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Just being random. I wouldn’t say that I am a bag person because I don’t have a huge collection of bags. Hahaha. So if you realised the ootd that I have posted in my Instagram (Follow me @kattytann), the bags that I have carried are ALWAYS THE SAME! =P

(Screenshot from my Instagram) 

Personally I love bags that are spacious and light. My favourite bag that I carried most of the time will be the Gucci Print Shopper Bag. It was a birthday gift from hubby. I have been carrying that bag for almost 2 years plus! The surface of the bag has already torn but I am still using it. WHY? It is because the bag is so spacious and light that I can just stuffed all my belongings without worrying that it might snap. If you noticed that the recent bag (Michael Kors Selma Bag) that I have carried in my ootd, I only use them during the weekend. HAHA! It is not really spacious (In fact, kinda heavy for me) but it looks classy.

My friends and family members always say that I look like I am going to “zao lor” (hokkien), meaning running away. They just don’t understand why my bag always looks so bulky and heavy! Sometimes when they helped me to carry my bag just a while and the first thing they will complain is “你带金条出门啊?”(Are you bringing gold bar or something?) Haha! But I am kinda used to it.

I am quite paranoid when people look into my bag. NOT BECAUSE I REALLY BRING GOLD BAR OUT! You know there was one section in the magazine (Not sure which magazine) whereby they will randomly pick someone on the street just to see what they have brought. I THINK THEY WILL BE SHOCKED IF THEY SAW MINE! I am sure you are curious of what I have stuffed in my bag. Are you ready to know? Don’t be amazed. Here are the 14 stuffs that I got to carry every day. Yes. EVERYDAY!
1. The Gucci Tote Shopper Bag that I have mentioned.
2. My Wallet. This is the MUST bring, of course
3. Name Card Holder. I bring it every day just in case I need to meet any vendors; I have my name card with me.
4 Clinique Make Up Travel Set. This is one of my FAVOURITE! It is like a All-in-1 for me. It has foundation, brusher, eye shadow and etc. Super love this. It was a birthday gift from Weiyoung. I doubt he remembered he got me this. HAHA!
5. Perfume. Doesn’t mean that I stink most of the time okay!
6. Lip Gloss. I seldom apply lip gloss, but when I do, I make sure I have it with me.
7. Ear piece. It is something that I can’t live without.
8. Tissue paper. At least 3 packets. Don’t ask me why. I just hate the feeling when you need tissue paper and you just can’t find it!
9. Medicines. I know it is weird to have medicines with me. But I hate the feeling that whenever I am in pain (menses) or headache, I have to go to the nearest pharmacy and get the WHOLE box. To me it is a waste of money! And yah, I have plasters with me as well as Ru Yi You. (Friends laughed at me when they know I carry Ru Yi You around!) I SUPER LOVE THE SMELL OF IT! HAHAHAHA!
10. Umbrella. There were times where I forgot to bring umbrella out and it rained. In the end, I have to buy umbrella. I ended up with lots of umbrella. So now, I make sure I bring umbrella no matter what.
11. Using this panda pouch to replace sanitary pad. Same situation, I don’t want to buy the whole packet when my auntie came to visit me. So I just make sure that I have one with me in case of emergency use. HAHAHA!
12. Hair Clip.
13. Keys. They are quite heavy because it contain of my house key, hubby’s house key, my office key and etc…
14. My make-up pouch. Glad to say that this is the only stuff that I won’t bring everyday unless I am heading out after work or heading to hubby’s place.
15. Not listing there but it is a mist spray. Staying in the air-condition room for too long will make my face crack. HAHA! So I spray it quite often.

So…do I really carry a lot of things? Considered okay? Too over? Haha. That is why I need a bag that can take the weight of my stuffs. Bags with heavy designs are definitely OUT.

Other than the Gucci Tote Shopper Bag that can take the weight, the other one will be Longchamp bag which I have. In fact, I carried Longchamp Tote bag before the Gucci’s. It is so durable and is still working good after 5 good years! I bet most of the girls will have at least one Longchamp Bag. It is so convenience and definitely a MUST-HAVE bag for everyone! For me, I already have 2 of them! Hehehe! Longchamp is getting more and more affordable. I have seen them seeling in Qo10, Deals and even Zalora. Best of all, it came with different sizes and attractive colours. I had a tough time choosing mine actually.

The other big bag that I have will be LV Neverfull MM. It was the first LV bag that I have gotten myself. It was considered as a “reward” for the good sales that my sister and I got from My Magic Scarf. Hahaha! I am pretty regret that I got this instead of Monogram. I couldn’t bear to dirty this bag; therefore I carried less than 10 times only! Silly uh?

How about you? What kind of bag person are you? You may want to share with me as well.

With love

Anonymous –   – (March 6, 2014 at 10:27 PM)  

LOL! I have lots of umbrellas too!

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