Shopping Trip to Bangkok!

Feeling excited to blog about my Bangkok trip. Haha. So excited to share because it was really a fruitful trip for all of us. But at the same time, feeling so broke. Hehe!

As usual, the six musketeers happily travelled to Bangkok for a shopping trip. It was our second trip and we named it as a yearly affair. I wouldn’t say that we got the cheapest airfare or hotel but as compared to the previous trip, it was indeed cheaper. Our airfare to Bangkok via Jetstar is about $180 with tax while the accommodation at Pratunam Pavillion Hotel is about $72 per person. So for a 4 Days 3 Nights, it cost about $252 per person. Considered as cheap but definitely it can be cheaper. Haha

Anyway, our flight was a 7am flight, we got to airport as early as 5am. Thanks to our brother who drove us there. Mad sleepy as I fell sick one day before the holiday start. Went to see doctor during my work, rushed home, prepared everything, quickly popped one medicine and slept early. Luckily I feel better on my second day in Bangkok if not my mood will be totally spoilt. Hehe.

Picture of us while waiting for our flight.

Group photo before we fly to Bangkok.
Anyway, we engaged Travelthaiservice for their airport transfer. One way trip cost about 1,200 baht ($48.28 based on 24.85) They were quite punctual and the van was quite comfortable too. So okay, no complain towards them. Recommended!

As soon as we reached our hotel – Pratunam Pavillion, we were allowed to check in. Dropped all our luggages and went to have our lunch at Mcdonald. We were starving!
I love their Samurai Pork Burger but after trying Singapore’s Samurai Chicken Burger. I think I like Samurai Chicken Burger more. =P

I will briefly talk about the shopping stops that we have went for this whole trip. Not much pictures were taken because my eyes were so busy scanning for clothes! HAHA!

Pratunam Market
Pratunam Market is one of the largest clothing markets that you HAVE to go. It is also known as Pratunam Wholesale Market. Opening hour: 10AM – 7PM (Some shops will close later, it depends.)
In here, you will be able to find lots of clothes. Price ranging: Top/Dresses from 100baht ($4), Shorts/bottom from 50 baht ($2). These rates are normally known as the Wholesale Price. Some stalls might need you to get 2 pieces and above, some are willing to sell one piece to you at wholesale price while some will quote higher if you are just getting one piece.

So here are the tricks:
1. Ask if the price they quote for you is wholesale price.
2. Ask how many pieces considered as wholesale.
3. What is the price for one?
4. Haggle the price but be realistic please! :D

And these are what I have purchased after 4 hours!
I was the first who shopped this much on the first day. Don’t really consider as a lot lah hor. Anyway, we did not even stop at every of the shops because it was kinda crowded even on a Wednesday afternoon. We went back to our hotel for a short nap before heading for a buffet dinner at Baiyoke Sky. 

Buffet Dinner at Bangkok Sky Restaurant (Baiyoke Sky Hotel)
This was actually recommended by one of my aunt who went there last year. Bangkok Sky Restaurant is located at the 76 and 78 floor of Baiyoke Sky. You may want to purchase the tickets at the entrance of the Baiyoke Sky. As for us, I managed to get it at $28 instead of $44 per person. Double yay!
Enjoying our dinner in a great ambience!
It is an international buffet. At first, we thought that it will be crowded with all the tour groups because there was actually a long queue when we were taking the lift. But thank god, the restaurant was not that crowded as we thought. The ambience has maintained. Haha!
Sorry that I only managed to capture the above pictures. Besides that, they have lots of delicious food such as Bird Nest Soup, Big Prawn, Sushi Corner, Tomyum Corner, Seafood Corner and many more! Haha. Must try their tomyum soup. All of us love it so much! Overall, most of us feel that it is very worth to have dinner there, considering the atmosphere and the varieties of food. Recommended!

