We are 9 years old!

It is not our wedding anniversary, but it is the 9 years that we have been together and we are approaching our 10th very soon!

Come to think about it. Being together for 9 years is really incredible. How can we actually survive being together for 9 years! I guess I can only say we are really fated to be together. This year, 2013, is really a special year for us. A year he had surprised and managed to propose to me. And also, on the 23 June 2013, we had also registered as Husband and Wife. Seems like 2013 is really a happening year for us.

Sometimes, when I watch back the videos. Our proposal video, though it was not clearly taken down but I still treat it as my very precious. As I watched, I recapped all the things that happened on that night. How I was being fooled to go to Sentosa. How I was being fooled to cross that hanging bridge. Everything was so fun and joyful. And I truly appreciate the things that he had planned for me. Thank god, he managed to surprised me because I am very hard to get surprise. Was always wondering what if the answer that I gave him was a "NO". Hahaha. But it sound too impossible. AHHHH! Can I rewind to that moment please! (If you missed the post about the proposal, click here.)

And looking back on what happened on 23 June, I asked myself. How does this man who used to be a stranger to me way back in 2002 has now my husband. The Chang Yong Heng that I used to know in the year of 2002 at Bendemeer Secondary School IS NOW MY HUSBAND!!! And I bet he will say “OMG! That f. ugly nerdy girl, KATTY TAN, is now my wife!” He does that very often by the way. We really enjoyed the times where we hunted for our solemnization stuffs, doing DIYs and busy preparing for this important day. Time really flies uh? We busy for months and yet everything was done within a day. Happy but feeling sad. Nevermind! We have to busy again for our banquet next year. HAHA! It was still like a dream come true to both of us. The scene where we recite our vows, I still remembered those eye contacts that we gave each other. Both of us were very nervous. Our hands were cold, our voice were trembling. WHY AH? Hahaha! But that moment was so magical. (And oh, If you missed the post about our solemnization, click here.) It is like you are finally married to this person that you longed to live your life with. It is like after going through so much in these 9 years and we finally confirm each other as someone we wanna spend our lives with. It is like you are going to live with this person and there are many more 9 years to come and there are many more things coming up next. It is like you know this person is going to be that someone you are going to depend on. And this is the person you are going to grow old with. Just. Wow. We have really come that far.

Being together for 9 years seems very long for some people. Sometimes when people asked and we told them we are together for 9 years and that shocking face of theirs. "WHAT? 9 Years!?" There are really lots of things happened to us. Happened as in we went through different phases together. But surprisingly, we still remembered them very clearly. To us, we feel like it just happened recently. For example. Sometimes we will randomly say things like “You remember ah, that time we go this place and we eat this things damn nice right! We go again okay?” And “that time” was like 5 years ago and the shop had already winded down. You get what I mean? It happened so long ago and yet we feel like it just happened not long ago. This is the most amazing part. Being together for so long until we don't even remembered for how long.

What actually make us settled down? It was only in the recent years where we decided to settle down. We balloted for flat and got chosen for the first ballot but we gave up because it wasn't really an ideal number. And we balloted for the second time and got chosen again with pretty good number. Fated uh? Some people have to ballot lots of times and we only ballot for twice. To be precise, just once. And YAY! WE WILL BE GETTING OUR FLAT NEXT YEAR! Hahaha! So, what actually make us really settle down? I don't really know actually, I think it is like the matter of time. Sooner or later we will be. I guess? Hmm. Let’s be honest, I think is it because we just can’t live without each other and it is time for us to go into another phrase of our lives and we decided to work hard for our future. Working hard for our future is another interesting phase which we are still working on it. Pretty tough but pretty fun as well. Our journey doesn’t come easy at all, but the process of it, is truly a special memory.

