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Do you sleep in Air-Conditioned Room? Being a tropical country, Singapore is generally considered as hot and humid. And because of that, most of us are spoilt to sleep in an air-conditioned room. For me, I have to sleep in a cold/cooling environment but I am also perfectly okay even with the fans on as long as the fans are blowing directly to me. HAHA! But still, I sleep in an air-conditioned room MOST of the time. Hehe.

However, do you ever find yourself tossing and turning all night, not because you are having insomnia but…

I bet this is one of the most frequent annoying remark that we will make, especially when the weather is so humid and haven’t been raining for days (THIS IS SO COMMON IN SINGAPORE RIGHT!). And also the feeling when you stepped out of your air-conditioned room and you feel the heat from your living room or kitchen. All you want to do is to hide inside the room. BUT! The room is not cold at all. Why uh? Spoil?
What are the problems that we are facing? We have been using this air-con for more than 10 years. We do get occasionally water leaking problem, it takes at least 30-45 minutes for the room to be cooling and weird sound coming from the air-con (Don't worry, it is not a horror movie. Lol.).Just these few problems are enough to drive us mad during a humid day. HOW!?

Well, let the experts tell you why. On a side note, I am honored to have this opportunity to do a review with Air Connection. Cool enough, we fixed it on one of the Saturday! By the way, they are quite flexible with their timing which is double the cool! And best of all, they are super punctual. =D
So, last Saturday, Air Connection have sent down two of their expert technicians to help us with our servicing. These are what they have brought…
They get started as soon as they have settled everything. Ask us a few questions such as: Why was the last time we service our air-con and things like that. Everything was professional done and while they were doing their servicing. I couldn’t help but to be a little bit more curious and decided to ask them a few questions.
He then later shared with us that because we have been using the air-con for so long, we must at least service the air-con every quarter (this is the minimum). It then enlightened me. Because it is just like human: 人老了,要看医生,要去复诊 (When we get old, our health deteriorates, we need to go for check-up) and air-con老了,也要看医生,也要去复诊. (The same goes for the air-con) Right?
Anyway, I am really thankful for Air Connection for sending two expert technicians to service our air-cons. Everything was settled within 30 minutes. Steadily and professional. Thumbs up!

If you are looking for a professional doctors for your air-con, look for them (Air Connection). The services that they have done for me includes:
- Checking of wire connection
- Clearing of drainage pipe to prevent water leakage
- Checking of air conditioner’s operating system
- Opening and washing of air filter and cover
- Checking of gas
- Checking of noise problems and safety circuits
- Checking for water leakage
- Cleaning of cooling coil

Besides that, they do other services such as chemical wash, installation of air-con, repairing of air-con. Basically a one-stop services for all. Do check out their latest promotion:
Lastly, visit their facebook at here to get to know the upcoming promotion and reviews!

Sponsored by: Air Connection
Facebook Website:
Contact Number: +65 96374287

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Heating 77079  – (April 22, 2014 at 9:11 PM)  

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