Flea Market at Mega Flea!

Time to sell away all our stuffs! My sister, sister-in-law and I have a flea market at the Mega Flea Market on 03 November. Luckily we managed to find someone to share with us. The other party took on 02 November and we took on 03 November. So the 3 girls of the families decided to sell away all our stuffs! Make away for the clothing that I got from Bangkok and also hope to earn another Bangkok trip. HAHA!

We really had lots of things to sell. Literally carry one 28” luggage with all the clothing inside. Some are new clothes and some I wore only once or twice. You know some clothes you will really throw away because it turned yellowish but there are some clothes that you don’t wear but you can’t bear to throw away. I bet you are feeling guilty now. And that’s why a flea market is needed!

Three of us basically have different categories. My sister is selling kids’ clothes (VERY GOOD BUSINESS!), my sister-in-law is selling branded bags, shoes and office wear and I am selling more on casual wear, a little bit of office wear and men’s wear (My hubby. Lol!) And we did sell our Magic Scarf as well. Just in case you have totally forgotten about me selling Magic Scarf. Head over to our website here. We were selling them at only $9 on that day. It would be really pity if you have missed the sales! Hehe!
It was really a long day! The response of the flea is not that great I would say. But thank god, I managed to sell away more than half of my 28” luggage (A VERY GOOD START!), my sister left with a little bit of kids wear and my sister-in-law sold most of her branded apparels. She sold brand new coach wristlet (those bigger one) at only $49, ferragamo heels at only $45. Those that got her stuffs really 捡到宝. LOLLLL! Never really earn back a Bangkok trip of course. But three of us earned back almost $500+ in total (Not considering the rental as well as the cost of our stuffs of course) Most importantly, we managed to clear what we wanted to!

 With love

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