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Not sure if you guys have notice that in my Instagram (Follow me @kattytann), I have been saying that I have done "something" to my face. And I think it is time for me to reveal what exactly I did to my face. Haha.

Just like other girls, I always hope that I have a higher nose bridge, sharper face and best to have a symmetrical face. But hey, a symmetrical face that looks like this?

Okay. I will look extremely weird. I will take back the word "Symmetrical". So what exactly have I done to my face?

I started to google on "Nose filler" because I really hope that I can have a higher nose bridge. My nose is apparently not that flat but I just hope that I can have a higher nose bridge. (Girls are always greedy!) I came upon this medical aesthetic clinic Aesthetic Studio helmed by Dr Jonathan Lee and I started to get really excited with the services they are providing. PLUS, there are lots of good reviews from them and even reviews from bloggers. By the way, Aesthetic Studio is a medical aesthetic clinic that brings you a comprehensive range of clinical-grade products, technologically advanced equipment, and the most innovative up-to-date non-invasion and minimally invasive procedures for the face and body. After reading all the reviews, I decided to arrange for an appointment to see what can be done to make me look better.

So, I visited Aesthetic Studio on 20th November 2013 and I received warm welcome from the clinic assistants and Dr Jonathan Lee. I feel very comfortable with them and all of us started to chat like friends. This really made me less nervous. Haha. Interestingly, Dr Jonathan Lee isn't just a doctor that practices medical aesthetics. He is also a leading established Consultant Surgeon who specializes in Surgery of the Hand and Reconstructive Microsurgery. I definitely feel safe with his hands. Haha! So, during the consultation with Dr Jonathan Lee, I have the feeling that while he seeks for my feedback on what I, as a patient, wants, he also gave me some professional advice in the concept of beauty.

Our conversations that go like this:
Dr Jonathan Lee, Aesthetic Studio: "Which part of your face do you find least satisfaction with and hope to enhance it further?"
I replied: "I would like to have a nose bridge."
Dr Jonathan Lee, Aesthetic Studio: "Why? You already have a nose bridge!"
You know, girls are NEVER contented with how we look. When we have a nose bridge, we aim for a higher nose bridge. When our skin is fair, we aim to be even fairer. Agree?
Dr Jonathan Lee, Aesthetic Studio: "Katty, you do have great features! All you need is a little improvement other than just having a higher nose bridge and that will be perfect!"

Dr Jonathan Lee continued to explain and show me some photos where I could clearly see how unsightly one can look from the 45 degrees and side view. He explained, "When we look at ourselves in front of the mirror, all we can see is a 2 dimensional view of ourselves. However, your friends look at you at all direction, and this means that every feature of your face plays an important role in giving people the impression on whether you look pretty or not. While most people concentrate on the shape of their nose, even wrinkles/folds on their face, they do not realize, the real problem why they don't look good, is the lack of volume in the cheek and/or lack of projection of the chin." - This is so true!

So, Dr Jonathan Lee suggested to treat my nose, cheeks and chin using a dermal filler called Radiesse to achieve the 3D-Heart Effect. So girls, don’t ever tell the doctor what you want. Trust their professional judgment and let them be the doctor! "I want Megan Fox's nose, Angelina Jolie's eyes and Song Hye-kyo's face." This is too exaggerating! In fact, let the doctor see what can be done to improve your look instead. Trust that he will only make you look better. The main point is: You will be always be you. You can't have others' features unless you are going through a drastic plastic surgery. Well actually, even undering a drastic plastic surgery might not give you what you desire. :)

By the way, my husband is very supportive with this. He got a little worry about the whole process but after that he found out more. He said "since you are still young, why not?" Extremely cool with it ah? As long as it is not an implant, he will be cool with it. Hahaha!

Okay. So, the treatment that I have done was to get myself treated with fillers. Note: FILLERS ARE NOT IMPLANT. Fillers are just liquid and will disappear over a period. They are temporary not permanent fillers. Some will last about 6 months and the lucky ones will last about one year (I REALLY HOPE THAT I AM THE LUCKY ONE!). However, there are two types of fillers. One is Hyaluronic Acid Filler and another one is Radiesse which is what I have used. So what are the differences?

