Officially Married

We are married! Thank you all the wishes that we’ve received. Be it in Message, Facebook, Calls or even people who leave down their wishes in my blog. THANK YOU SO MUCH! Deeply appreciate. It was definitely a perfect moment for us. Seems like a dream - a very perfect one. Everything went pretty smooth and was almost according to what we’ve expected. Thank god!

I have received all the pictures from Studio W. We love all the pictures taken by Jingwei. Can’t wait to share them out! We are excited to receive the video from BeyondPictures as well. Hopefully can share with you guys real soon! *HINT HINT TO BEYONDPICTURES* HAHA!

So right now, it is going to be a longgggggggggg post. I will just blog all the details. Hehe! Please bear with it.

We checked in on the 22 June (It was my jiefu’s birthday as well and they booked one room to celebrate his birthday too!) Actually we wanted to decorate our function room beforehand but the plan was changed due to the function room was booked for other company event. So we thought that we might just do the rest of the preparation in our room and probably woke up early on the 23 June to decorate it. Fiance (now known as hubby already. Lol) He was worried that we couldn’t finish all the DIYs. However, my coordinator from Gallery Hotel, Jacklyn actually managed to change the company function room to another. We were thrilled and really thankful for this special arrangement. She is such a sweet lady and she told with me that we both share the same wedding date!! YAY! She went to celebrate her wedding anniversary on 23 June therefore her colleague; John was the one who handle our event on that day.

Some pictures taken while we were doing some preparation in the room. Thankful that my family helped us out too! In the end, we managed to finish all the decorations at almost 1am. Almost dead.

The actual day, 23 June, we woke up early for another round of preparation. We were fighting against the time. Wei Young came as early as 8 plus to help us with the decoration though he only started to get into the situation when the time was nearing. HAHA! We only had 1.5 hours for the last preparation and I had to be in my room for all the makeup and hairdo. During my absence, Wei Young has been helping out with it. Together with Shao Ling, Ying Ying and Yen Yee who specially came down early too.

My hairdo and makeup was done by Vivi from La belle Couture. She is one of the popular and experience makeup artist in La belle Couture. She is very outgoing and talkative which is good because she makes me feel very relax and less nervous. Haha! After that, Wen Kai and his team (Beyond Pictures) came. They were doing all the filmings. I feel like a super star on that day. HAHA!

By 1130am, everything were ready and done. Together, we procede down to the function room. All the BTBs (Brides-to-be) and GTBs (Groom-to-be), do not forget your ROM certificate, your IC and your witnesses’ IC and angbaos for the whoever you wanted to give (Because you won’t be coming up the room anymore) We actually forgotten our angbaos. =\

The lifts in Gallery Hotel are really annoying. You have to switch the lifts here and there in order to get to the function room. After we have reached the function room, I was like “WOW”.

This is one of my favourite – the album corner.

The dessert corner
We have Candy Gems (Our favourite childhood snacks), m'N'm, Oreo Pop (Made by myself), Marshmarrow Pop (Made by myself) and lastly mini cupcakes from Whips Cupcakes (The topper decoration was DIY by us as well) Thank god, all the DIYs products were successfully done. In fact, I wanted to make chocolate tarts but my time was so packed on that week and I only managed to do two desserts only.

Lastly, my two gorgeous appointed receptionists; Ying Ying and Shao Ling. ❤
We actually have only 40 guests on that day. Only immediate families, both side of our poly friends and some of our secondary school friends (Not able to invite all of them due to the limitation). The rest will be during our banquet next year. Our wedding theme is School. We categorized our guests table using the Subjects. We have English, Math, Music, Chemistry, Geography and Art and so we decorated our centerpiece with icons of the subjects.

Other corners such as:
“Photo booth” Corner. We DIY the props too!

Memory lane Corner. We spent lots of time on this because they kept falling :(

Lastly, our solemnization table.

Our vows were written behind. This is mine and his one will be “Keep Calm and Marry Her”. This is part of our DIY as well.
Everything were done.

Background music: Checked!
March in music: Checked!
Movie (Photo of us): Checked!
Assigned Seat: Checked!

During that time, Hubby was damn nervous. Specially after our videographer, Wen Kai wanted us to memorise our vows instead of reading from the vows card that we had. And in fact, he said he wanted to memorise them too! But due to time constraint, he has no time for it. We ended up walking around with our vows card trying so hard to remember it. Do you think we can? LOL.

Our emcee of the day; Jiayi and Wei Young. Specially thank Jiayi for overcoming her stage fright for me and also coming early to rehearsal with Wei Young. You can see that they are actually quite nervous. Hehe!

