EP4: Hotel Inspection (Hilton Hotel)

The next hotel that we went was Hilton Hotel. As I was doing my research, I happened to realise that a wedding tragedy happened in this hotel. Don’t wish to elaborate more. But nevertheless, we still proceed on for our hotel inspection.

June Wee was the one attended to us. The first impression she gave to us wasn’t really good. She was kind of “cool” and not that friendly as compared to the rest that we’ve met. Because of our required tables, we were allowed to hold our wedding banquet at either Vista Room or Panorama Room.

However, we weren’t impressed by their Vista Room or Panorama Room. For those who are looking at 35 tables or more, perhaps Grand Ballroom will look more presentable. Out of two ballrooms, we prefer Vista Room. Well, pick the best out of the worst. But still, Vista Room is not that room that we are looking at, reason was because the way that we have to march in was weird. We will have to march in from one of the side door. Which means while we are marching in; our back will be actually facing some tables behind. Pretty uncomfortable.

Sorry that we did not take any pictures because there were some preparation going on and we were not very interested with that place as well. Hehe!

Name: Hilton Hotel 5*
Location: 581 Orchard Rd  Singapore 238883
Nearest MRT: Orchard MRT (Need to walk about 5 minutes) *Quite accessible
Ballroom -  Panorama Room: Min 18, Max 24
Ballroom -  Vista Room: Min 20, Max 25
Ballroom -  Grand Ballroom: Min 35, Max 50
Per Table:

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