Annyeong Korea - Part 4

It was our fourth day in Seoul (28 December 2013, Saturday). We woke up really early for our One Day Ski Tour. We engaged Sally Tour after we found out that there are lots of good reviews about them and so decided to go ahead.

The package costs about 75,000won (S$90) per person. And it includes:
- Two-ways of hotel transfers
- Transportation throughout
- English speaking tour guide
- Basic Ski lesson & safety
- Ski gear (Boots, Pole, Gloves) rental
And the whole package costs about 75,000won (S$90) per person.

The journey from heart of Seoul to Jisan is about 45 minutes to an hour, depend on the traffic. That is why I chose to go to Jisan Resort because it is the nearest ski resort to Seoul. For the past two times during my work trip, I have visited Yongpyong Ski Resort which is the largest ski and snowboard resort in Korea. If you want to visit Yongpyong Ski Resort from Seoul, be prepare for the journey up to 2.5 hours!

Our group consists of about 20-30 passengers from ALL over the world. And we felt that we were the only Asian in that group. Hahaha. After 45 minutes to an hour of journey, we reached Jisan. It wasn't snowing at all, temperature was still below degree with scorching sun. We alighted to choose our Ski attire (It was included in the package as well). We decided to rent for the goggles at 10,000won each ($12). You can choose not to rent, but most of the time we will rent. There are lots of beginners around which mean accidents. And we are beginners as well! HAHA. After that we walked up to Jisan Forest Resort since it was just a few minutes away.

The usual process is to choose the size of the boots. I think I am quite experience, I actually remembered what I supposed to do (as a tour leader). HAHA! We got our boots and all the ski equipments. I still remembered how to wear the boots. HAHA! Anyway, it was his first time to ski. I am like his private tutor instead. Hahaha. While waiting, I told him whatever happened when I was there as a tour leader. I still remembered how my finger got swollen when my passenger did not aware that I was helping her to wear the boots into the "equipment"; she stamped on her boots so hard! My finger literally went into numbness. That was in the past by the way. HAHA!

We were all prepared for it! Yay!

Before we leave, the guide (I totally forgot her name) did a small briefing on what to expect, how to walk and things to look out! All of us were so excited and could not wait for her to finish. Hahaha!
And here we go…
Before we started, the guide gave us a basic ski lesson. Things like how to get up when you fall, what to look out for when skiing, how to stop, how to go forward, how to go backward and etc. I learnt it before but I got to recap. HAHA!
After that, she allowed us to ski anywhere we like. Here is picture of us before we headed for skiing.
We skied for about 2 hours and we totally wore out! I think the toughest thing is that you have to get yourself up to the slope. And that procedure takes about 15-20 minutes, the skiing process takes only less than 2 minutes! Wah lao. Damn tiring! Anyway, don’t worry about the weather. Though it was minus degree, we did not feel cold at all BUT getting hotter and hotter as we skied. As we made our way up to the slope, we even started to perspire. I am not kidding! It was soooo tiring! Hahaha.

He did it pretty good at first while I literally fell and rolled down! HAHAHA! He got so worried when he saw how I fell yet feeling so helpless because he couldn’t run to me (Due to the bulky boots and equipments). HAHAHA! Indeed, you will feel so helpless when you fell. Cause it is so hard to get up! He wanted to stop me from skiing because he was so afraid that I might fell and hit somewhere! But we still continued to ski carefully. There was actually a net to stop you from skiing out when you are totally out of control. I told him that we MUST not make ourselves ended there because it will really look like a soccer ball entering into the goal pole. HAHAHA! We actually saw a few went straight to the net and we literally shouted "GOALLLLLLL!"

We decided to film each other! Here is the video that I have posted in Instagram.
I couldn’t stop laughing because he looked so “jelly” when skiing down. When he was walking up to the slope, there weren't anyone. Who knows when he started to ski down, there were so many people infront! He said he couldn’t control at the start cause he was afraid that he might ran them down and they would just ended up like bowling pin. HAHAHHAHA! I CAN REALLY IMAGINE!

After 2 hours of skiing, we were totally wore off! We went ahead to have our lunch instead and went around for some sightseeing before we headed back. We came upon this little “light bulb” here and he decided to doodle something.
Tadahhh! Here is the end result! Hahahha! The sun was so scorching that I almost couldn’t open my eyes!
The package came with a tea-break meal as well. (Kinda cute uh?)
We ended the activities at about 430pm and headed to the Ginseng shop. It was the same shop that I brought my passengers there! HAHAHA!

After that, we met Tiffany at her friend’s place to pass her something and she recommended us to this shop that sells fried chicken near Myeongji University. I have totally forgot what is the name of this shop. And this plate costs about 13,000won ($15). IT IS SO DELICIOUS that I am always craving for it every now and then!
After that, we made our way to the nearest subway station by cab. It was really hard to communicate with the taxi uncle. We wanted to go to Sinchoon Subway Station, but the uncle totally did not understand the word "Sinchoon". I tried all ways to pronounce Sinchoon. I was like "Ajeossi, Sinchoon Subway Station? Sin-chon? Sub-way? You know, Sub--------way, Sin----choon" BUT STILL HE COULDN'T GET WHAT I'M TRYING TO SAY. I even showed him the map and told him that we wanted to get there. I was so panic because he kept replying in Korean and his replies was so fast! Omg. I told hubby that I really got the urge to act out the word "Subway" and he asked me how am I going to act out. So I did this. (This was taken the next day when hubby recapped what I almost did to the taxi uncle)
HE TOTALLY LAUGH OUT LOUD in the cab and asked me not to xia suey (disgrace) myself. Oh man, I am at my wits' end already! Either he or myself are unable to pronounce the right word of "Sinchoon" and I think our pronunciation is pretty okay! In the end, we decided to change to Hongdae Subway Station which he had difficulties to understand as well. But at least he understood where we wanted to go. It was really an epic day.

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Hi Nice blog u have. i am planning to engage Sally Tour for Jisan 1day ski too. Its my first time skiing Do u need to buy ski lift pass?

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