EP7: Hotel Inspection (Amara Hotel)

This is our seventh hotel and also the last hotel that we will be going for inspection. It is quite tiring to go around for hotel inspection actually. The last hotel that we went was Amara Hotel since it is pretty near my office. Hehe.

Pamela was the one attended to us. It seems like she was not the one who is in charge of this. She just merely showed us the ballroom and never even discussed with us regarding the package they are offering at all. We literally feel so "WTF" after she shook our hands and said "Thank you for coming." But anyway, we weren’t impressed with the ballroom as well. Their ceiling is rather low. But I love their foyer. There is actually a piano at the foyer which we are able to use it. Haha!

No pictures at all. So it will end like this. HEHE!

Name: Amara Hotel 4*
Location: 165 Tanjong Pagar Road Singapore 088539
Nearest MRT: Tanjong Pagar (Need to walk less than 5 minutes)
Ballroom -  Min 25
Per Table: $1155.96

And this ended our 7 episode of our hotel inspections. (LOL!) If these hotels are what you are looking for, hope it will help. But if there are not, I'm sorry, we can't really visit all the hotels in Singapore. HAHA. Good luck for those who are doing their hotel hunting. It is really tiring, I feel you.

Wonder which hotel do we actually signed up? Stay tuned. =P

With love

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