Be thankful of who you are now.

Everyone seems to be going through the same routine in life. Sleep, wake up, and go to work/school. Most of us are going through this almost every day. Do we happen to neglect anything in our lives? Something enlightened me for the past few days and I decided to pen it down.

My mum had an accident last week. She fell and she injured her ear. Quite a deep long cut actually. I was so horrified when I saw her wound. You can’t imagine how a pair of plastic spectacles and a fall could result such a great impact. In the end, she had 3 stitches on.

I couldn’t imagine how she fell and I hate to imagine how she fell at that time. I can only thank god that she is conscious and even manages to make her way home. She didn't even aware that she was bleeding at that time. I can only label her as a superwoman. *Salute*

From one clinic, we rushed to another clinic; we could still walked and chit-chat. She was in pain, but not very pain, she described. Truly a superwoman. Throughout the journey, she was still complaining  that she couldn't go to “set” her CNY hair on Monday which she had already made appointment days ago. She wanted to dye her hair, and to think she was still so bothered by that instead of her current situation. (LOL!) I took a look at her hair. “Wow” I thought. “So many strands of white hair now” I still remembered I used to act like a professional and dyed her hair. At that time, I was still able to count the number of white hair that she had. But the number of white hair that I saw now, was never that much than I thought. I came to a conclusion that Maybe, my mum’s getting old.”

I never came across and realized that mum is actually aging. I mean, she still looks the same to me. She still receives praises when people are surprised that she is already a grandma now. I wouldn't say that I did not pay attention to how she looks as I apply facial mask on her occasionally. I know she is aging but never will I know that it will be so fast. Sometimes I just wish that the time will just pause a little so that all of us can remain as where we are and just enjoy each other's company. We all live in a fast pace environment where time simply just slipped away in seconds. Do you still remember how you struggled during your primary school and it seems like you never grow up at all? Do you still remember that one of your birthday wish is to grow up? And now, when you grow up, the time is tickling so fast that you yearned to go back to those childhood days.
I couldn’t help but to think of the memories that we share, individually or as a family. Sad to say, technically, I should have 25 years of memories between me and her. (I am talking about now.) But honestly speaking, how much can you remember? I couldn’t even remember how we spent together when I were a toddler and those vague memories that we had when I were a pre-teen. Only through pictures, I can visualized and recalled the things that we did together. I wish I have videos or pictures to keep all the memories that we have in all years.

Because of her injury, I tried to be the-mom-of-the-day. Of course, I didn’t do that much as compared to her daily routine. I only did some spring cleaning, mopping the floor, prepared the dinner, cooked the dinner, mopped the floor again, washed and hung some clothes out. Just these simple house chores, it had already worn me out. Not to mention about her sending my niece and nephew to school, goes to the market and etc. Hey, it isn’t that easy as I thought. My little rascal nephew used to say that “阿嫲整天在家,不用读书/做工,这么好!(So good! Ah ma doesn’t have to go to school/work, just stay at home will do.) Well, it is always easy to say but difficult to carry out. How can you not label her as superwoman?

And it is not just my mum. Each mum has their own way to carry out their responsibilities as a mother. And I can tell you, it is not easy at all. The moment when a woman married, she has the responsibilities to take care of the families (Not only the man). When a mother decided to give birth to her own child, her responsibilities to the families have doubled.

Days after her incident, I was told that there was a suicide case at my block itself. I cannot imagine how can a daughter be so cruel towards her own elderly mother. Like what have she done to deserve all the treatments. Honestly speaking, I do not think any mothers should receive any unfilial treatment from any of her children. Who is the one that bring you to this earth? Be thankful of who you are now. She could easily dump you away like how you did to her but she didn’t. Why? Ask yourself.

With love
(Written in January)

MeiYing Joanne  – (February 13, 2014 at 10:03 PM)  

Enlightening blog post. Thank you for sharing with us. Saw your blog while googling about braces. :)

Jaclyn –   – (February 13, 2014 at 10:14 PM)  

Totally agreed :')

K A T T Y  – (February 17, 2014 at 5:23 PM)  

Hi Joanne, you're welcome and thank you ! :)

Hi Jaclyn, :)

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