Annyeong Korea - Part 1

Finally, I am able to take some times to blog about my Korea trip. I tell you, my Korea trip was really an unforgettable one. We have SO much fun that I literally have to drag myself back to Singapore. I really miss there so much. And even when I am back, I am still constantly checking the weather over there for a few days! HAHAHA! Super crazy. But hubby said that we will be back there someday again :)

On 25 December 2013, we took the morning flight via Singapore Airlines at around 8am. It was our first time spending together for white christmas. Before we boarded the plane, we actually had fishball noodles at about 6 plus in the morning! Totally nuts! But he said he was hungry! In the end, I ate with him as well. I TOLD YOU RIGHT, I WILL GET FAT BECAUSE OF HIM. And also because I am “Tam jiak” lah. HAHAHA!

We actually did not really sleep the night before. We couldn't believe that we were actually so excited! We traveled for so many times yet still excited. HAHA! Anyway, the journey was pretty smooth throughout. I can’t explain how full I am after eating the in-flight meal. I love in-flight meal, so no matter how full I am, I will make sure that I will finish them! *FAT* I can’t remember what movies we watched. We literally played the same movies and played at the same time so that we can watch the same show together. Cheesy uh! Managed to catch some nap for a while while he continued to watch some other movies. I am pretty amazed that he was not tired at all.

Finally we reached Incheon Airport at about 3pm. We were like lost sheeps when we first stepped out of the arrival hall. We went to their G25 Convenience Store to get some breads and drinks because I was hungry AGAIN! And also, I got my Olleh Wifi Sim Card at there as well.

For those who want to get Wifi in Seoul, here are the informations that I've found
1. Olleh Wifi Egg Portal (It is a palm-size device and can be use up to 7 devices)
Where to get it? You can get them at all the Olleh Booth Counter in Incheon Airport. (Gate 6-7, Gate 8-9, Gate 10-11) Don't worry, it is very easy to identify.
Where to return? Note that you have to return the Olleh Wifi Egg Portal after your trip. You can return them at the Olleh Booth at Gate 10-11 else you will be charge certain amount to your credit card.
How much? It cost 8,000won per day (They have promotion at only 5,000won per day when we were there. Not sure if is still available now.)
What to do? Show them your passport and put down a credit card as guarantee before renting the device.

2. Olleh Wifi Sim Card
(It is not a card actually.)
Where to get it? You can get them at all the G25 Convenience Stores.
How much? It cost 3,300 won per day.
What to do? Simply just login to their Olleh Wifi and enter the pin that is given to you in the receipt will do. Best of all, there is no need to take out your sim card!

In the end, we got the Olleh Wifi Sim Card instead because we thought that it is more convenience. But we found out through this trip that getting Olleh Wifi Sim Card will not let you stay connected all the times. Because Olleh Wifi is not connected everywhere. So I guess Olleh Wifi Egg Portal will be better since you are bringing it with you everywhere.

After we have purchased our stuffs, we went to change onto our thermal wear and jackets. Basically we just wrapped up ourselves. Haha. Initially, he thought that it wasn't cold at all. Hello Sir, minus degrees! He still said that he wanted to FEEL if it is cold, but I insisted him to change. It was his first time experiencing winter season though. After we went out of the airport, he went “OMG! LUCKILY I LISTENED TO YOU! IT IS SO FUCKING COLD!” HAHAHAHHAHA!
We stayed at Aropa Hotel. It is located near Myeongdong and City Hall Area. I did my research and found out that the bus that will drop us at the nearest hotel is actually Bus 6701. It will bring us to Seoul City Hall - Seoul Plaza. Here is the schedule of Bus 6701.
You can easily purchase the bus tickets outside the Passengers Terminal (Arrival Area). If you are able to find Olleh booth counter, you will find the bus terminal counter as well. Simply just tell them which bus you want to take and they will give you the bus ticket. For ours, we will be alighting at Seoul Plaza. The bus ticket costs about 16,000won ($19.50) each. If you think it is very expensive, taking a cab from Incheon Airport to Myeongdong area, will cost 65,000won ($79) instead. Haha!

