First visit to Absolutely Nails

Seriously speaking, I am not a “manicure” person. That is because my nails are super fragile and sometimes it can split into layers kind (For my toe nail). Sound gross right. If your nails are vulnerable like mine, one of the reasons is because you are lack of vitamins, calcium and minerals. Yup, we really have to take in more of these.^^

But still, I am just like most girls, hoping and wanting our nails to look pretty as well. I did nail extension during my ROM in June. That was probably the longest nails that I have ever had. HAHA!

Last weekend, I went down to Absolutely Nails for my manicure and pedicure. I am officially their second ambassador. Thank you Absolutely Nails!

I was pretty excited because I can finally do my nails after the 3 months of waiting!! The only thing is that I am pretty upset that my nails are still short, meaning, no fanciful design first. But nevertheless, I am pretty sure Absolutely Nails will make plan for me! ^^

In order to make my nails last longer and also stronger for those with brittle nails, I went for the gelish kind. Jocelyn was the one who attended to me. I was kind of embarrassed because I was late. Caught up with some urgent matters before I came. But luckily, she is so nice to wait for me even though her next appointment was pretty close with mine.

Before we started, Jocelyn wants me to choose the colours I prefer. Totally spoilt for colours. And I hate to make decision.

Super wide range of colours. HOW TO CHOOSE!

In the end, she helped me to choose blue. Something rather bright which I never tried it before. So, why not? She suggested something simple because of my shorty nails. Cool enough. I have no preference actually. Can’t wait for my nails to grow so that I can have more fanciful design. HEHE!

Jocelyn is very attentive when comes to buffering, filing of my nails and removing cuticles. I am totally relaxed. I am quite afraid when come to removing cuticles. But luckily, I don't feel a thing at all. Double yay! Personally, I love the smell of the lotion that she had applied for me. SMELL SO NICE!❤ Forgot to ask her what brand was that. Hmmm. Next visit then. ^^

Here is the look of my nail. Blue lacy nail!
MY NAILS ARE REALLY SHORT RIGHT! But luckily, Jocelyn has beautified them for me. Thank you so much! Seriously can't wait for them to grow! Hahaha!

And because I was late and Jocelyn did not have the time for my pedicure. She actually arranged another time slot on that day and even stayed up to do my pedicure. Super nice of her! So sorry that I delayed her knocking time. But she is so professional lah! Thumb up!
Woes of choosing colours for my toe nails again. Haha. And again, I got Jocelyn to choose the colours for me again. I'M NOT A DECISION MAKER! Hehe!

Here are my toe nails. Simple fade purple for it!
Actually, to be honest, I feel very uncomfortable to show my toes. I get disgusted by it. Sorry if it disgust you too. LOL. I think I am from those olden days whereby girls were not allow to show their toes to others. So, it is your privilege to be able to seen them here now. HAHA! 

Specially thanks Absolutely Nails as well as Jocelyn. Anyway, if you guys are wondering where is Absolutely Nails. Well, Absolutely Nails is conveniently located at Marine Parade Central. Full Address will be Blk 82, Marine Parade Central, #01-620, Singapore 440082. It is just beside the famous hawker centre and a few store away from the pet shop (If you know there is this pet shop over there)
Do give them a call at 6345 3303 for booking. Their appointment is usually quite packed so to avoid any disappointment give them a call first before you head down. ^^ For more details and other services that they provide, visit their website here or like them at their Facebook.
Lastly, some pictures of myself with my new nails. YAY!

Can't wait my next visit with them ❤ Probably you can give me some ideas what kind of nail design I should do for my next visit? Haha. Thank you in advance! ^^

With love

Anonymous –   – (October 6, 2013 at 5:54 PM)  

Been there before! ^^ kinda far for me if not I would have sign up their package. -melissa

K A T T Y  – (October 8, 2013 at 12:45 PM)  

Hi Melissa, haha, you should try to sign up for the package. Worth the traveling time! Hehe!

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