Annyeong Korea - Part 3

It was our third day in Korea. The most frequent thing that we did when we first woke up is…TO CHECK THE TEMPERATURE! No matter it is minus degree or not, we still wore the same layers out! HAHAHA! Checking of the temperature was to just to prepare ourselves only. Lol.

Our itinerary of the day will be Lotte World followed by shopping in Gangnam Underground Shopping. We stayed near City Hall if you read my first post.

We left our hotel and went to the nearest Dunkin' Donuts to have our breakfast. I couldn't remembered how much these breakfast cost, but it was roughly around S$12. We were saying that we missed the economic bee hoon where it cost less than $5 for two persons. HAHA!
Posing with our just-woke-up face. =]

We bought our tickets from this vending machine. We did not get the "Ezlink Card" that they have because we weren't sure how it work. (Totally forget to do research on this!) But never mind, this vending machine is pretty much user friendly too.
We trained all the way from City Hall to Jamsil and we even alighted at the wrong station. MUAHAHA! We alighted at Jamsillaru thinking that it is Jamsil! Cause the map that we had did not have Jamsillaru station at all! So naturally we thought that Jamsil is Jamillaru. I felt something amissed right after we alighted. "Since when Lotte World become so deserted?!" After which, we found out from one of the locals that we had the old subway map. Jamsillaru station is actually Seongnae station!
So we took another train to Jamsil instead.
Finally we got to the right station! Lotte World is directly connected to the station. It is super easy to locate. Just follow the sign to Lotte World and you will get there!

Lotte World
Lotte World is actually for entertainment as well as sightseeing. It is consider one of the largest indoor theme parks in the world which is open all year round. There is also an outdoor amusement park called "Magic Island". 
He said that I am like a small kid as I always love to visit amusement parks. Hmmm. In fact, I really like the joyful environment, it just make me feel very relax and worries-free. Kinda happy that I am able to visit Lotte World with him. I used to come here for my work purpose and I am always alone wandering about. Anyway, specially thank to Tiffany who helped us to get the tickets at almost 50% off!
Inititally we wanted to settle for lunch. But the queue was ridiculously long. Then we walked past this 4D Shooting Theatre. He was so interested and we decided to queue for it. The queue was again so long but we still continued to go for it. Haha.
We waited for almost an hour for this ride. Luckily, the ride was very interesting. All you have to do is to shoot your target. You are actually competing with the rest of the people in the theatre as well. Don't be surprise if you see your face on the screen. I laughed so hard at those candid shot appearing on the screen. SUPER FUNNY!

After that we decided to go for our lunch. The whole park was so crowded, surprisingly it was not even crowded with tourists but korean students. For a moment, we were puzzled if it was their school holiday.
Right after we finished our lunch, the parade started! I thought that the parade start at 230PM instead, but I think they forward the timing to 2PM. (No idea!) In the end, we rushed down to see the parade. Heard that the parade in the afternoon was different from the one at night. This is my first time seeing the afternoon parade.
Hubby was so amazed how excited I am when comes to parade. Haha! I still have my 童真 ok! Overall, I think I still prefer the night parade instead.

After that, we went to walk around the park. Sad to say we did not have much rides taken. Because all the queues were so ridiculously long! We have to wait at least for 1 hour for each ride and hubby wasn't really into these rides! That is one of the reason he will always hesitate to visit amusement park. HAHA! But sometimes he will just go along with me as well. Hehe.
We went for this Lotty's Air Balloon. I think it was their new ride? Nothing much there except that you will feel yourself floating up and down just like you are in Hot Air Balloon.

After that we decided to stop at one of the cafe to take a rest. Here is the overview of the indoor park.
After that, we decided to go to the outdoor theme park. We have to conquer the cold again! Haha!
He couldn't understand why these people have to play those rides during winter season. True enough! I think my face will be frozen if I went for it. Hahahaha!
Before we left Lotte World, I went to get something VERY important! For those who are getting Laneige products, instead of getting from Airport, you can get it here as well! The price here is so much cheaper than outside! Can't remember how much cheaper, but a lot cheaper! Hahaha! Spent a bomb in this shop. I was shopping around when this lady attended to me. I was talking to her in English. In the end, we found out that she does speak mandarin as well. She is such a sweet lady I would say. Because of her sweetness, I got lots of things there. And hubby was almost bankrupt there as well. Muahaha!
Lotte World
Address: 240, Olympic-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul 서울특별시 송파구 올림픽로 240 (잠실동)
Opening Hour: Everyday, 0930AM – 2300PM (Nighttime Admission: 1600 – 2300PM)
Price:  40,000won ($47) for Day-Pass, 31,000won ($36) for Nighttime
How to go: Train to Jamsil (Green: Subway Line 2). Exit #4 of Jamsil. Lotte World is directly connected to the station. – About 50 minutes of ride.

After that, we headed to Gangnam Underground Shopping Mall which was just a few stop away from Lotte World. Dinner before we started to shop!
In Gangnam Underground Shopping Mall, you will be able to find lots of trendy clothes, accessories and shoes. Price range from 10,000won and above. Pretty cheap I could say. I managed to get two skirt at the price of 10,000won ($12)!

It was pretty crowded when we started to shop. So crowded that you were so lost! Initially I wanted to buy a bag for Qien. While waiting for her reply, we decided to move on to shop first. Who knows! We walked like 4 rounds and we still did not manage to find the stall! And we gave up because it was so crowded and tiring! =P
I reckon that if you are a great shopper, you will probably need at least 6 hours here! So plan your itinerary first!

Gangnam Underground Shopping
Opening Hour: Everyday, 10am to 10pm
How to go: Gangnam Station (Green: Subway Line 2) - Any exit

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