After that, our guests slowly came in. They literally came in groups! Hopefully my receptionists were able to handle. 辛苦了! Hahaha!

Have to keep repeating that Tyler looks so cute here! ❤

Secondary school mates.
Chihyang was unable to come due to some urgent matters. Hopefully he is alright. Supposing another secondary friend of ours supposed to attend. He is one of hubby’s good friends as they went to the same polytechnic and course. But sad to say, he is not around anymore. Hubby was affected that week when the tragic happened. Pretty sad because when we informed him about this wedding, he was so happy for us. Life is short. We hope that he had make the right path. :')

My poly mates.

His poly mates.

With our families.
The solemnization was going to start after my Justice of Peace (JP), Mr Eric Wong had arrived . He is very punctual. That was the first time we saw him. His impressions to us are very humble and easy going. Very fathery look. Hehe.

My emcees started their speech.
To be honest, Jiayi don’t look nervous at all. In fact she looks rather “Zai” I would say. Not bad leh, Jiayi. Can be my banquet emcee already!! Hahaha! (I think she will MIA from now onwards. HAHA!)

While they were doing their opening speech, we were waiting outside to march in. Super nervous! We were like “baby, baby! My eyes got sai?”, “baby, baby! My teeth got anything?”, “baby, baby! Is my make up okay? My eyes? My hair?” HAHA! Double check on our appearance first before we march in. We even rehearsal on how to walk in order to look better and what shall we do. O.M.G! We were like going to the stage to perform.
Our March in Song is Till the End. The one that we used it for our proposal video.
We agreed that we ought to walk slowly but in the end, I think I walked pretty fast but was dragged down by him. He kept saying 慢一点!慢一点!HAHAHA! Too nervous already lah!

Opening speech by Mr Eric Wong. He did not say anything at all. Just say whatever he needs to say. Not like Mr Phua Tan Tee who will say a lot of things to the audience.
Both of our hands were so cold at that time. Our JP, Mr Eric Wong is so nice! He guided us on the way and we just followed every of his instructions. He made sure that we understood every of his words before he proceed with the next procedure. After saying all the “I do” and “I will”, I am not sure what exactly did he say that I have to say “I do” and “I will”. I just followed saying “I do” following “I will” lah. HAHA! I mean my mind was quite blank at that time and I couldn’t recalled now if you ask me too!
His awkward face and my “blank” face. During this time, I don’t think you will realise your photographer is just in front of you taking picture. Your mind will went literally blank.

I look retarded here! HAHAHA!
After that, Mr Eric Wong made us stand up while we recite the vows and then putting on the ring for each other.

Though we designed the vow cards and the vows were written behind. We made it a point not to read each other’s vows until the day. And so, I never really read what he had written too. I only know he kept edit his vows till super long! HAHA!

Vivi (My MUA) asked me that morning if I will tear during the solemnization. I said I won’t. She said: “Normally my brides that said they won’t, they ended up they will” HAHA! Okay. I admitted. Cause I started to tear the moment he started his vows despite of his trembling. HAHA!
He was kind of lost at one part of the speech because he forgot where he was at. I told him that was because he was shaking so badly till he couldn’t even see which lines he was at. HAHAHAHA! He was really shaking. I bet most of our guests saw the way his hands were trembling even from far. HAHAHAHA!

Best of all, he said that he screwed up the first line. He said “Time fries!” instead of Time Flies. HAHA. FRIES! WTH! He said that he was totally FML when he realized that he said “TIME FRIES!” HAHAHA! He used to laugh at other people’s vows while we were watching other people’s solemnization video. This is what I call karma uh? TIME FRIES! HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!

Till now I remembered this line that he had said to me “Today is a special day for both of us, eight years ago (23rd June 2005), this is the day when I first held your hands, and never will I expect it will be forever” And of course, I remembered the one he said he will make breakfast for me before I get up. HELLO HELLO! WHY NOW NO AH! Confirm he will say: Next time when we have our flat lah! Standard answer from him, as always.

And then he puts on the ring for me.
As for my turn, I kept pausing because my mucus kept wanting-to-drop because of the tearing early on. HAHA! I kept sniffing. WTH. Until the last part, I paused for a few seconds because the word “lifelong partner” doesn’t want to come out. I somehow forgot how to pronounce it. The word just seems to disappear from my mind. FML. But I managed to get over it. HAHA! I guess I did not tremble as much as he did? Right, witnesses? =P

JP: Katty, you may put on the ring on Yong Heng’s left hand, fourth ring.
Me: Er. *Whisper to him” Which hand ah?
He: *Automatically reach out his left hand*

HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA! As usual, I will chua sai if someone suddenly ask me left and right. I cannot differentiate sometimes!
He smiled like he was being force to wear the ring. But whatever, you wore it already!

