9th years anniversary!

We celebrated our 9th years of anniversary on the 30 November though 01 December is our actual day. He said he prefer to celebrate on Saturday instead of Sunday (Cause the next day we have to work! Monday Blues!)

The whole week, I have been asking him where will he be bringing me on that day. But he only revealed on Saturday itself. Glad that I weren’t really dress down to The White Rabbit.

The place is really romantic for couples to dine in. But I didn’t expect The White Rabbit to be that crowded. Haha. But in fact, we prefer this way. By the way, we don’t really like fine dining. Expensive, stress (table etiquette), jiak buay bak (Not full) and etc. But The White Rabbit is slightly better than those fine dining restaurants. 
The starter – Crispy Duck Leg with Tarte of Wild Mushroom Confit
Mine – The Alaskan king crab, pork broth, kombu
 His – Seabass en Paillote
Can't deny that their food are really good! Services are good, foods are good, environment are pretty good just that the ambience are a little bit of let down (too noisy).

Well, after all, I do enjoy the dinner with him on that day. It had been quite sometimes since we have this kind of "good" food together. We don't have eat "good" food every time, sometimes we even prefer to have hawker food. Our favourite will be going to chomp chomp and ordered one whole tables of food and surprisingly we always finished them up! These are "good" food too! That's why I always tell him that I am getting "rounder" all because of him! But nevertheless, thank you dearest for this planning! I do enjoyed this dinner but I sort of really "care" about the amount that he had spent there =\ Well well, he kept saying “久久一次” though.
After that, we decided to go somewhere else to chill since it was still early. It was really "our day"*. No interruption, no SOCIAL MEDIA! (HAHA!) Just us. We literally talked everything under the sun (Perhaps I should say is Moon instead) while we were chilling. Just feel comfortable with each other's presence. 
He made a card for me. It has been very tough for him to DIY a card specially when he is so busy and tired after a long day at work. Sometimes he even brings work back home to do. Really appreciate that he put in time and effort to make this for me. I totally burst out laughing when I saw this card. TOO FUNNY LAH! And what really impressed me was the three little flowers that he had made it. Totally OMG! Super creative.
And this is one of the gifts that I have gave him, other than the Bally gift. If you read about our 8th years anniversary, you should know why is there a customized mug. When I ordered this mug, the boss even congratulated me for being "promoted". She totally knows the "process" of our relationship through the mugs that I've made. HAHA!
Thank you for being such a wonderful husband, fiance, boyfriend, best friend...We will be stepping into our 10th years very soon (Next year) and it will goes on and on. Can't wait for our traditional wedding to arrive and our flat to arrive. No. I know what you are thinking. No baby for this and next year for sure. HAHAHA!

 With love!

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