Back to Hong Kong - Part 1

Back to Travel Post. It was a last minutes decision to travel to Hong Kong in November for a holiday with my family. The reason was because of the free tickets that we have won from Flyscoot. Not sure if you have read/heard about this contest called PerthfectBoluo. Apparently, this contest wasn’t really popular when I first joined. We joined when it was just started so the response of the contest was really bad. It was a collaboration with Breadtalk. All you have to do is to get this bun called “Perthfectboluo” and you have to post picture of you and this bun together with a short caption in Facebook or Instagram then hashtag Perthfectboluo. Sound easy uh?

Initially, my niece, Qien did not want to join. But when she heard that the giveaways are tickets to Hong Kong. It got her interested. So one of the motive to join was also to help her to win Hong Kong tickets (which in the end we managed to win). HAHA!

We won a total of 6 tickets in 3 contests. That contest held every day from 01 November to 30 November. And we won straight in 3 days. There are winners everyday! SUPER EASY RIGHT! Apparently, I asked my cousins, friends and colleagues to join and all of them won as well! Their marketing for this contest was really bad. Haha. In the end, my sister'sfamily (4 of them), my mum and I went to Hong Kong. My husband was unable because it was too last min.

So what were the pictures that we actually uploaded?

The above two helped us to win one pair of tickets without return. By the way, our return tickets cost us about less than $120 for one with luggage + Meal. Still quite worth it though.
The sadako was totally amazing! My husband and I just had this wild idea and we decided to act it out. I was wearing his white shirt by the way. We really had a great laugh after seeing the pictures. I was telling them that if I managed to be the winner (which means a pair of air tickets with returns), I will bring my mum to go for this trip. And I am pretty confirmed that I will win. Confident uh? And I really did!

It was my 4th or 5th time with Flyscoot. Personally I really love how they market their products and this was our first time that we won air tickets and also from Flyscoot. The kids especially were so excited about it. All along, they are hoping that they can visit Hong Kong. The last time they went was about 3 years ago. So, this prize really made their dreams come true. You cannot imagine how happy they are!

However, the bad thing about this contest was that their marketing really took very long to respond! We got to know that we have won our tickets on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (Because 3 contests). And the travelling date was next Friday! You know, in such a short notice period, we have to apply for leave and book accommodation and etc. Until that Monday which we were supposed to travel on that week’s Friday, we have yet to receive ANY confirmation from them. It got us even more stress when the kids are like happily thinking they are going to fly on that Friday! I had no choice but to send them MULTIPLE of emails and they finally replied us and confirmed everything to us on Tuesday. Technically it was just two days apart because it was a midnight flight (Thursday). Totally relieved. We could have just give up on the tickets because of their delayed respond but the kids will be totally disappointed!

Okay. Forget about it since we were all back safely with great memories! Still thanks Flyscoot for the tickets but hopefully they will contact the winners as soon as they have won especially when the departure dates was so close!

It was Flyscoot's first flight to Hong Kong. The flight timing was really tiring! The flight was at 1am and we reached Hong Kong at about 5am! Pictures of us before we boarded our flight.
Reached Hong Kong! We only had less than 4 hours of sleep. Can't describe how tiring we were! The weather was rather chilling. Temperature was about 18-20 degrees. Not very cold, just comfortable weather I would say. We reached our hotel as early as 7 in the morning. Obviously we couldn’t check in and we decided to head out to have our breakfast! The restaurant was just walking distance from us.

Qien looks cute here! I think she is very excited! HAHA!
Here were our first meal in Hong Kong! Their foods are really good! We did not notice the name of the restaurant. However, if you are staying at Kimberley Hotel (Due to last minute booking, we can only book Kimberely Hotel. Luckily this hotel is not that bad as we thought.), this restaurant is just opposite them.
After breakfast, it was still early and most of the shops have not opened yet. We traveled to Prince Edward Street and in the end, it wasn’t open as well. HAHA! In the end, we sat down at one of the park experiencing their lives. But, my eyes were already closing! Have no idea why I am so sleepy on that day. I can just sleep while standing. YES. THAT SLEEPY! HAHA!
This little girl is so cute. She is so interested with Aden. But Aden was so afraid of her. HAHAHA!

Prince Edward Market opens at about 10am plus. Here is one of my favourite shopping street. I did blog about here before if you have seen all my Hong Kong blog post here. This is one of the traditional shop that we always went to get their biscuits. The one that we bought name (鸡仔饼 in Cantonese).
 One thing I love about this street is the shop call 镜. Qien and I got some clothes from there as well. It is so cheap! Hehe! Pictures shall do all the talking now!
Not much pictures were taken because I was mad sleepy. Got back to hotel for a check-in at about 2 plus. We took a rest and I totally knocked off all the way till 6pm and we headed to Temple Street for claypot rice. Not that great compared to Singapore's though. If you want to know how to go Temple Street, visit my previous blog post here.)

We ended our day at 许留山. It was Qien's favourite. She is a mango's lover. I think this is one of the things that she will miss most! HAHA! We had this almost every night! Hopefully Singapore will have a branch too! While we were eating, Aden did not eat at all. He don't eat such things. Haha! Don't you think that he is every energetic. Only had a few hours of sleep and yet he can be so hyper. Totally thumb up for him! Well, have to say that he really behaved very well throughout the times in Hong Kong. So much easier to handle when we first came 3 years ago when he is only 3. He got lots of things that he wanted. That are his rewards for being well-behave. Haha. Here is the happy kid of the day!
Lastly, my favourite milk to end the night. I had a really good rest on the first night! Totally exhausted!

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With love 
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Anonymous –   – (April 26, 2014 at 11:08 PM)  

SG had a 许留山 before at Orchard but closed down. Their mangoes were 酸的

K A T T Y  – (April 28, 2014 at 4:06 PM)  

Hi Anonymous, really?!?! I didn't know about that! I think Malaysia's 许留山 is not that good too! HK one is still the best! Hahaha.

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