First visit to Salon De Choix

A few weeks ago, I headed to Salon De Choix for a makeover! Specially thank to Salon De Choix for endorsing me to be one of their ambassadors. YAY! *Jumping around throwing confetti*

Before I went into my hairdo details, let me introduce Salon De Choix first. Salon De Choix is founded by one nice lady named Sharon Wu. She is a renowned stylist with more than 20 years of experience! Salon De Choix is conveniently located at 3 Killiney Road #01-06 Winsland House 1. The nearest MRT is Somerset. Just few minutes’ walk from Somerset!

*Image credit to Salon De Choix
When I first stepped into Salon De Choix, I literally wow-ed. The salon is very neat and clean. Most importantly, it makes me feel very comfortable and relaxed.
While waiting, they served me drink. (There is even a menu for you to choose from!) and biscuit. Thank god for that biscuit as I was quite hungry. I came down straight after my work on that day. Hehe.

After that, my hair stylist, Ricky attended to me. He briefly explained to me my current hair condition. Honestly speaking, I am considered as a lazy person. I only cut my hair once a year; the most will be two lah. Haha! So my hair condition is considered quite bad. Ricky explained to me what he will do to make my hair look healthier. I totally leave it to him to decide because I trust that he knows what is best for me! ^^
This is my BEFORE picture. Really need a good touch up on my long and messy hair.

First, he trimmed my hair a little (Not a little, maybe 5cm or more. Haha!) My hair looks very thin so he decided to cut away all the layering. For your information, too much layering will actually make your hair look thin. Throughout the process, both of us were chit-chatting about wedding stuff. Partly because he just got married too! CONGRATS TO HIM!
SNAP~ SNAP~ SNAP~ And this is the length that I am having now. From waist to almost chest area. Looking more refreshed I guess?

The last time I dyed my hair was in June I think (Before my ROM). So Ricky suggested to dye my hair as my colours are fading and I agreed. Black hair is coming out and colours are fading. Getting brighter and brighter. Again, I totally leave the colours to him and he chose Ash Brown for me. Slightly darker than what I had before. I am too used to having bright coloured hair. So let’s see how the result is! By the way, they are using Loreal Professional for their hair dye.
After 30 minutes or so, I was brought to wash my hair. Hop onto the raving massage chair. And I totally fall asleep. Haha! It has been so long since I enjoyed a hair wash. After that, Ricky told me that he will be doing a treatment for me. And he explained briefly to me he will be doing. One thing that I feel safe in Ricky's hand is that he tells me every of his step. Like "Ok. Now I am going to trim your hair to about this length because blah blah blah", "Ok. Now I am going to about this hair dye to your hair, you will feel blah blah". You know, generally you will feel safe cause you are fully aware of what he is doing. :D
Moroccanoil Treatment Light is used as a conditioning, styling and even finishing tool. It can blend perfectly with other products and even speeds up drying time. This treatment for hair completely transforms and repairs as its formula transports lost proteins for strength; fatty acids, omega-3 oils and vitamins for shine; and antioxidants for protection. It absorbs instantly to fill gaps in hair created by heat, styling and environmental damage.
It was about 15 minutes or so process. The last step: Styling! The below GIF image is how they curled my hair. This is my first time having two male hair stylists doing my hair. Haha!
I am actually quite tempted to curl my hair. With Ricky’s styling, I am quite sure that I want to curl my hair. Super love the curling that he had styled for me! Here is the end result of the curling. My hair looks so soft and silky now! I WANT THIS CURLING~
Lastly, really thank Ricky for this wonderful makeover of my hair. Can’t wait for the next visit. This hair style makes me more feminine right! Perhaps I should really consider curling my hair. Hehe!
And here is the video that I have posted in my Instagram. (Do follow me @kattytann if you haven't.)
For those who are looking for a reliable salon, you can definitely trust Salon De Choix. For your info, I am quite skeptical when come to hair salon and there is one of the reasons why I don’t visit salon that often. It is really hard to find a salon that you can entirely trust your hair with. Now I have found mine. If you haven’t, give them a chance and visit them. But do remember to make appointment and quote  “Katty” to entitle 15% OFF. Their number is 6836 2959!

Thank you, Salon De Choix and Ricky! Can’t wait for my next visit!

With love

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