Annyeong Korea - Part 5

We supposed to wake up early as the journey to Everland is pretty far away. But in the end, we slept until 11 plus! I think that is the best thing when you are going on a Free and Easy trip cause sleep deprived during a holiday can be really torturing! =|

The journey to Everland takes about 1.5 – 2 hours by public transport. (WOW!) I read about people getting there via Bus, but since the EverLine has just started. It will be so much easier to take subway instead (This is what I gathered online) as I heard that taking bus is way too tedious and tiring. But of course, taking subways can be tedious as well because of all the changing of lines! We literally had to play the "snakes and laddlers" game each time we were taking subways. Hahaha.

First, we took the City Hall Subway Station (Green: Subway Line 2) to Gangdam Subway Station (Green: Subway Line 2). It was about 22 stops away. (WOW!) Luckily there are WIFI connections in the Subways (Meaning you have to purchase the WIFI Card as mentioned in Part 1 of Annyeong Korea) and it was not crowded at all. Phew!
Both of us were dozing off despite having sufficient rest. HAHA! Don’t worry, we did not miss the station or alighted at the wrong stop this time. Guess after five days in Korea, we were getting use to the subway and the messy subway lines.

After we have reached Gangdam Subway Station (Green: Subway Line 2), we switched to the DX Line (aka Shinbundang Line) to Jeongja Subway Station. You will notice that when you first purchase your subway “ezlink”, after you have chose Jeongja Subway Station, it will prompt you if you wish to go by DX Line or the normal way (which is SUPER DUPER FAR AWAY!). Of course, we choose the DX Line, it is more expensive (Can't remember how much more expensive) but considered the time saved, it will be very worth it. One important thing: If you are doing your research online, do get the latest subway map, because I brought the wrong map there. Zzzzzz.
After we have alighted at Jeongja Subway Station, we followed the sign to Giheung Subway Station.
After reaching Giheung Subway Station, tapped out of the station and then followed the sign to Everlink. It is like the MRT and LRT in Singapore. We went for a toilet break before heading to Everlink.
Yup. There is a sign that indicated Everlink Station.
Note that you have to purchase the subway ticket again because EverLine is different from the rest of the Subway lines. Instead of cards, it will be a coin instead. Interesting uh.
Here is the journey map. Basically from one end to the other end. LOL.
It took us about 15 - 20 minutes to reach. I would say it is kinda fast even though it stopped at so many stations. The sceneries are so beautiful! Everywhere were covered with thick snow! After we have reached Everland Station, just followed the sign to Everland! I was wondering why there weren't anyone alighted! It was like only us?
Here is the place to take the shuttle bus to the Everland! WE HAVE FINALLY REACHED! So proud of us. We did not lose our way! YAY!
Tickets can be purchase right outside of Everland. Specially thanks to Tiffany for helping us to get extra discounts. It costs 44,000won (S$53) for the adult (Full Day) and 36,000won (S$43) for the adult (From 5pm onwards). Note that the operation hour is from 1000AM to 2200PM (During the weekdays it will close earlier at about 2000PM - 2100PM.

I was so thrilled after we have entered to Everland. You don't know how much I love this place. I feel the joyfulness and happiness in Everland. I started to sing one of the theme songs~ HAHA! That goes "Ever land~~~~ Ever land ~~~" the rest I don't know how to write already. Hahaha! During my past few times where I was there, I always hope that I can bring my family as well as hubby here. I will really think that they will enjoy as much as I do. HEHEHE! He said I always look like a kid when we stepped into theme park. (Precisely!)
We were so hungry and decided to have our lunch first. We have a quick lunch at Burger Cafe. The price was pretty reasonable I could say. It cost about $10 - $12 per meal.
After lunch, we headed down by their gondola ride. You can choose to walk down if you want to. Just to let you know that Everland is the largest theme park in South Korea. And oh, Everland is actually operated by Samsung Group. I heard that the purpose of building Everland is actually for their staffs and families to enjoy. So good right!
The weather was very cold that day. It was one of the coldest throughout our stay. Literally shivering even though we were so bulky already! Anyway, the gondola ride takes less than 5 minutes only.
We headed to the Zootopia Zone right away. Hubby was so relieved that there is a Zootopia Zone. Because means that we don't have to play any dangerous ride in such a cold weather. HAHAHA!
Pretty amazed that they are all left outdoor despite of the cold weather. NOT COLD MEH?
After that we headed to Friendly Monkey Valley. There are many different species of apes.
They look kinda sad to me =(
This little one here is so cute! :D
And Golden Snub-Nosed Monkey. I don't really get to see them before, not sure if Singapore Zoo has it. They are one of the rarest animal species. Look cute with the blue face uh?
If you are a Running Man fan like me and you will definitely remember that in Ep 141 of Running Man, each of them has different task to do. For example: Kim Jong Kook was desperately trying to get the attention of 6 lions, Jaesuk was constantly talking to an elephant or the love-line between giraffe and Kwang Soo.

Yah. That was where I went - The Lost Valley. The Lost Valley was opened in April 2013. You will be able to get REALLY close up with the animals and have a safari experience throughout the whole journey! Totally amazing! It took us almost an hour for the queue but it was definitely so worth it! No matter how long is the queue, just DON'T MISS IT! It started to snow heavily when it was our turn. I was so afraid that all the animals will be hiding instead of coming to "greet" us. But I was wrong! Read on!
Did you see the giraffes above? One of them was the one that keep looking at Kwang Soo in that episode. Hahaha! And I saw the way they run. I didn't realise the way giraffes run is kind of hilarious. Just like how Kwang Soo imitates!

