EP5: Hotel Inspection (Park Royal Beach Road)

Time for another hotel inspection post. Even though we planned for almost one year plus, some of the hotels did not have much dates left! That’s pretty kiasu. I have no idea how long should we start to plan. For those who are planning, perhaps you have to start planning two years in advance. We are not kiasu but they forced us to be. *cries*

The next hotel that we went was Park Royal Beach Road, heard that they have just renovated their ballroom so we were pretty excited to see their new ballroom.

Felicia was the one attended to us. She was very “casual” and talked to us in all kind of languages, Mandarin, Chinese and Hokkien. Hahaha. She made us feel very comfortable with her. Because they have just renovated their ballroom or rather I should say they are still in the mid to clear up their ballroom. The place was kind of messy as a result no pictures were taken. Construction was still going on but we were still able to view the ballroom itself.

Basically, we are looking at the sky ballroom. Ignore the construction part, overall we love their ballroom. The ceiling was high and pillarless. It was a teardrop chandelier. We love their grand ballroom’s chandelier in fact. Haha. Here are some of the pictures that they have sent to us.
This is their Sky Ballroom with the teardrop chandeliers that I’ve mentioned. It looks very cozy and there are full length window at the side.

This is their Grand Ballroom. Now you know why I prefer their Grand Ballroom? Hehe.
And here is their Foyer Area.
Overall, we are very pleased with this hotel. Even though we did not really see the visual of the hotel as contraction is still going on. We shortlisted Park Royal Beach Road as one of our hotel. Inspection was done in July by the way. Their ballrooms should be nicely done already :)

Name: Park Royal Beach Road 4*
Location: 7500 Beach Road Singapore 199591
Nearest MRT: Bugis MRT (Need to walk about 10 minutes)
Ballroom -  Sky Ballroom: Min 25, Max 30
Ballroom - Grand Ballroom: Min 35, Max 46
Per Table: $1272.96

 With love

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