Hello Kitty Town with Family

This September School Holiday, I went to Hello Kitty Town with my family. We got our tickets from WTS Travel and it cost about $63 per person. Well, it is more expensive than Legoland. (I realized that I did not blog about my Legoland trip at all! Omg. Shall do that soon.)

Anyway, we took the earliest coach from Singapore Flyer. It was a 8am coach. We thought that Hello Kitty Town is as huge as Legoland. But we were totally wrong. Haha!

While waiting to board the bus, he was into his “Plants vs Zombies again”.

Sidetrack a bit. Not sure if you have heard of this game. This game was introduced by my nephew – Aden. He is only 6 years old. He was so into this game that he kept asking hubby to download. Well, hubby did and now he is so into this game. Apparently both of us are not really a "game" person. And I got myself hooked up in this game as well! That was because one day, I took his phone, randomly clicked onto this application and started to play with it. When he saw I am playing, he got so worried and kept telling me that I played the wrong way and etc. Demanding me this and that. Out of anger, I went to download it myself and now I am also a “Plants vs Zombies” gamer now. HAHAHAHA! Who is with me!?!?!

Anyway, ootd for that day. Top: Celina Floral Peplum Top from Treschiclove. Love this top just that the chest area is a bit too tight for me. =\
Off we go!
With the happy kids.
Anyway, Hello Kitty Town is about 10 minutes away from Legoland. Quite close! Apparently we were the first few that reached that early. HAHA!
Happy kid again!
Hello Kitty Town is very different from Legoland like we thought. It is just a four-storey building. Indoor, of course. Not that big as we thought. Kinda empty. But well, children will definitely love it.
Queuing to go in!
Qien’s favourite – Little Twinkle Stars.
Welcome to Hello Kitty Town! ^^
The theme park was very empty when we reached therefore there were no queue at all! HAHA!
There is only one ride at Hello Kitty Town which is the Tea Cup ride. It is for the kids actually. Only 3 people can enter. I was supposed to be with them but in the end the seats are limited. Feeling embarrassed, I walked out of the queue. Luckily there weren’t much people. Hahaha.

After that, we went to Hello Kitty House. The house has a living room, bedroom, kitchen and even bathroom. I think Hello Kitty Fan will go crazy. Too bad, I am not Hello Kitty Fans.
Just nice, the live performance started. Their performance was at the Purrfect Stage. One and only stage that they have in Hello Kitty Town and it is located right in the middle. Haha.
My mum and the kids actually sat there and watched the whole show while I roamed around taking pictures since there were not much people.
Haha! We were literally having a mini photoshoot there! An ideal place for Hello Kitty lovers for their wedding photoshoot. Hehe.
After that, we went to Black Wonder. Aden was kinda freaked out by there because it was so dark. Nothing scary lah, but he was just scared. Lol. Anyway, we were supposed to carry around with this hi-tech lamppost to look for clues and etc. But the instruction was not given properly. In the end, I have no idea what’s going on. Only Qien understood and she played along. HAHA! She got a A+ Cert for that. Cool.
Besides that there are actually lot of activities that you can do over there such as Jewelry Making, Costume Dress up, Nail Salon, Cookie Studio as well as Doll Factory. We only went for the Jewelry Making and got ourselves one bracelet. Haha! Aden said that it is for his future girlfriend. LOL.
Managed to catch Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel. SO LUCKY! We even went up twice to take pictures with them. The queue was short. HAHA!
And Hubby and I got this back as souvenir. Hehe.
After that, we went to The Little Big Club. At first, we were still struggling if we should go to The Little Big Club because we were afraid of the time constraint. But who knows, we finished Hello Kitty Town within 4 hours. HAHA! Luckily we bought The Little Big Club tickets.

In here, you can find Thomas and Friends, Barney, Bob the Builder, Angelina Ballerina (Not sure who is she!) and Pingu. I find that The Little Big Club is more fun as compared to Hello Kitty Town
Aden was perspiring like mad even though we were in an air-conditioned room. Both of them have lots of fun.
Aden insisted to drag me and hubby to play one of the slides with him. In the end, Qien, Aden and myself went for the slide. I took the longest time to get to the top of the slide because it was so hard to climb up. They climbed faster than me. Anyway, this video here explained everything. Once again, I have embarrassed myself. I literally flew out from the slide because it was so fast and you can see that I couldn’t stop at all. Lol. And here is the video.
Totally embarrassed myself. Even the staff is laughing lor.

Pingu’s Igloo - the best part in here is you are able to play all the games here for free! HAHA!
And we met Pingu who came out to greet us~
At the fourth level, there is a play zones with lots of ride. Here is Bertie the bus that we have played.Again, no queue at all!
Played Harold the Helicopter ride for the second time and this time round, Aden insisted me to ride on his Helicopter. And this is what happened:
Just in case you have no idea what’s wrong. There is actually this joystick in this ride whereby you can control up and down of the helicopter. You can see the way he control the Helicopter. Up. Down. Up. Down. Up. Down. The helicopter is shaking furiously that I almost threw up. Eventually he enjoyed it a lot lah. Haha.I think the only ride that all of us enjoyed will be the bumper car. Bumper car is always the favourite yah. But it lasted for about 45 seconds only! Damn short uh? 
  More pictures again~
Last stop - The Souvenir Shop!
HAHAHA! He is damn funny. He wore this and asked me to take a look. I burst out laughing.
Nothing much to get because there is no much Pochacco stuff. To be exact, there is only one that I managed to find in that shop. But sad to say, I already have the mug that they are selling. Pochacco is damn hard to find nowadays. Anyway, guess Hello Kitty Town is only recommended either Hello Kitty Fans or families with small kids. There are nothing much to do there for youngsters/young adult. It will bored if you went there to paktor. HAHA!

Enjoyable trip with family! Lastly, a photo of me to end this post. Tadah~

With love

Mich –   – (October 18, 2013 at 10:28 PM)  

Hi Katty, where you got the tickets from? I can't see this price in WTS website.

K A T T Y  – (October 23, 2013 at 12:01 PM)  

Hi, my sister got it from qoo10 if i don't remember wrongly :)

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