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Headed over to Salon De Choix for my second hair make over. This time round I am so excited because I decided to perm my hair! THIS IS MY FIRST TIME GETTING PERMANENT PERM! Was pondering between cutting it short or perm. Haha. Hubby came along with me on that day because he wanted a haircut as well.

Always feel so VIP whenever I stepped into Salon De Choix. They always care about your needs and make sure that you are totally comfortable and relax to start any treatments. *Thumb Up* A drink menu cater for each and everyone of us.

Before we started, Ricky, my hairstylist and I had a little discussion over the treatment that he will be doing. He is always very nice to give me a head start of what to expect. Comfortable level: 100%. As you know, my head is very flat and straight hair does make my hair look even thinner. Doesn't really look flattering on me. In order to solve this problem (Flat Head), Ricky had decided to do Korean Bubble Perm for me! Yes. Korean Bubble Perm. I was so fascinated by the name of it.

So actually what is Korean Bubble Perm?
It is actually digital perming in short. The word “Bubble” refers to the curl. The curl that you will be expecting is definitely not those small “auntie” perm but big curl. It is supposed to give some wavy feel to your hair. And because of these “bubble” perms, it will add more volume to your hair.

First, it started with hair wash followed by trimming and treatment. Ricky did some trimming for me, a little bit of layering.
After that, let’s get the curling started. Say goodbye to my straight hair!
Was pretty amazed when Ricky started to use the curler tool to curl my hair, followed by the insertion of the wires from the perm machine. In the past, people used this kind of machine to perm their hair. Super scary right! Look like Medusa. Haha
Images credit LIFE Magazine Archive

But as time goes by, thank god to the advanced technology. It has drastically improved our lives a lot! See how we perm out hair now. The wires are still there but at least, it is not that medusa anymore.
I feel like the 包租婆 - landlord lady. HAHA!
The whole process for this is less than 30 minutes. It is normally to feel heat. In fact, I feel very warm and comfortable during this process. HAHA! As for the temperature, it was set to 95 degree. I was told that it is supposed to be 110 degree but due of my fine hair, it will be better to reduce the heat. After that, Ricky removed all the wires that are attached to the curlers. I was then free to move around while waiting for the next process – neutralize.
Neutralize process starts. This process is to soften the chemical and protecting your hair from any breakage.
Here come the final step. I was amazed by this hair blower. All you have to do to put all my hair into this easy hair curler and just let it blow till it is dry using the hair dryer. Here is the video that probably can explain more:
This easy hair curler is damn awersome right. It just save up so much trouble! I am going to get it one soon! Too freaking useful for a lazy person like me. Muahahaha! Anyway, I mentioned that Ricky did hubby’s hair on that day as well. He wanted comb-back hairstyle which is quite popular nowadays. But his hair is too short and fine to do that. So Ricky did another kind of similar comb-back for him.
So are you ready for our new hairdo?
 TADAH! HOW DO I LOOK! Super love the tresses! Looking more feminine I guess. *SHY* After years of straight hair, it might be hard for me to maintain it. But looking at how I will look like after efforts being done to my hair. I think it is worth it! Right? I WISH I CAN HAVE THAT KIND OF HAIRSTYLE EVERYDAY! And here is hubby's.
He is super satisfied with his hair. He said that that Ricky has cut out the "style" that he is looking for and it is easier for him to style his hair now. Salon De Choix really won our heart totally. We literally walked out of the salon very confidently. Specially thank to Salon De Choix and not forgetting the very important person, Ricky.
Looking for a change of hairstyle? Visit Salon De Choix. Do remember to make appointment and quote  “Katty” to entitle 15% OFF. Their number is 6836 2959!
Address: 3 Killiney Road #01-06 Winsland House 1 (Alight at Somerset MRT and walk less than 5 minutes to reach)
With love

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