Hada Labo SHA Hydrating Light Lotion

I can’t explain how much I love Hada Labo product. It has been one of my favourite skincare brands since 320938402304928309. (Haha!) Specially thanks to Samplestore, I am sponsored with Hada Labo SHA(Super Hyaluronic Acid) Hydrating Light Lotion (AKA, HADA LABO Goku-jyun Light Lotion). YAY! Another product from Hada Labo! The moment when I received it, I used it immediately on that very night. HAHA! Yes, I am so anxious about it. I can’t wait to share this awesome product with you! By the way, I was about to get this product before they send me this. Hahaha!

Hada Labo SHA Hydrating Light Lotion removes all unnecessary ingredients such as colorant, fragrance, mineral oil and other additives that burden the skin. Best of all, it is specially formulated for Asian Skin. Do you remember their tagline that goes like this “One drop locks up an ocean”? And it means how much it can retain in our skin after we have used it. Sound amazing?

Benefits of SHA Hydrating Light Lotion
- Instantly hydrates skin and helps preserve its optimum moisture balance.
- Deeply hydrates and tones the skin texture, giving you soft and supple skin.
- Best suitable for oily and combination skin or those who prefer a lighter texture.
- Enhanced with Super Hyaluronic Acid and Nano Hyaluronic Acid to help replenish and lock-in moisture for better hydration.
- Help to improve dry and dehydrated skin, leaving it silky smooth.
- Non sticky feeling when applied.
- Skin pH balanced. Low irritation.
- Free of fragrance, mineral oil, alcohol and colorant.

So, here is the review from me. I have been using it for almost a week now and I really love this product so much! So, how to use this product? Pictures will do all the talking now. Pardon for the naked face (Hideous I know, went all out for Hada Labo. HAHA!)  and messy hair because I just woke up not long after I did this video.
Just three simple steps! I love how my skin feels after applying. For my opinion, the best selling point is that it is NON-STICKY and it penetrates into my skin REAL FAST! Like within a minute. Works like magic. I use this product not only as a moisturizer but as a toner as well. Now I could totally relate why the slogan of this product is “One Drop Locks up an Ocean”! I am going to stick with this product forever~

A video that I did in my Instagram (Follow me: @kattytann to follow my latest update!)
Feel tempting? Decided to head to your nearest Watsons, NTUC, Guardian or SASA to grab one bottle? For those who are afraid that their skin might not be suitable (Which most of the cases don't and you will fall in love with it. Haha!), why not try their sample first. Hop over to their website here! For more information of Hada Labo product, you may like their Facebook here too!

Say cheers for a moisturized, radiant and crystal-clear skin today!

With love

Karen –   – (November 2, 2013 at 1:17 AM)  

Sound good! You are so cute. Haha.

K A T T Y  – (November 6, 2013 at 5:01 PM)  

Hi Karen. Thank you! Haha! It is really sound! Do get the sample if you are interested :)

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