PODI Pre-launch event

I am honored to be invited to the PODI pre-launch exclusive event last week. Hubby was there with me as well. Together with the other food bloggers, we enjoyed the exclusive access to the restaurant (Though it was not fully opened at that time.) And even got a sneak peek of the menu before it is opened to the public! Yummy!

Brief introduction of PODI. It is set up by The Bakery Deport. Sound familiar? Yah. They are the founders of Cedele, P.L.T Sandwiches and Toss and Turn food concept as well. PODI stands for Pure, Offbeat, Delicious, Infusions. They offer all day breakfast and grills on the menu. *Scream*

Off-track a little. I forgot to bring my camera along. So, all these photos were taken by iPhone 4S.

Cutlery sets were neatly placed at the table with our name.
Do remember to tag them in Instagram.
Sneak preview of the menu on what we had on that day. (Note: This is not the actual menu)
Their House Iced Tea
Shoestring Fries were the first dishes that were served. They are no difference from the normal fries, I feel. Shoesstring Fries are not supposed to be like this either. Both are not our likings. Way too bland. I’ll rate them: ★★★★
This Baked Egg Pot comes with Pork Sausage and Goat Cheese in Tomato Sauce. This is one of their signature dishes. A potential dish not to be missed. Love the runny eggs. I’ll rate this dish: ★★★★
I was particular interested in this dish when I first got the menu. Duck Berry Waffle. Was it waffles or duck dish? That was my first thought. To enjoy this dish, you have to take a bit of everything and eat it as a whole. I love the duck confit, it is so tender and sweet. The portion of the waffle is little and a bit too dry as well. Other than that, this dish is a combination of the sweet and savory. Duck Berry Waffle, how can these two items mixed together as well? Really interesting. I really have to take my hat off for their boldness for this. I’ll rate this dish: ★★★ (Additional star for the creativeness!)
Stuffed French Toast might sound a little boring to you. But I love melted cheese, specially with toast! So this dish got me a little excited. It is served with spinach brioche with egg, smoked ham, brie cheese with maple syrup. You can add maple syrup for extra sweetness if you have a sweet tooth like me. Otherwise, eating it without any syrup is delicious too! It might be just a simple french toast. But this is already in my must-order list. (: I’ll rate this dish: ★★
Crab Spinach Salad is a classic salad with an Asian Twist. Those for who are watching on their diet, this will be a healthy choice for you. Love the freshness of the crab and prawn! I’ll rate this dish: ★★★★
Beetroot Carpaccio. A relatively fat free and low in calories appetizer. However, we are not fans of beetroot. Therefore, we will give it a miss. I’ll rate this dish: ★★★★★
Chicken Pot features chicken thigh simmering with potato and seasonal vegetables. It came as a surprise for us because we thought that it will be a soup dish. Was surprised when we opened up the lid. Another healthy choice for weight watchers. I’ll rate this dish: ★★
I don’t eat beef. So hubby was the one who tasted it. It seems like Argentina Sirloin Steak is a disappointment one. Hubby actually had a hard time cutting and biting them. It was overly cooked. Would be better if it is medium-rare instead. I’ll rate this dish: ★★★★★
Spicy Prawn Kobu Pasta, a combination of aglio olio with spicy prawns and prawn oil. However, it was a little too oily. I’ll rate this dish: ★★★★
King Prawn with Herb-butter is another disappointment. I have no idea if it is over-cooked or the prawn is not that fresh. Some kind of mushy (nua) texture which turned me off. I’ll rate this dish: ★★★★★
Time for dessert which is my favourite. Whoopie Pie, a two cake-like cookies with a creamy, orange earl grey flavored filling. It looks like one huge macaroon. Personally, I like this a lot! I’ll rate this dish: ★★★★
The last dish of the day, The Mexican Spiced Hat, nigella-spiced meringue thins with 2 scoops of ice-cream. People with sweet tooth like me will definitely go gaga over this dish. I’ll rate this dish: ★★★★
Conclusion: Brunch lovers will probably want to visit PODI. Personally, I would prefer their breakfast dishes such as the mouth-watering Stuffed French Toast. *Yum Yum* Will definitely be back again, probably with my friends. So, give it a try to PODI, definitely a place to visit considering the ambience and the price range ($14 onwards).

Address: Raffles City Shopping Centre, B1-45, Singapore 179103 (Just beside Subway)
Opening Hours: Weekdays 10am-10pm // Weekends and Public Holiday 9am – 10pm
Contact: +65 6336 5648
Website: Click here
Facebook: Click here 
Lastly, thank you, PODI for the delicious event!
And the lovely goodie bag that they have gave us.

With love

Unknown  – (March 23, 2016 at 4:48 PM)  

This looks fabulous, So comforting, warm and filling… mmm. I want this in my life

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