EP 1: Hotel Inspection (Trader's Hotel)

Finally we have settled our solemnization and we have also have dates in mind for our banquet next year. It will be September or October. By the way, we got our dates calculated by Long Shifi (Long Tian Xiang).

We went to our first hotel hunting last month. It sound quite "kiasu" because it was like more than one year away. But as we were doing our hotel research, the dates that we want were already unavailable. People already started to book their banquet that earlier and it made us really "kan cheong"

The first hotel that we went was: Traders' Hotel. Because the number of tables that we need was stuck between 23-26 tables, we have limited hotels. (Hotel hunting is really tiring)!

Wendy was the one who attended to us. She is friendly and patiently explained all the details to us and bringing us around. Sad to say, we do not like the layout of the ballroom. The ballroom is pretty small to accommodate 30 though we only need 23-26 tables. The march in will be at the side of the ballroom (Weird). And there are two huge pillars at the centre of the ballroom (Refer below) VERY HUGE! The ceiling is rather low too.

We did not list this hotel as our listed because of all the cons. I guess the only pros for this hotel is that it is a 5stars hotel and the price per table is really reasonable. HAHA

Trader's Hotel 5*
Location: 1A Cuscaden Road, Singapore 249716
Near MRT: Orchard MRT (Need to walk about 10-15 minutes) *Not very accessible.*
Ballroom - Temasek Room: Min 15, Max 19
Ballroom - The Gallery: Min 22, Max 30
Per Table: $1080 NETT

 Will continue to update as we went for our site inspection. :)

With love

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