We were entering the river where Kim Jong Kook was trying to get the attention of the lions... I was unable to take the picture of the talking elephant, they were all at the other side. But we managed to take a glimpse though.
My jaws nearly dropped. This is my first time getting so close to a giraffe. AND THEY ARE REALLY BEAUTIFUL!
THIS CLOSE! OMG. CAN YOU BELIEVE I?!?! I was bending all the way down to take this picture because the giraffe is JUST on top of my head!!!!
And it started to snow even heavier! So beautiful! I super love the above picture taken by one of the passerby! Awwwww. Look like the two row of botak trees in Nami Island uh? HAHAHA! After that, we went to Safari World. In Safari World, you will also get close with the animals such as Lions, Bears and even the beautiful white tigers! No pictures were taken as my camera was going to low battery. HAHAHA! Pictures taken using my phone was pretty bad... So, here is a really very short video. Hope you don't mind! Hehehe!
Then we headed to have dinner. We didn't plan to stay until so late but thank god that we actually did because it was SOOOOOO romantic at night! The snows continued for quite long! The atmosphere was really fantastic! It was definitely a good place to propose. Imagine writing "WILL YOU MARRY ME" on the floor that is covered with the heavy snow. Awww!
Then we headed for Snow Buster! We actually played twice! It was so freaking fun but tiring because of the climbing journey.
Here is the video that I have recorded when I was playing Snow Buster! It was so shiok! But the most irritating thing was the snow kept hitting onto my face throughout the whole journey. Lol. Pardon for all my "AhhhHHhhhHhhhhh" I didnt expect it went down so fast!
After Snow Buster, he decided to do something cheesy again! Hahahaha. 
Below picture was actually taken by a man who is the overall in charge of Everland. He is SO nice and best of all, he speaks mandarin! HAHAHA! We actually asked him where and what time will the fireworks start. He actually brought us there despite he was actually busy with something else when we stopped him to help us to take a picture.
While waking to the parade palce, we had a small talk with him and that was when he introduced himself. We were so "WOW" by his professionalism. While we were making our way to the parade square, I stopped and took the below picture. He asked us to go forward to take instead and then he actually insisted in helping us to take pictures! 
We were actually on the stage which was not allowed to! SO NICE RIGHT! There were actually people around but he just asked his staffs to let us up. Omg! Literally feel so exclusive! HAHA! He is really nice! Awwww! After that, we reached the parade square and he walked back to the place again. Seriously, how nice can he be. Really thankful to meet him.

When we reached the parade square, we were totally mesmerized by the surrounding. I think the fireworks are even better than the Hong Kong Disneyland. We really enjoyed the whole show and I even Facetime the live event for my family. HAHAHA!
After that we went around to take pictures! It was so beautiful that I really don't feel like leaving! The best thing is the music that they played - Classic love songs! Totally died there!
Here is the video that I have taken. You can have a feel of how romantic it is. Imagine we were walking down and taking pictures with this kind of background music. I totally forgotten how long we have travelled there and how long we gonna travelled back. LOL!
Lastly, we gonna bid goodbye to Everland. I think winter season always make one fall in love over and over again. What's more the atmosphere in Everland is so fantastic. Lights, love songs, Cold weather and snowing. Totally perrrrrrrfect!
Lastly, we took the same route back. I think we were overly excited that we forgot out "snakes and laddlers" tactic. We ended up a longer route and it took us almost 3 hours to get back to our hotel. Tired. But I feel that it is totally worth it.

I hope that this post will be benefit for those who are looking into ways to get to Everland. Cause it took me quite a while to research all the ways to Everland until I realised that Everlink is now open.

Stay tuned for last post! Meanwhile here are the past post of Annyeong Korea
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With love

Anonymous –   – (March 22, 2014 at 4:27 PM)  

Hi Katty, just wanna say thank you for such a detail post on Korea. Just when I needed for my honeymoon. Possible to send me your full itinerary. I've emailed u. TIA

Anonymous –   – (March 22, 2014 at 11:39 PM)  

You guys are really sweet! So envy!

K A T T Y  – (April 3, 2014 at 10:15 AM)  

Hi Anonymous, I have emailed you the full itinerary! Hope it will help you in your planning! Have an enjoyable trip :)

Hi Anonymous, thanks!:) But we do bicker quite often as well! Hahaha!

Unknown  – (September 25, 2014 at 7:58 AM)  

Thank you! What a fabulous blog! Very informative yet simple to follow!
Would you be able to provide the photographer contact and if you don't mind, what was the cost? You both look so gorgeous!
If you had to choose between Everland and Lotteworld in winter, which would you recommend?

K A T T Y  – (September 29, 2014 at 9:57 PM)  

Hi Melody,

Thank you for your sweet compliment! Jeongyi is the photographer, his facebook page is Let him know that you are introduced by me (: Hmmm. I will strongly recommend Everland for sure. Too romantic specially at night!

CHARLESCHIA  – (October 5, 2014 at 5:41 PM)  

Hi Katty,

I came across jeongyi also and have also enquired on his service. But it seems like its a little steep. May i just check what's his price quoted to you?


K A T T Y  – (October 6, 2014 at 8:47 PM)  

Hi Charles,

It depend on the package that you are taking? Cos I think mine was about 600USD? Can't really remember. Anyway, you can let him know that you are my friend to see if he is willing to give more discount? (:

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