Some sight-seeing before we started our dinner. Everything seems to be so tiny when we are at level 76.
The day that we went was their Yew Ong Festival (九王爷) if you ever heard of that. We do have this festival in Singapore too. There are lots of street food stalls selling vegetarian. Those stalls with yellow flag means that they are selling vegetarian. Quite easy to differentiate.
Four-faced Buddha
We always went there to pray whenever we are back here. I have blogged about the procedure of praying the Four-faced Buddha the other time, if you are interested click here.
Address: 494 Rajdamri Road, Bangkok, 10330, Thailand (Near the Skytrain at Chit Lom stop)

Poh Teck Tung Foundation
Hopped onto one of the 7-seaters cab (Luckily, it is getting common in Bangkok) and visit Poh Teck Tung Foundation. One of our must-visit as well. I was informed by one of my readers in here that the other one that we have visited in our past trip is not Poh Teck Tung Foundation. So, here we are, at the headquarter of Poh Teck Fung Foundation. If you are keen to visit there, just hop to one taxi and mention "Poh Teck Tung" to them will do. Most taxi drivers know this place. Address: Poh Teck Tung Foundation 326 Chao Kam Rop Road., Pomprabsatrupai Bangkok 10100. For more information on this foundation, you may visit here.
Above are the "Price chart". Donate as per your preference.
Each of us donated one coffin with cloth at 650 baht ($26.15). The queue was quite long and this auntie attended to us. All we have to do is to give her our name in both English and Chinese. She did all the writing for us :)
After you have paid the amount, they will give you this "receipt". Most people will actually bet on the numbers given on that "receipt". After you have taken note of the number, you have to burn it away. Just like the above picture. That is my sister by the way. Hehe! Everything was done within 20 minutes. After that, we proceed on to our shopping paradise! :D

Nearly forgot to mention about the taxi driver that drove us to Poh Teck Tung Foundation. He is really very funny, for no reason, he asked my brother-in-law to sit at the back of the car while he wants my hubby to sit next to him. Sound weird uh? Throughout the journey, he kept asking his name, age and etc. HAHA!
On our returning journey to our shopping paradise, he was so hyper that he started to sing to him. It was a short journey but to hubby, it was a ride that he couldn’t wait to get off! HAHA! Here is the short video of what he sang. He kept emphasizing on the "我爱你" part but was not really caught in this video. Super cute uncle. Totally brighten up our day man.
Naraya at Central World Plaza
If you are staying near Pratunam, perhaps Central World Plaza is the nearest Naraya shop that you can visit. As usual, it was always crowded with the Chinese from China. Many of us spent at least one thousand baht in this shop each. Totally broke. Address: Room B106-B107, Ground Floor, Central World Building, 4 Rajadamri Rd., Patumwan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand. Opening Hour: 1000AM to 2200PM

Platinum Fashion Mall
Those who have been there will definitely feel that this is a girl’s heaven. Opening hour: 10AM to 6PM. Definitely need one whole afternoon to shop. Price range: for girls, Top/Dresses from 100baht ($4), Shorts/bottom from 50 baht and for guys, Shirt/T-Shirt from 100baht ($4), Shorts/Jeans from 150baht ($6.28). If you think that you have visited Pratunam Market and is enough, YOU ARE WRONG! There are even more varieties for you to choose from. Endless shopping! Best of all, it is indoor! No need to sweat and squeeze like Pratunam Market. Hubby said that”女孩子的衣服买不完的!” How true is that! Not trying to exaggerate. But we really got this much within an afternoon. Too much to shop!
Haha! Most of us already started to change money on our second day. I am really not trying to exaggerate again. At the end of the trip, only hubby and I did not change any money. My sister is damn epic. I told her to change some money first before going into the mall, she insisted that she had nothing to buy already. In the end... Haha! She changed twice for this whole trip!
At the end of day two, most of us have already broke. Even hubby bought a lot of things as well. In this trip, he has also become male model because Lina and Wally need his body to gauge the size of their husband and boyfriend. Lol. We went Platinum Fashion Mall for our second and third day because they closes at 6pm. WHY YOU CLOSE SO EARLY! WHERE GOT ENOUGH TIME TO SHOP!

