A Special Valentine!

I have so much things to blog and I know I am getting slow. So bear with it for the backdated posts coming up soon! Hahaha!

This year’s valentine was a special one, not because of the gift or whatsoever but because it is the first celebration of valentine’s day as Mrs Chang (SOUND SO OLD!) Geez.

I received the delivery of roses during my working hour. But at the same time I was kinda shocked with the flowers. HAHA! When he called to ask how’s the flower, all I replied him was “Definitely is not what you expected!” He knew that I love blue roses, so his initial idea was 12 roses + 1 pink roses in the middle. Sound perfect and he even wrote a card that says “In every bunch there’s one who stands and you are that one” SO SWEET right!

That was what I received. He felt that it was kinda of messy and it did not bring out the message that he wanted to deliver. But well, it wasn’t his mistake at all and yet it was pretty silly of him to feel upset about it! Hahaha! Still, receiving flower is always a joy isn’t it? Still love it! (I felt the pain when the flowers were withered. OUCH!)

After work, we headed to Mad for Garlic in Suntec. Dining during valentine day is really crazy expensive! Every restaurant came out with Valentine’s Day Set Menu and purposely jerked up the price. And we, the consumers, still went ahead. Hmmm. So we decided to make our own next year when we got our flat. Hopefully he will remember this. Heh Heh.

The atmosphere in Mad for Garlic is pretty good, I will say. Perhaps because of all the renovations. It was my first time there actually. So I feel that it is still alright. I am not very fussy about food. As long as it is acceptable. Lol. I can't remember what we ordered but they all tasted relatively delicious!
As usual, I will still get him a present despite we already made it a point not to give each other anything. But well, I got him a watch which he has been eyeing for so long. And I did a little DIY which I placed together with the watch box. 
Not sure if you know what are those. They are actually Cadbury chocolate and I just DIY-ed with words that expressed my love for him. Sound cheesy uh! And I can see that he really like it yet he felt guilty for not getting me anything. But he did a DIY stuff to me which he felt was not enough. HAHA! The DIY stuff that he did was really lame but yet funny. Shall not disclosed here, if not he will most probably kill me for that. Anyway, it wasn’t really easy for him to do all the DIY especially when he is now working. Actually it is just all the thoughts that count plus the meal that we had was not cheap at all.

Well, come to think, we don't need to have luxurious celebration to show our love. A simple celebration is better than no celebration. Hopefully after marriage, we will still continue to have a little yet simple celebration! Heheh! Thanks for this valentine of mine that had been through with me for 10 years and more to come!

 With love
(All pictures taken by iPhone 5S)

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