He: *Making sure that I signed correctly*
Me: Really must sign? LOL!


Pictures now.

Popping of the champagne
FML, I look like I am so afraid that the cork might hit onto me or there will be a loud bomb or something! Lol.

A little speech from Wei Young before we start out Yum Seng!
Not sure if the video will capture whatever he had said on that day. But he said:
"Before we start our little yum seng, I'd like to start by congratulating Mr and Mrs Chang, and thank you all for being here to celebrate the beginning of their marriage! I've been a close personal friend with the couple for more than 12 years now. I always felt that they are made for each other even though they faced some tough times, but they still made it.

To Katty, thank you for making me as one of your emcee today and I’m glad that I managed to fly over from Jakarta, today, just to attend your wedding. That’s what BFF are for, right? Today we are here together celebrating you moving from a Miss to a Missus. You have finally married to him after 9 years of dating. I’m sure everyone’s here has been waiting for this day to arrive. The next will be little Chang? Yong Heng, do work hard. (Laugh) And to Yong Heng, congratulations and thank you for making contribution to the society. I truly salute you. (Laugh) Okay. Jokes side, do take good care of her, love her and be understanding to her. We will be handing her to you now. "

Yup. And that's what BFF for. :')

It supposed to be a short yum senggg. But it went damn longggggg.
Need to engage Liang Quan and Johnathon for our yum seng next time. HAHAHAHA!

Lunch started
Thank god that we only bought 2 champagnes and 1 red wine only. He is smart, he said that “ nobody will drink in the afternoon so we should not buy so much because end up, we will be the one drinking!” True that. Poor him. He was invited for a drink at my poly side then to his poly side right away. We can really predict what will happen during our banquet. 仇人太多!
He is not drunk obviously. We are quite up to standard one *AHEM!* He just gets red easily after drinking. My videographer and photographer stopped him from drinking because he was so red that day! The filming and photographing will be hard if he is having red head! Haha!

Fun time with the props that we DIY-ed them! These props that we have done keep our guests self-entertained for a while. HAHA! Luckily we have them uh?
My two "brothers"

Sherlene, the only female friend that I have during our poly years. We 相依为命 for the past 3 years! But luckily our group is very fun else poly life will be even torturous for us. Lol! Sherlene and our forever-emo friend, Wen De =P

Our group photo with all the props.
Wen De is imagining himself with a partner beside her. Girls, he is single and available. Very nice chap. Interested? Lol.

 My another group of friends.

Together with my Emcee, Wei Young and my two lovely receptionists, Ying Ying and Shaoling!

 Solo picture with the pretty Jiayi

 So hard to catch this little fellow for a photo. But luckily, I managed to coax him. HEHE!

 Lastly, with another group...

 And that's us. One of my favourite series taken. ❤

The girls were asking if I plan to throw my bouquet. In the end, my videographer, Wen Kai went to find for a suitable place to throw my bouquet. LOL. I never had this plan. Guess the girls were eager. HAHA!

Guess who was the lucky girl who snatch the bouquet among these pretties?

 Tough fight among the girls and Ying Ying got it. WILL SHE BE THE NEXT?! Hehe!

One of my favourite pictures taken using his phone!

Shall let pictures do all the taking now.

HAHA! Whenever I see this picture, I will laugh at mad. Laughing at Zhixiang's expression(The first one from the left), followed by  Perry (The third one from the left). THEIR EXPRESSIONS ARE DAMN FUNNY CAN!

Some pictures taken at the escalator. Their idea. Haha.
WHY THEY SO CUTE ONE! Full of expression. LOL

It was really a long day. Experience filming which was quite fun! (Our first time!) Smiling all day long that made my cheek really ache. LOL. But nevertheless, it was really fun! Here are some pictures taken. My favourites too!

I have a long list of thank-you list which I thought I must list down because they played a role on that day to make it happening.

