Highlighting with Salon De Choix

Before I headed to Korea for my mini photo shoot, I went to find Ricky from Salon De Choix to fix my hair again. Haha! He wanted to add on highlighting to my hair. I am really thankful that he is always staying back to fix my hair and always the last to leave the salon. Feel so sorry for that. Nevertheless, he never rushed to finish the job at all but in fact attentively do up my hair and make sure that I exit their salon happily and beautifully. Where to find such hair stylist! Omg.

Meanwhile, I am very excited because that was also my first time doing highlighting to my hair. Sound Noob. Basically I have no idea what to do with my hair. Haha. And if you know, highlighting is not an easy job at all. And I know that there are lots of X brands of DIY kits for you to DIY at home. But do you know that there are different types of highlights that create different kind of effects. So what kinds of hair highlighting suit you most? You have no idea right! Seriously, I don’t have idea too! So just let the professional handle it!

In fact, do you know that there are actually advantages of highlighting of your hair?
1. Dimension – Highlighting can add a lot of texture and depth to any hair colour. Hair which has been highlighted will look great when it is worn half upp to show off the streaks.
2. Subtle Hair Lightening – Highlights are able to lighten up the hair for summer and even complement the complexion.
3. Versatility – There are many ways to highlight your hair. It can be fame the face, or even highlights throughout all of the hair. And if you want, highlights can be very thin or chunky kind? Lastly, you can add in more than one shade to your hair. You want to have a rainbow head? You can have that too!

That’s why I said, just leave the professional to handle it. We seriously got no idea what kind of colour and what kind of highlighting will suit us.

Okay. Enough of the chunky wording. Let’s get ready for the highlighting!! (PS: Photos are all taken using my iPhone, thus resolution might not be good.)  If you have noticed, the recent trend colours for highlighting are pretty bold. Colours such as Bright Blue, Pink, Purple and etc. I wish I can have that too. But because of my working environment, I have to make sure that I am presentable. No funky hair for me. So in the end, Ricky chose blonde for me. It will not look very obvious as my hair colour was already in Ash Brown. He told me the reason he chose this was because it will make my Korean Bubble Perm look more dimensional. 

Pretty funny that I have lots of aluminum foils on top of my head. It reminds me of the stingray that we have for BBQ. HAHAHA! Similar right? Okay, joke aside. This is actually to speed up the process of waiting.
After that, he did a hair color treatment to maintain the color. Super love the texture and the smell of my hair  each visit! And here is the end result of my hair. 
Looking more dimensional with highlight right? I always love how I look after he had done with the styling. Tried to learn but I know that I can learn that fast as him. How I wish I have this kind of hairstyle EVERY DAY! Really thanks Salon De Choix and Ricky for the awesome makeover! Friends of mine visited Salon De Choix, praise Ricky's service as well! Even hubby is now their customer already. Haha!

Visit them at 3 Killiney Road #01-06 Winsland House 1 Singapore 23951 (Just few minutes walking distance from Somerset MRT). Don’t forget to call them at 6836 2959 to make appointment and quote “Katty” to entitle 15% OFF.

With love

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