There are 3 brands of Hyaluronic Acid (HA) Filler in Singapore, namely Restylane, Esthelis and Juvederm. All of them are made of Hyaluronic Acid, a naturally occurring mineral found in our body. You might find this name "Hyaluronic Acid" familiar and yes, most of the Hada Labo uses this as one of their ingredients. Hyaluronic Acid loves water and therefore they attract water. In the case of Hada Labo, it will leave your skin hydrated and in the case of Hyaluronic Acid Filler, it could either nicely hydrate your face and add volume to your face or give me a "water swollen (水肿)" look the next morning you wake up, IF you are prone to water retention. Dr Jonathan Lee explained to me that while Radiesse isn't a Hyaluronic Acid filler, it is a filler that has a dual effect. The first effect is an immediate correction and the second, stimulation of collagen within your skin to give you long lasting results of up to a year! The longevity of the filler however, like all fillers, depend on the volume injected, the area that is treated and your metabolic rate.

Since I am using Radiesse Volumizing Filler for this, I will elaborate more about it. So how do Radiesse works? The below diagram will give you the idea clearly.
Stage 1: This is the contour that was formed. Be it nose bridge, jawline, chin, cheek or even wrinkles. Fillers can be used for these areas as well!

Stage 2: Injecting of filler to “fill” up the contour. You won't feel fillers in your skin at all. Not lumpy feel, just nothing.

Stage 3: It will stay in your skin and slowly generate new collagen.

Stage 4: As time goes by, the filler effect will slowly disappear. Normally it will last about 6 months or even up to a year. To each individual. Then the fillers will break down naturally and form the new collagen to the skin. You will not aware or feel a thing when fillers start to break down. Neither you will look horribly without the fillers, no, it will go back to how you look before you had fillers.

If you are wondering, is Radiesse safe? Yes, Radiesse has been approved by the leading regulatory authorities worldwide. It was approved by EU authorities in 2004, by US authorities in 2006 (FDA approval) and locally in 2011 (HSA).

I bet you have a rough idea of how it works now. Well, ready to go through the journey with me? Haha. I admit I was very nervous. But thank god, the nervous atmosphere was quickly soften with the lovely crews around. My smile was stiff, I know. Haha.
This is very meaningful! Remember "If you don't like something, change it!"
Ok. Let's get started. Richelle first applied the numbing cream to the areas that will be injected. She is very attentive and friendly, she ensured me that everything will be smoothly and I just have to stay calm and relax. Haha!
It was wrapped up so that the numbing cream will not absorb up quickly. The numbing process took about 10 minutes.
Dr Jonathan Lee sterilized the areas before he proceed with the injections.
He started with the nasal tip because it was said to be the most painful. The pain was reduced with the help of numbing cream. But I do feel a little discomfort. Painful level: 5/10. Not VERY pain, I would say. But as compared to the rest of the areas, this is the most painful.
After the nasal tip part, the rest were like nothing to me. Haha! Dr Jonathan Lee attentively injected the fillers into my nose bridge and then carefully massage them to form a higher nose bridge. He said that I will feel the numbness as he injected because the injections contain lignocaine which help to numb the area.
The whole procedure for the nose took about 15-20 minutes. In between, we did rest for a while because Dr Jonathan Lee wanted to see how he can improve the nose bridge. As you can see, the nose bridge is already forming. It is perfectly normal to have some bleeding. I mean, injections do bleed right? Same goes for injecting fillers.
A final touch up before we ended the nose bridge process. Say hi to my high nose bridge. I am pretty excited when I was given a mirror to take a look at my new nose. I totally let out a "Wohhh!" Dr Jonathan Lee said that he should record a video of me doing that. HAHA!

Here is the quick look of my BEFORE and AFTER. My nose has seem to be "longer" than the BEFORE. The nose bridge was obviously higher. Dr Jonathan Lee said that my nose bridge can go higher but that will make me look like Caucasian. The one that he had gave me look more natural instead.
Let's continue with the chin area. My chin was quite alright except that my chin was not really proportional to my nose area. In another word, it is not symmetrical. One of the reason why my chin was like that because I always lied down on my chin instead of the forehead when I am having massage and doing yoga. I admitted and Dr Jonathan Lee was totally right about it.
Most doctors will just give you a higher nose bridge but forget about such little details like he had mentioned to me earlier on. In the end, you might don't look good even if you have a higher nose bridge. But thank god, Dr Jonathan Lee is a very detailed person and I really appreciate him taking care of these little details and make me look better.

