChinChaiJiak's blog for a more detail map.We decided to settle our lunch at one of the small shop nearby. Despite of the small little shop out there, the food are relatively delicious too!!
Then we headed to Sinchoon Shopping Street.
 After that, we went back to Myeongdong to meet up with my guide. He brought us to this restaurant and we settled our dinner there!
We even had this right after our dinner! *FATDIEUS*
 Lastly we ended our day in NANTA Show. It is a non-verbal comedy show that incooperate traditional samul nori rhythma. Very interesting show. We literally laugh out out at certain part. Rather stupid lah, but you will really enjoy this show.
Address: Unesco Building 3F, 50-14, Myeong Dong 2 Ga, Jung Gu, Seoul
Pricing: 15,000won for adult (SG$18)
Timing: There are different timing such as 5pm or 8pm. You may want to check their website again!

That was how we ended our last night in Korea. I was telling him that I did not want to go back and was also hoping for the last snow. HAHA! But it didn't. Anyway, I think we were really lucky to get to see snow. So nothing to be regret. I think the only regret is that we did not get to visit Namsan Tower and some of the attractions that we've planned to go! I guess there is always a next time? (I REALLY HOPE!) If you guys are heading to Korea and need some help, feel free to drop me an email at! I can always send you mine! :)
So, see you Korea. We will visit you again! (I AM PRETTY SURE!)

With love

Anonymous –   – (April 5, 2014 at 11:26 PM)  

Really love your blog! Totally stuck here after your bangkok trip and Taiwan trip! After seeing your blog, I really want to go Korea! :) Stay Pretty!

K A T T Y  – (April 7, 2014 at 10:18 AM)  

Hi Anonymous, thank you for your kind compliment! Korea is really a nice place to visit! :)

reene  – (April 22, 2014 at 3:36 PM)  

Haha's BBQ shop has closed though.. We just went to the address and there was a new shop under renovation. :(

K A T T Y  – (April 22, 2014 at 3:53 PM)  

Hi Reene, I see! When I went there, the shop was still around... :(

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