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Do you mask? Most girls will most probably say they do. But I bet most of them refer to face masking instead. A huge percentage of girls actually spent more time and money on their face instead of their hair. True enough? And that is because I am also one of them too. HAHA!

I started to dye my hair since I am 17 years old. I can't help but to agree that once you start to dye your hair, your hair will become drier and prone to breakage than before. BUT, most asian girls just love to dye their hair. What to do? :)

For myself, I dyes and straightens my hair and sometimes have to style my hair when come to photo shoot. The only problem that I faced was that my hair get very dry after that. You can’t prevent that right? And I am someone that doesn’t do hair treatment. Sound contradicting. The only thing that I did to my hair is to put on hair conditioner each time. That is a quicker way to save my  hair but it takes longer time to recovery and it doesn't work for split ends.

Woes of being a woman. I never realise that taking care of hair can be that troublesome. And so, I neglected the importance of taking care of my hair. =(

Come to think of that. I am sure that you don't want to go out with a face and hair like this.

I look like I haven't wash/comb my hair for the longest! HAHA! People will most probably distant away from you if you are having this kind of hairdo isn't it. I guess, we ought to be more kind to our hair as well. THEY NEED TO GET PAMPER TOO!

Well, specially thank to the sponsor, Essential for giving me a chance to pamper my hair. (^.^ YAY!) Check out what I have received from them!
Super sweet packaging. I literally "WOW" when I opened up the packaging. SO SWEET LAH! Then I realise more amazing things hidden inside this little sweetie.
Guess what are they? In the little drawer, I have Essential Rich Premier Intensive Hair Mask and Essential Nuance Airy Intensive Hair Mask. At the back, I have Essential Nourishing Care Lotion and Essential Anti-Frizz Serum. So what's so good about them? Let's check this out.

(Left) Essential Nuance Airy Intensive Hair Mask is for damaged and limp hair. It will give you an airy soft and bouncy finish. (Right) Essential Rich Premier Intensive Hair Mask is for damaged and unmanageable hair. It will give you a silky straight finish. Both are the new and improved formula with Advance Cuticle Care technology that provides concentrated repair care for damaged hair. It contain the Newly-Added Heat Damage Care (Polyglycerol) ingredient, High Purity Honey for moisture and manageability and Shea Butter that is for repairing the dryness, breakage and split ends.

Do you know that the last 15cm of our hair is the most damaged? And they are the one that are the dullness and where spilt ends started. Most girls end up trimming them away in order to look more healthy and radiant. BUT WHY? Why trim away your precious hair when all you can do is to do a little magic to it.

Well... LET’S GET STARTED TO MASK MY HAIR! Look out for every little tips for the best results!

First, I shampoo-ed my hair as per normal but skipped the conditioning part. Towel-dry my hair as per the image below.
Second, squeeze out the excess water and prepare to apply the hair mask.

Third, apply an appropriate amount evenly onto my hair.
Always remember not to apply conditioner or even hair mask on the scalp. Because it will make your scalp and hair more oily and dandruff will be popping out!

Lastly, leave my hair for 5 minutes and after that rinse off thoroughly. And here is the end result after I have washed and dried my hair.
Tadah! I can go out with pretty hair now! My hair look like I have just done a hair treatment. MUAHAHA! One more tip, do apply this hair mask for 3 consecutive days before and after chemical treatments (Dye, Rebond, Perm and etc) in order to lessen the damage to the hair. If not, you may use this mask 1-2 times weekly.

Not forgetting, you save big bucks when you do your own DIY. Because Essential Nuance Airy Intensive Hair Mask and Essential Rich Premier Intensive Hair Mask only cost $9.90 each! Save time, save money! MUAHAHAHA!

That's not the end!!!

And if you are busy and lazy to use this hair mask, you may want to use Essential Nourishing Care Lotion or Essential Anti-Frizz Serum
Both Essential Nourishing Care Lotion and Essential Anti-Frizz Serum are a leave-on treatment. You may finish this off after you have done your hair mask OR you may want to use this alone. They contain high purity honey oil and cuticle repair essence to provide continuous care for damaged hair. It instantly coats and smoothens peeling cuticles while repairing damaged hair surface. Best of all, your hair stays smooth and bouncy all day long with no oil after-feel!

How to use it? Well, after you have shampoo-ed and condition-ed your hair, apply this as your last step. Yes, simple right? So, stop complaining that you don’t have time for hair mask, this bottle is for lazy people like you and I. Hehe.

Let me show you how I discover the awesome-ness of this lotion. By the way, I am using Essential Nourishing Care Lotion.

This is how my hair will look like whenever I woke up or after my hair has dried.
Pump an appropriate amount of lotion onto my hand. I love the smell of the lotion! Sweet smell! :D
In order to show the difference, I have applied on the right side and tadah, here are the difference.
Here is the close up. Love the instant result that this bottle can gives me! ^^
 Super simple right? Just a few steps and you will get back your healthy and shiny hair. So before you trim away all your "damaged" hair, try Essential Hair Products. And you will find them, it is soooo much cheaper compare to a hair cut. HAHAHAHA! Let's be pretty and thrifty at the same time! So grab one of them at all leading supermarkets, hyper-marts and pharmacies.

With love

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Does Watson sells the lotion?

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