Halloween Night: The Student Theme

Happy Halloween! (Neh, I know is over!)

How was your Halloween this year?

As for mine, I really had a blast on that weekend before the actual day of Halloween. We celebrated both Halloween and Wally’s birthday. It was an unique birthday celebration. And it was also my first time dressing up for Halloween. The C’n’F gang (In short: Cousin and Friend) had a theme for Halloween – Student. So we dressed up like dead student roaming around Clarke Quay and Orchard like nobody’s business. Lol.

We first met at Wally’s place to "decorate" ourselves. Everyone had to bring one white shirt and black shorts/skirt for this student theme. All our shirts were splashed with blood stain. After that, we did our own make-up. Initially we wanted to have a really white face. But in order to achieve those really white faces, we have to use the face painting. And most of us do not want to risk doing that. In the end, we got a face brightening in SASA followed by 海棠粉 (If you have heard of that).

It does not really work for me perhaps because I am already quite fair. So, the effect wasn’t much I/we expected. But we still go ahead using that. Haha. After that, we continue to “uglify” ourselves. I think that is the most fun of all. We did not really take down the process of us "transforming". Quite wasted lah. Just one picture taken by Wally. We literally gathered on the floor doing the make-up. Haha.
After almost 3 hours of preparing, we finally looked ghostly. Not only physically prepared, all of us were mentally prepared too. We can really act very well, I must say. Haha.
Here we are.
Doesn’t really make any effect with no filter. How about black and white then?
Ok. The feel is there. I will use black and white for the rest of the pictures then. Hahaha. Supposingly our girl’s plan was to carry a doll. But we really searched like mad but unable to find the doll that we wanted to! Can’t possibly to get one expensive doll and started to cut their hand/leg away right? In the end, we DIY textbook instead. Lol.
I don’t think I look scary, but if I were to carry a doll. I think I will look quite eerie.
Keng Boon and Lina.
I think they looked quite scary. Keng Boon’s spectacle looked like those Japanese student ghost. Actually remind me of a Hong Kong Movie called 生化寿尸. Just like the one below. Hahaha!
Another couple. Don’t know why they don’t look scary at all. Jolin is still smiling. Haha.
The girls! So which one is the scariest? Lol
After all the photo taking, we proceed to our party location – Alley Bar. We were supposed to take MRT to Somerset but we were quite late and we decided to take Taxi instead. And of course, Taxi uncle did fetch us there. HAHA!

Oh. Just in case you were wondering why are we at Alley Bar? That is because they are having Halloween party. Not just Alley Bar but also Acid Bar as well as Outdoor. So those who dressed up were entitled one shot free (Super bland!) And even stand to win best dressed. Actually we do attract lots of attention because not much people dressed up like us. We even thought that we might win the best dressed. AND WE DID! Continue later on this part.
Haha. The spectacles is super cute!
Haha. Their make-up started to fade off. But fear not, we even brought our “make-up” kit with us. That’s how professional we are! A little celebration with Wally. Lina and I went to TCC to get the cake. Quite embarrassed. Lol.
The blurry effect made us look even scarier! When we were about to leave Alley Bar, one of the staffs stopped us. She told us that we were one of the top 3 in Best Dressed. Kinda shocked! We knew that we must be the third one. HAHA! But still, better than nothing. It came really surprised.
A little encouragements for us for our hardwork. The first time we dressed up and we won! Achievement unlocked! Haha. Here are some of the pictures taken at their photo booth
We looked really retarded at the above group pictures! Supposed to 翻白眼 in the end it looked like we are looking up instead. HAHAHA! After that, we decided to go Clarke Quay instead. Took bus there and there was this girl trying very hard to take pictures of us. I think she failed to as I kept moving. Hahahaha.
After that, we went to Aquanova and everything started to go havoc! It was really a fun night! Some pictures to explain everything!
Jihao joined us rather late. So he is the teacher of this class (Due to the clothing that he wore. Haha!) Above pictures were taken when we were all very high. There were even strangers that wanted to take picture with us. One after another! We were like drunk student ghost instead. It was really a fun night. And after this year’s Halloween, we plan to have it every year! Too much fun!

So fun to uglify ourselves. For the girls, we don't have to worry if our hair is messy (BECAUSE WE NEED TO BE MESSY) and we don't have to worry if our make-up smudge (BECAUSE OUR MAKE UP IS ALREADY HORRIBLE). Totally carefree~ Haha. Hope you have fun too!

With love!

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