Actually there is no feeling when Dr Jonathan Lee injected my chin. It just took a while and he started to massage in order to "mould" the chin. The whole process took less than 10 minutes. Pretty fast I would say.
As you can see, he has "created" the shape of my chin rather than a flat chin that I used to have it. Now my chin looks sharper than it was. YAY!
Continued with my cheeks, sad to say, they are not proportional too! My left side cheek is actually flat-er than my right one. And again, Dr Jonathan Lee was totally right. He actually knew that I always slant my body and face to the left side when I sleep. But that might be the cause of my flat left cheek. Amazing uh? Little things that you did without knowing is actually causing your face to be "out of shape"
He actually injected more on my left side due to the flat cheek that I have. The process was about the same with the chin area. It might seem very sensitive to inject on cheeks but trust me, the painful level was the same as the chin area. Painful level: 2/10.
And there is the BEFORE and AFTER of my cheek. From a flat cheek to a rounder cheek. Actually, the 3D-Heart Effect is more obvious when I smile.
And TADAH! Everything has now come to the end. Everything was done within 30 minutes. Quite fast right? Dr Jonathan Lee gave a final check before we finished it up. According to Dr Jonathan Lee, I am doing very good. The whole process went 101% successful. YAY!

Here is the BEFORE and AFTER of the Radiesse Volumizing Filler Process.
Can you see the difference in me? Hahaha! Of course, the BEFORE is with make-up and the lighting are difference from the AFTER. If you have noticed and wondering why is my skin fairer after the injections. It is due to the lightening, the injections do not help in whitening at all. HAHA!

Last but not least, really thanks Aesthetic Studio for this wonderful experience. Thank you, Dr Jonathan Lee, for making me look better and confident. I am so happy that I got to know them. No words can describe how appreciate I am. Just THANK YOU!
So how do I feel after the whole process? Actually I do feel a little bit of numbness on my nose area and chin which causes stiffness. I can feel that my facial expression is quite stiff. Haha. The numbness went off after 4 hour. All my bruisings and needle marks were gone within 2 days. Actually these bruises and needle marks are easily covered by make up. So there are no problems of me going out even right after the whole process. Just that I have to put on some make up first. HAHA!

This is how I look after 3 days! See the heart-effect from my cheek to my chin? Totally love it! Hahaha! I'm feeling more confident now! And I really love how my nose looks like! So I guess you will expect lots of selfie pictures from today onwards. Muahahaha!
Anyway, I have went for a review post one week after injections and I will update my blog again with the post one week review before and after photos! In the meanwhile, do feel free to write to me at or comment below if you have any questions regarding this process. I am happy and will try my best to question all your queries.

Specially thanks to Aesthetic Studio
Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre
3 Mount Elizabeth, Suite 12-08 Singapore 228510
Tel: 6737 1100

Parkway East Medical Centre
319 Joo Chiat Place, Suite 04-06 Singapore 427989
Tel: 6440 1200 Email:

With love

CLARA –   – (December 12, 2013 at 11:32 PM)  

Cool! It will be great if the nose is even higher. I think u will look super perfect! But still, u are looking good! Thanks for sharing! You made me really feel like going for it! :D

Anonymous –   – (December 14, 2013 at 6:22 PM)  

Can share with us how much it cost? Thanks :)

Anonymous –   – (December 14, 2013 at 9:24 PM)  

I agreed. I really feel like doing after seeing your post. Any side effect?

Meiying –   – (December 15, 2013 at 10:08 PM)  

Hey Katty! I have a really flat nose that is bothering me a lot! I really admire your courage to do the nose fillers. Would you mind to share how much does it cost?

Jielin –   – (December 16, 2013 at 12:32 AM)  

Really not painful at all? I almost fail when I see your pictures when the doc injected. So brave! So sweet looking eh u!! Thumb up!

K A T T Y  – (December 17, 2013 at 3:06 PM)  

Hi Clara, Thank you! :)

Hi Annoymous, it is up to individual. As for mine, I used two injections which cost 2K. :)

Hi Annoymous, I didn't encounter any side effect at all :)

Hi Meiying, it is up to individual. As for mine, I used two injections which cost 2K. :)

Hi Jielin, I wouldnt say is VERY painful kind. Bearable! thank you! :D

Meiying –   – (December 17, 2013 at 10:27 PM)  

Hi Katty, thanks for your reply. I will consider about it! ;)

Anonymous –   – (December 23, 2013 at 12:12 AM)  

Wow. Beautiful!

K A T T Y  – (December 23, 2013 at 10:37 AM)  

Hi Meiying, you are welcome.

Hi Anonymous, Thank you! :)

Anonymous –   – (June 14, 2014 at 9:18 AM)  

Still ugly.

K A T T Y  – (June 23, 2014 at 5:59 PM)  

Well, define ugly please? Nvm. Is okay. Show me your pic leh. I am sure you are very pretty/handsome. :D

Anonymous –   – (October 5, 2014 at 7:53 AM)  

Hihi. long does each injection last?

K A T T Y  – (October 6, 2014 at 8:44 PM)  

HI Anonymous, it depend on individual. Some can last for one year, some last for 6 months :)

Anonymous –   – (March 26, 2015 at 1:54 PM)  

can u share overall cost and time?

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