The bus stops are located outside of the airport, normally the person will point to you where is the bus stop. Don't worry, they are quite easily located too! 
Just wait at the bus at this signboard. There is a timetable of bus 6701. If you happened to take Bus 6701, you might want to check the timing so that you don't have to end up missing the bus.
 We waited for about 15 minutes or so. We missed the bus actually. I don't think we look as if it is very cold. But in fact it is really cold!
It was an one hour of bus ride. Luckily the bus is very comfortable. No pictures taken because I was so excited looking at the scenery, eating and dozing off. HAHA!

And the nightmare began, we dropped off at Seoul Plaza Hotel. I did my research and realised that our hotel is just minutes walk away from Seoul Plaza Hotel. You will be surprised that we actually LOST our way!

It was only 6plus and the sky has already turned dark. We tugged our luggages to find our way to our hotel. Hubby was using the iPhone Map to search for our hotel. BUT, IPHONE MAP IS REALLY SUCKS! It kept giving us the wrong direction! For example, it pointed North as the destination, when we arrived at North, it pointed South instead! OMG. Totally fooled us around! We almost went crazy! Then we came across one ajumni (Auntie), she directed us to cross opposite instead. We weren't sure if she understood us because we were talking to her in English and she replied in Korean. After that, I replied in Korean saying that I don't understand Korean (One of the sentence that I have learnt!) She replied me in Japanese! HAHAHA! Really! In the end, we believed that she should know the way, so we followed her instruction. We took the underpass (because there is no traffic lights). When we arrived, we did not arrive at the opposite side which we wanted BUT another exit from the same stretch of road. And this incident went on and off a few times. Worst thing is that there is no lift or escalator. Just flights of staircases that we have to walk up and down, tugging our two big luggages. WE WERE SO DRAINED OFF!

Then I decided to dump the iPhone Map away and based on the Google map that I've found and printed out. I told hubby that my six sense told me that the direction that we have to go. After walking for almost 10 minutes, we finally found the hotel. The worst thing is that Seoul Plaza Hotel is so freaking near to Hotel Aropa. We were just detouring. Well, women's six sense can be really scary. Haha.

We checked into the hotel. The location of the hotel is actually at the alley, I won't say it is in a bad location. But overall, for the price that we have got. This hotel is pretty much good. Hubby loves this hotel as well. Did I mention to you that he is one kind of person that is very fussy about hotel room. And that is why we didn't stay at apartments or guest hotels. He is SUPER particular about them. The hotels that we stayed have to be QC by him. This happened after one of the hotels that we have stayed during one of the trips back then. He was so uncomfortable with the hotel because of the tiles lah, layout lah, toilet lah. And I got nagged because of that. So, I know what's his standard now. Worst thing is that I am always doing the job to find hotel and he is really #likeaboss, QC-ing all the hotels. HAHA! Anyway, the bed is super comfortable, we feel like bringing the bed back home. HAHA. Thumb up for Hotel Aropa!
After that, we went out to have dinner because we were so hungry. Just came upon this shop that sell ginseng chicken soup and abalone porridge. Have an urge to eat something hot and so we decided to eat that.
After that, we decided to go for a walk since it was only 8pm plus and we decided to head over to Dongdaemun which is just a few station stops from us.

Opening Hours: Everyday, 1000AM-0500AM
How to go: Alighted at Dongdaemun (Green line, Subway Line 2) - Exit 1, 4, 8, 9

Didn't managed to get anything from there because they were so over-priced. However, we went around eating instead. We got this honey pancake which cost about 1,000won ($1.20) The best thing to have something hot in such a cold weather!
Their street food! I specially love this so much. Each cost 1,000won ($1.20) as well.
After that, we decided to leave as there were nothing much to buy. We came across this river - Cheonggyecheon River and he decided to take a stroll. It was a crazy idea to take a stroll at minus degree! But I still agreed to it. It was an experience though. We seen lots of korean couple as well. A very romantic place instead.
Love the picture above. Teehee! Oh, if you are getting gloves or hat, you can get them at the shops beside the river (Refer to the picture). I have no idea what is the place call because we randomly passed by and see tons of scarves, gloves and hats. I think they are selling in bulk so generally the price are so much cheaper than anywhere in Dongdaemum.We got our gloves and super-thick scarf at 10,000won. Pretty much reasonable.

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thanks for posting n u are very pretty :)

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Hi Passer, thank you for your kind comment. Have a great day :)

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Hi, i came across your blog while googling for some travel ideas.
I loved that black winteer jacket of yours. Do you mind sharing where you got it from?

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