Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year! How do you guys welcome the Year of Horse?

Chinese New Year came in way too fast. For me, Chinese New Year is always my favourite festival of all. Not because we get to enjoy the longest public holiday or receive angbao, I just enjoy the moments when we went for house visiting. It is a festival for you to bond up with your relatives and friends.

On the Chinese New Year Eve, it was also my brother’s birthday. We celebrated together, had a simple reunion steamboat dinner, follow by Louhei then cutting of his birthday cake.

Catch what Aden said right at the end of the video.
Hahaha! He actually said something like “明天 June Holiday ah!” (Tomorrow is the June Holiday!) March Holiday is not even here and he already thinks of June Holiday. Hahaha!

This is my first time feeling so sleepy on the Chinese New Year Eve. Reason was because the Eve of Chinese New Year eve, I went to Shanghai Dolly together with my sibling to celebrate my brother’s birthday. And the worst was that I still have to work half day on Chinese New Year Eve. So I was totally “zombified”. But I still managed to 守岁 till almost 3am :D

初一 was really a BUSY for me. I got up early to go over to my In-law place to bai nian and then all the way till night. Phew. This was my outfit of the day on 初一.
I thought that I got lots of dresses from Bangkok. In fact, I only left with this Maxi Dress. Hubby thought that it look pretty presentable and he insisted me to wear that. Hahaha!

Pictures of my family to summarize 初一.
It was so coincident that hubby and Aden wore almost similar clothing. We got both clothings from Bangkok but we didn’t except they look almost the same actually.
初二 was also a BUSY day. I got up early for second round of visiting and also all the way till night. Totally exhausted. I headed over to Jocelyn’s place together with Hubby as well as Jenny. How sweet she is to invite us over. Both of them are my secondary school besties. Come to think of it, we lost contact for quite long until recently we met up together. Being with them reminded me of the fun moments that we had. Jocelyn is forever cheerful and outgoing; her laughter are still very contagious! Every meet up, she will always ask me the same question: “Tell me if you do anything to your boobs!” That was the most straight forward question that I have ever received! Obviously NO! Jenny is still the old jenny that I have known for years. She is still fun and someone you can rely on.
Here is my outfit of the day on 初二
Love this romper from Love Bonito. I think it makes me look quite skinny. HAHA. Self-delusion.

Aden went round with his lion head to perform lion dance of my relatives. He is really good in imitating I will say. It came as a package with oranges and etc. HAHA! And my aunt really gave him an angbao!
初三 was pretty a slack day. Decided to ditch off the heels and wear scandals instead. Pretty casual
Easy romper from Stylelustgirl. Another romper, I think I had a total of 3 sets of this CNY. Hahaha. I have been doing lots of online shopping. And I found Zalora Sg, they have lots of pretty dresses for CNY as well! I guess it is going to be another online shopping website that I will get hook on. Hahaah!

Three days of holiday ended in the blink of eyes. But Chinese New Year is still ongoing. I will still be going visiting every now and then. As for gambling, I still have not had any luck at all! Have been losing money for the past few days! Worst to say, getting sick with sore throat and flu! Too much of CNY goodies!

So folks, drink lots of water while indulging all the CNY goodies. It feels awesome to be down with major sore throat! The result of happy eating for the past few days! HAHA! Hope you guys have a wonderful Chinese New Year as well! Receive lots of angbao! It will be our second last time to receive angbao because we will be giving out angbao PLUS receive angbao on the first year!

With love

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