Of course, I wouldn’t say that he is perfect catch or maybe I am the perfect catch. No, we are not. You know, you can't define the word "Perfect" and to be honest, there is no perfect person in this world at all! I believe? Haha. But I strongly believe that there is always someone that is perfect for you. There are almost 7 billions people in the world. I'm sure there will be someone just for you right? Some people might took quite a while to find him/her (Cupid Angel is still lazying around. Haha). Some are actually just around you and you are not aware of. It is up to you to believe it or not. True Love doesn't come easy neither do Perfect Partner.

We do have our flaws. Sometimes my temper can be so bad that he just can’t handle it and sometimes his temper can be so horrible that I just can’t take it. How to solve this? We give and take. Sometimes I just hate to say “I’m sorry” because I am not wrong, so he will be the one who say so. HAHA! The guy will always be the wrong one isn’t it. Anyway, it is just how we see things, if we really care about one another, then what’s ego mean to you?

Two different people that come from two different background and environments. We do have our differences. And it is how we accommodate these differences and we change it. You know what I dislike about him. I dislike him for not lifting the toilet bowl cover nd of course, I will let him know about it. He won't change over the night but you will see the little changes he made. Sometimes it will still slipped out of his mind. Haha. As for me, sometimes I will place my used tissues all over. Same here, he will tell me about it and I will always remember to throw it away. Little habits that we have been doing for years might not be appealing to each other. But we try to change it to accommodate each other. No, we are not changing each other but we are changing ourselves for the better. Sometimes your weakness can be his/her strength which will make you feel that "Hey, our flaws are actually made for each other!" For example, I always make planning for our holidays (That's for sure because of my working background.) So basically I will decide and do all the necessary planning. And when we are traveling, he is the one who navigate the places for me because I am really sucks at it! That's how we work things out! And by the way, he is really my best travel buddy! *wink*

I think we change as we grow older. In the past, when we quarrel (We do quarrel as well), we quarrel over little things very often and then we will just ignore each other for days. But as we grow older, we will come to a point that we will find the roots of each problem and try to solve it together. We trash things out, we talk to each other, we comment each other. Just communicate. If there is no communication, there is a huge problem down there. But seriously, if you ask me what we exactly we quarrel about, I can’t remember at all. That's how funny it is. But when we are quarreling, I can suddenly remember all the things that we have quarreled. And start to bring them in. But ah uh, that is the wrong move. Then he will start to say "Why are you bringing this thing again!" Hahaha. And that's why they say never provoke a woman. Overall, quarrel is good, because as we quarrel, we communicate and understand how each other feels and from there, we will improve ourselves and this relationship better. After all, we still want this relationship right? He said this before "After each quarrel, we seems to get closer" Well, that's very right.

Anyway, friends have been asking me “How’s married life?”. Honestly speaking, we have not really entered into married life yet. Haha! We are still doing the same thing, probably because we have not move in together. The feeling is still the same as dating. Even though we are married but not living together, we still do what we did as a couple. Talk on the phone every night, almost every day we will meet up with each other. Pretty comfortable with it, I would say. We won't be able to enjoy such "freedom" real soon. HAHA! I mean when we officially move into our flat. Everything are pretty much normal except that I have to tick on Married box whenever I am filling up an application. HAHA!

To sum up everything, I am really blessed that I have found this idiot of mine. And even blessed that I got married to him (不知道什么狗屎运!)  Maybe he is the one should say this. HAHA! Not a perfect lover, but sometimes I really salute him for his patience towards me. And sometimes I do salute myself for tolerating his nonsenses. Well well. I know he will be reading this. But okay, thank you for everything my darling! You know how much I love you *Wink*

Happy 9th Years Anniversary!
(A sum up of whatever happened in 2013)
With love
(Sorry for such a lengthy post!)

Anonymous –   – (December 5, 2013 at 11:38 PM)  

Care to share what's the first song you play in the video? Thanks babe!

K A T T Y  – (December 6, 2013 at 4:10 PM)  

Hi, it is Whole Again from Atomic kitten :)

Anonymous –   – (December 10, 2013 at 9:20 PM)  

What about the 2nd song? :)

K A T T Y  – (December 11, 2013 at 5:57 PM)  

Hi, it is 有点甜 from By2 :)

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