The Nightmare - Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Finally I have the courage to extract both of my lower wisdom teeth. I should take them out last year but because of my job, I delayed till now. It seems like my lower wisdom teeth are moving so actively that I have no choice but to pluck them out :( If I did not take them out, there will be a higher chance that they will push their way through and affect the molar tooth in front. Worst case scenario, my molar tooth might get decay and I have to go through root canal. OH NO! Note: There are still 2 upper wisdom teeth that I have to take it out as well. But because the lower wisdom teeth are more threatening, I decided to take out them first.

I went to Tanglin Dental for my extraction, the same clinic that I went for my braces. I was still joking saying that this clinic had took me 6 teeth in total, including the four that I extract for my braces. DO I HAVE ENOUGH TEETH AFTER THAT!?!?

My mum and my nephew, Aden came with me on that day. Moral Support uh? The whole extraction took about 30 - 40 minutes. Not considering the preparation and etc.

The moment I sat on that deadly chair, I started to shiver (NO JOKE!) My mind was totally blank even though the dentist had ensured me that everything will be okay. He told me that there are two method to go through. One will be the one that I am going through and the second one will be making me to sleep. I FREAKED OUT! I immediately hinted him that I wanna go for the second one instead. I think he got shocked because the surgery is going to start. Plus he said that I will need to hospitalize and the bill might cost up to $5K. $5K, okay. I give up. 

The moment he told me that he is going to inject three injections to side each of my tooth. I NEARLY FAINTED! I really dislike the injections based on my previous experience when I took out my 4 molar teeth for my braces. However, that time's injection was still considered as bearable. I totally forgot what are the injections are even though he did explain to me. MY MIND WAS BLANK! The first injection was okay. Bearable. I would give it about 3/10 painful. The second injection was also consider as okay. Bearable still, 4/10 painful. The third one was deadly. Dentist told me that I will feel like a bee sting. YEAH RIGHT! Bumble bee I think. The third one I made so much noise but the dentist was still very steady and trying all his way to minimize the pain for me. I really appreciated that. I literally teared after my 6 injections. I can't help me to keep praising myself that I have did well. *GOOD JOB, KATTY!*

I could really feel myself trembling. I kept telling myself "WHY ARE YOU SO TIMID!" But still, I couldn't control at all. My mouth was numb, I couldn't feel my lips nor my tongue. Dentist told me that there are 1% of the patients might experience tongue or lips numb even after a few weeks. I just prayed that I am not in that 1%.

Soon, he started the operation. I grab my shorts damn tightly. But honestly speaking, I did not feel any pain during the surgery. The noises were the one that really freaked me out. The drilling of my teeth, the feeling of him stitching the wound. These are really not for the weaken heart. Even my mum who heard the drilling outside was having goosebumps. HAHAHA! Finally, the surgery was over. I could really feel a sense of relief. "I'M DONE! I'M DONE!"

Saying goodbye to them! I know it look gross! The nurse was asking me if I want to take them back. Thanks but I am already freaking out. THROW THEM AWAY~ Haha!

I literally stared into the space after the operation. Trying to calm down myself a little. Stoned. Could really feel that I am a bit giddy. The numbness went off quite fast for me. Not on my left side but right side, I could feel a little bit of painful when I am waiting to settle all the bills. In the end, I decided to take the painkillers right away. On the way back, I am feeling really frustrated because of the right side. Dentist did tell me that the right side is a bit more tricky because it is closer to the nerves. Trying to calm myself down but Aden was talking to me non-stop! He kept asking me "AHYI, CAN YOU OPEN YOUR MOUTH I WANNA SEE!" , "AHYI, WHY YOU NEED TO TAKE OUT SO MANY TEETH.", "AHYI, YOU NEVER BRUSH TEETH IZZIT, THAT'S WHY DENTIST NEED TO TAKE OUT YOUR TEETH". Really, I can't help but to ask him to leave me alone for that few hours! I can't really talked as per normal and it was even harder for me to express myself.

It took me about 4 hours for the bleeding to stop. I hate the feeling of swallowing my saliva together with the blood. Omg. Super disgusting. I only managed to stop the bleeding when I had a bit of yogurt which Ying Ying had taught me. She gave me lots of advices and I truly appreciated it.Thanks love!

I was given these products as well as some medicines such as Acroxia (Painkilles), Amoxycilin (Antibotics) and Dexamethasone (For Swelling Purposes).
For that past few days, I have been going through soft diet. On the first day, I only had milo and soup. On the second day, I only had super small bowl of porridge, milo, soya bean and D.T Herbs. THAT'S ALL! I guess this is a good opportunity to slim down. Actually it is up to individual, some are able to take in food the next day. But to me, I am really afraid of pain. HAHA! And also, I am quite lucky that my face was not swollen at all. I am really thankful for that. It is just the soft diet process that is very tough for me. I NEED FOOOOODDDD! After one week, I realised that my stitches on my left side had already gone! Lots of food actually stucked in the hole, making me so uncomfortable. But Dr Lew told me that it is normal. So right now, after my every meal, I have to use the syringe with Eludril to clean up the wound. Hopefully there won't be any infection. =(

Anyway, just in case you were wondering about the medisave claim. In Tanglin Dental, you are allow to pay using your Medisave. Each tooth is about $900 claimable, you only have to pay for the medicines and etc. In the end, I paid nearly $400 for the whole process. I still have the upper one to remove which the dentist says that It will be next year or so. WHY DO WE HAVE WISDOM TEETH! Now, I feel partially retarded after taking 2 of them. Soon, I will be fully retarded without any wisdom teeth. HAHAHA! Hope that you won't get freak out by my experience, it is always up to individual lah I would say.

Clinic: Tanglin Dental
Address: 19 Tanglin Road #06-22 Tanglin Shopping Centre S(247909)
Telephone: 6733 2322
Email: (Dr Kenneth Lew usually replies email very fast!)

With love!

Anonymous –   – (November 30, 2013 at 12:27 AM)  

I feel your pain, Katty. Everything is over! Hope you are alright!

K A T T Y  – (December 6, 2013 at 4:09 PM)  

Hi there! Yah. I am perfectly okay now :) Thank you! :)

Kym  – (July 2, 2017 at 6:11 PM)  

Hi Katty
May i ask for your advice - how will yoghurt help to stop the bleeding? I bleed a lot after every extraction for about 6 to 8 hrs. Pls help

Kym  – (July 2, 2017 at 6:12 PM)  

Hi Katty
May i ask for your advice - how will yoghurt help to stop the bleeding? I bleed a lot after every extraction for about 6 to 8 hrs. Pls help

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