1. Specially thanks to Jacklyn and John from Gallery hotel who have been taking care all the details of our solemnization. They are very nice people I would say. Jacklyn has been patiently liaising with us all these while. And really thankful for the last minute of arrangement. Well, not all last minute are always cropped up, rather, this came as a huge surprise for us. (Saying of the decorating of the function room that I have mentioned earlier.) THANK YOU JACKLYN AND JOHN. ❤

2. Next, Wei Young. He was probably quite stressed up as well because he was the main coordinator, in charge cum Emcee of the day. He was saying “I did so many travel fair event and this is like so different” Bitch please. Of course it is difference It is my wedding okay! Lol. But still , really thankful of him. He actually purposely flew down from Jakarta to Singapore just to attend my wedding. How can I not love him? **Blow kisses** YES, that’s what BFF for. *Wink* THANK YOU WEI YOUNG!❤

3. Next, Jiayi. (My Chinese emcee of the day) She was so reluctant to be my Chinese emcee cause she has stage-fright but she still managed to overcome it just for my sake. Really thank her so much! And also thank her for coming early because she is not a morning person. HAHA! Thank you for sacrifing your beauty sleep lah. THANK YOU JIAYI ❤ **Blow kisses**

4. Next. The-mother-girlfriend, Yen Yee came early to help out. Decorated the balloons and tidied up the rest of the decoration. She has been giving me lots of advices of this and that during this period, never fail to help out. Love her! THANK YOU YEN YEE ❤ **Blow kisses**

5. And Shao Ling and Ying Ying who came early to help out and be my receptionist for the day. Ying Ying was unable to be my Chinese emcee (Supposingly she is the one) due to her last minute work to KL. But it was cancelled in the end. She still rushed down from her workplace (Yes, she works on Sunday. Stupid company. Happy for her that she has left there. Lol.) THANK YOU SHAOLING AND YING YING ❤ **Blow kisses**

6. Both of our families who helped out during this day. My sister and jiefu who have been running errands for us for the past few days. They helped us to collect my cupcakes and balloons. And the rest. Helping out with the decorations. Tell me how can we not love them for their unconditionally help out. THANK YOU ❤! **Blow kisses**

7. Lucas from La Belle Couture for helping me to amend my ROM dress to my like. HAHA. He almost got crazy because of the "heartshape" dress that I wanted. And he managed to alter for me. Like OMG when he called me and told me about it! Because of him, I have such a pretty dress on that day! ❤

8. Wen Kai from Beyond Pictures and Jing Wei from Studio W. Thank you for capturing down all the beautiful moments on that day! ❤

9. Vivi, the makeup artist from La Belle Couture. Thank you for making me so beautiful on that day! I love the make up and hairdo soooooo much! ❤

Lastly, for the rest of our guests who have attended our solemnization. Your presence really mean a lot to us. Thank you to all the gifts and angbao that we have received. ❤ I love to read all the little notes that they have written behind the back of the angbao. Filled with love. ❤

The little note that they have left for us. This is our guest list actually. Our guest will take one heart and write their wishing down. We framed this up and will hang on our wall next time.

Thank you for making this solemnization so magical for us. And to my now-known-as husband. Thank you for the wonderful wedding and we'll continue to create our future together! Loves.

Anonymous –   – (August 20, 2013 at 12:10 PM)  

Congrats to both of you , stay blissfully attached forever :)

Wendy –   – (November 5, 2013 at 7:39 PM)  

Hello :) Congrats on your Solemnization. I happened to pop by your website and knew we actually chose the same bridal shop (La Belle). I'll be holding my ROM on Feb 2014. May I check with you if you know other experience and popular MUA in La Belle? I wanted to request for Vivi too but her slot is not free on my day.. Hope you can help! :) Thank you~

Unknown  – (July 29, 2014 at 3:37 PM)  

Hi Babe!

Really like your DIY decorations & props for your ROM!!!

Can teach me how to make it??

Or are they for sale or rental???

Anonymous –   – (October 3, 2014 at 9:39 AM)  

Hi Katty,

May i check is Mr Eric Wong good? I am getting married on 1 Jan 2015 and is considering getting him as my Solemnizer.

K A T T Y  – (October 6, 2014 at 8:43 PM)  

Hi Annoymous, Yeap. He is a very humble and nice person. He is not very naggy and religious at all. And good thing is he replies message and email very fast! :D

Cherie THY  – (March 4, 2015 at 4:31 PM)  

Hi Katty,

Can I check with you, Did you meet up with Mr Eric Wong before your solemnization?

K A T T Y  – (March 5, 2015 at 10:29 AM)  

Hello Cherie! Nope, I did not meet up with Mr Eric Wong before my solemnization :)

K A T T Y  – (June 25, 2015 at 11:35 AM)  

Hello Joyce, sorry that I accidentally removed your comments. Can you let me know what is your question again? Thanks! Or u can email me directly ;)

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