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The children's dream to Hong Kong Disneyland. The kids were really excited about it. And Aden actually couldn't remember that he actually came there when he was 4 years old. Read the older post here. He was so cute back then. Anyway, it was my fourth time there. Getting really bored of there already. No more Hong Kong Disneyland for the X years!

We rushed to Tomorrowland immediately we stepped into Hong Kong Disneyland because they wanted to play Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters. We played this for twice, Aden just wanted to keep playing and playing! He had lots of fun.
And it was our lucky day to receive Buzz Lightyear after we have completed the ride.
Followed by the Autopia ride.
My mum, Qien and I went to play the Space Mountain. I think it was the most thrilling ride in Tomorrowland. HAHA.
Next, Fantasyland.
It's a small world ride. They should do something to make it more interesting! Haha.
Adventureland. We went for the Jungle River Cruise. I always think that this ride is very interesting. But on the other side, Aden thought that all the animals such as the hippos, elephants, cobras and etc are all real. HAHA! He even got mad when the boat was getting near to the fire. He was like "WHY IS SHE GETTING NEAR TO THE FIRE WHEN THE FIRE IS ALREADY SO BIG!" HAHAHAHA! He thought that the boat was going to sink. Cute uh?
Followed by the Tazan Treehouse.
Headed to the new land - Grizzly Gulch. Wanted to play the most thrilling ride - Runaway Mine Cars. But Qien was so afraid of it. I can't be possible to play it alone right? So in the end, I did not go for it.
Photo taking session and managed to see Chip and Dale. THEY ARE SO CUTE! Both of them were wondering why is Aden's hair so long! HAHAH!
Another new land - Mystic Point. Nothing much over there except for a new ride - Mystic Manor. This ride is quite interesting, it is actually trackless, so you have no idea how it is going to move about. Qien got really scared because of the sudden movement and the loud sound effect. Pretty interesting.
Headed for the Parade because it is something not to be missed. Got a great spot and settled down. I asked Aden if he wanted to take picture with this girl, he said he wanted and dashed out to stop her. Lol.
And the parade has started! The weather was good that day. Rather warm and cooling weather!
 This was really funny. When they were looking for kids to join them to dance, I immediately pulled Aden out to them. And Aden thought that they were giving out stickers and etc. He went ahead. THEN HE REALISED THAT HE WAS MADE TO DANCE WITH THEM! He was so pissed off with us! You can see from this video. He was mumbling something like "I don't want to dance leh. Why you all asked me out to dance with them!" HAHAHAHA!
An instavideo that I have posted in my instagram on that day (Follow me at @Kattytann)
After the parade, we went back to the Toy Story Land. Qien and I were supposed to play Toy Soldier Parachute Drop. In fact, we were already in the queue and were reaching our turn real soon. Then we got notified that there were some faults and we were asked to leave. Those people who were left hanging in the end have to wait for them to fix. =]
Then we rushed to meet the rest who were queuing up for Woody and Jessie. JUST NICE! HAHAHA!
After that we went to shop for souvenirs as well as to have dinner while waiting for the fireworks ceremony at 8pm.
And the fireworks has started! Super love their fireworks! DON'T EVER MISS IT OKAY! I love all their themes and how they bring each themes in. The songs, the lights and the fireworks that they have. Beautiful.
Here is the video that I have uploaded in my Instagram.
Ended beautifully! Love the night view of Hong Kong Disneyland.
We caught the earliest flight back to Singapore the very next day. Flyscoot's return flight is really terrible! Luckily it was given free else I don't think I will take Flyscoot for such odd timing AGAIN. But nevertheless, everyone have fun, the young and the old. It was still a surprised trip. This trip really leave them great memories. Looking forward for the next family trip :D

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With love
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