These were what we have purchased in day two. Most of them belong to him. Haha. It is always blissful to have boyfriend/husband who is willing to shop with you without complaining. Agree?
And here are mine for day 3. Hehe! Love the paddle pop tube top that I got there! :D
Platinum Fashion Mall Food Court
We do eat while we were into shopping. Not sure if you know about the Foodcourt in Platinum. There are really lots of yummy food. One of the stall that we love is the one selling Fish Maw Soup and Sharkfin soup. DON'T GO TO THE WRONG SHOP! The most delicious one is the one selling dimsum, it is at the back of the stall. Sharkfin soup cost 185 Baht ($7.40) while the Fish Maw soup is selling at 120Baht ($4.80). MUST TRY!
 Swensen's in Thailand is really damn cheap compared to Singapore. Each of us have one bowl of ice cream and cost less than SGD$30! Definitely one of our stopover to have dessert. Hehe!
Streetfoods that we have
These two are the every-day-must-eat streetfoods. I super love their fried chicken. Smell good and super crispy! We have other streetfoods which I did not capture. Haha! We also had mango sticky rice and my all-time-favourite, PANCAKE! *Drooling*
Pratunam Morning Market 
My sister is really crazy. On our second day morning while all of us were so tired because of the early flight, she actually got up early and went to Pratunam Morning Market with my brother-in-law. When we were awake, she happily showing us the things she had bought. The rest of us were like “Wah lao eh. Wake up so early to shop also never tell us”. So, on the our third day morning, we woke up as early as 545am and went down to the Pratunam Morning Market. All of us went except for hubby who was sleeping because he thought that brother-in-law did not go. HAHA! Address: I don't really know the address but it is just right infront of Baiyoke Sky, perhaps you can tell the taxi driver "Baiyoke Sky" will do. Opening hour: 430AM to 830AM only. For girls, Top/Dresses from 60baht ($2.4), Shorts/bottom from 50 baht. Apparently there is not a single stall selling guy’s product. That is explain why hubby chose to sleep too! HAHA! 
While we were on the way back to our hotel, we donated some food to the monks. We were in our sleeping wear if you notice. HAHA! We just woke up at 545am, brushed teeth, washed face and went down to the morning market. Our mind have not even wake up and we have already started to shop. Super extreme lah!
These are what I have purchased after 2 hours of shopping. Everything for just less than $50! SO CHEAP RIGHT! Not all are mine actually, some are for my mum and mother-in-law. Hehe!
Bobae Market
On our last day morning, we were tempted to go either Bobae Market or Chatchuchak. In the end, we went to Bobae Market because it was nearer to our hotel. Address:  Address. Soi Rong Muang, Thanon Krung Kasem. Opening hour: 430AM onwards. We just took the taxi and mentioned "Bobae" to them. It was about 100baht of ride. Some of the taxi drivers do not know where is the place, so hop onto those who know where is it exactly :) Anyway, the stall in Bobae Market switches every 3-4 hours. We went in the morning, so I can't really compare the market in the morning is better or the one in the afternoon :)
I wouldn't say that we bought a lot of things from there. Perhaps because we have already done with our shopping so we did not really want to buy more and we have limited of cash on hand. HAHA! Last day already mah. However, if you are getting boxers, it cost only 40 baht ($1.60). Same quality that you get from Street Side opposite Platinum Mall. We actually got it at 75 bhat ($3.00), happily thinking that we got the cheapest! In the end, hubby continue to buy another 6 pieces from Bobae Market. In the end, he got almost 18 pieces back. LOL!

My luggage is super packed! Super love all the clothes that I have purchased. DAMN HAPPY~
One group picture before we leave Bangkok! We should do a before and after in the future. We came with 5 luggages but back with almost 10 of them! Super shopaholic!
Can't wait for this yearly affair. That is why we went to Bangkok yearly, if we visit Bangkok very often, I think we will be super broke! Next trip of the year will be South Korea in December with Hubby!

With love

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