EP6: Hotel Inspection (Grand Park City Hall)

So far we have shortlisted a few hotels. And there are Orchard Hotel and Park Royal Beach Road. We still went further for more hotel inspections. Haha!

Next we went to Grand Park City Hall for our inspection. The one who attended to us was Ester Tan. She discussed with us the package that they are offering first before we went to see the ballroom, because it was occupied at that time. Ester looks very newbie to us and we can feel that she recites what she is supposed to say to us. =\

Grand Park City Hall has only one main ballroom and that was the one that we are viewing. Pretty impressed though it was kinda of messy when we were there as they had just ended one function.

The ceiling of the ballroom is high and pillarless. Ester told us that we are able to march in either L shape or just a short march using two doors. Meaning hubby will appear on the left and I will appear on the right, something like that. Quite interesting.

What we really love was the privacy of the foyer. The foyer was totally ours and it make us feel very exclusive and private. We feel so welcomed by this foyer actually. Haha.
Overall, we love this hotel. After we returned home, I already have ideas on how we are going to march in. Feeling so excited already. And of course, this ballroom left us with much impression, totally fall in love kind and we decided to shortlist this hotel as well

Name: Grand Park City Hall 5*
Location: 10 Coleman Street Singapore 179809
Nearest MRT: City Hall (Need to walk less than 5 minutes)
Ballroom -  Min 25, Max 32

Per Table: $1261.26

With love

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