Christmas Mood

Christmas is around the corners. Christmas is about giving and sharing. So have you gotten your presents yet? This year Christmas is exceptionally special because I am somebody's wife already. PLUS, I am going to spend my white Christmas overseas! I have been very excited about this trip because this is our first time spending white Christmas together. Hopefully we freeze ourselves. We are going to be fully prepared and wrap ourselves like bazhang (dumpling). Hopefully he can get use to the snowy weather. HAHA!

Another special part of this trip is that we have one little motive. And that is to have take our pre-pre-wedding photoshoot. PLEASE! I really hope that we can catch the snow! Our photographer is making us SO excited about it. He kept sending us photos and videos that are snowing. GOSH! I CAN'T WAIT! I NEED TO FLY THERE NOW!

And because of that, I had a christmas set of nails from Absolutely Nails. This beautiful design was done by Yenn. She is super talented and always cater the design for me! Love her so much! If you haven't got yours or you are looking for someone to take care of your upcoming CNY nails, call 6345 3303 and make appointment now! - Remember to look for Yenn!

On top of that, I would like to share something with you guys. This is about #SupportSgBloggers  Well, there must be one reason why you are reading my blog or love reading other bloggers' blog. And I believe that there must be one particular blogger that you love to read, love him/her writing style, you just love them. However, it is not easy to set up a blog and write about our opinions, reviews and etc. Therefore, we, as a bloggers, would love to see encouragement from you guys and to recognize our values, our efforts that we have done. WE NEED YOU! And, most importantly, we love all the readers. Don't you love us too? Hahaha/ If you love us, please #SupportSGBloggers, visit to sign the petition today!

Here is the video that was done by the blogger, Yeo Hong Peng. I was so regretted that I am unable to take part on this filming as I was not feeling well on that day. But nevertheless, please support them by sharing this video as well as to sign the petition here.
We need your support and encourage to continue our work. *WINK*

With love

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