Day four and five of Historical Beijing

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Day 4 in Beijing!
It was supposed to be warmer on the fourth day of our tour, but the weather forecast once again had fooled us. It was still chilling cold. Brrrrr! Had cup noodles as our breakfast again. Haha. Horrible breakfast.

The first stop that we went was Pearl Shop, another shopping stop that normally the guide will bring you. We got some pearl powder from there since I always wanted to ask my mum to get. I learnt something from all these shopping stops. The salesperson are really smart. They really know how to 看脸做生意. If you have those kind of “face” that you want to get, woh, they can really give you irresistible offers. Such as "Buy one get one free!" or even "Buy one get two free!". Seriously...

Initially the cost of one box of pearl powder cost 200RMB. One box consists of 10 small packets. And each small packet, there are actually 10 tubes of pearl powder. So in short, one box of pearl powder is equivalent to 100 tubes of pearl powder. After that, the salesperson started to throw in more offers before we even decide to get it or not. She threw in "Buy one get one free!" and the minimum we have to get is 6 packets. Meaning buy 6 get 6 free! 12 boxes of pearl powder. Good enough, we shared it among ourselves. That is the best part when you are travelling with your own families. Hehe!

For those who don’t know what is that. Pearl power is actually a traditional beauty tonic. It is used to clarify and regenerate skin. For girls who are very 爱美, perhaps you can try to take this. You can get it in Singapore too! After we came back from Singapore, my gugu had actually let her Chinese Physician to take a look at the pearl powder to see if it is authentic or not. The Chinese physician said that the percentage of the pearl powder might not be that much compared to the pearl powder that he is selling. I think that is quite logical, pearl powder itself is very expensive in the first place and the price we got from Beijing was so cheap. The Chinese Physician approved us on eating the pearl powder. Anyway, I am still eating the pearl powder every morning. Feeling okay, no lao sai, no “mo peng” to my face. *CHOY! I want my face to be "pearly" white too! Hehe! 

Next, we went to Summer Palace (颐和园). It is a palace, of course. Haha. One of the must-see in Summer Palace will be the Longevity Hill and the Kunming Lake.

The 4 “flowers” LOL

And that is the Kunming Lake.
 As we walked and listened to our guide’s explanation. He attracted a lot of attention because of his…
芭蕉扇 again!

The tourists and the locals even stopped and listened to him while he was trying to explain the attraction to us. It made me feel like those olden 讲古 days. We told him that we can jolly well go around collecting money after his story telling. LOL.

Here is the evidence. From 12 of us to... Lots of unfamiliar faces behind.
Haha! Too many people lah! All the tom, dick and harry were scattering around us listening to him. His fans. LOL

Touring around Summer Palace (颐和园)...

A weird Qilin statue inside the Summer Palace. It is a combination of dragon head, and … erm. Seriously I can’t remembered. A combination of whatever you can think of?

After that, we headed to another shopping stop and that is the Silk Shopping Stop, another shopping stop that normally the guide will bring you. And that was so far, the only shopping stop that we did not get anything. Who will get a $600+ bed sheet? Siao! We were so stressed up by the salesperson. They kept following us, non-stopped introducing their silk product. I mean, can’t you see we are not interested? They kept pestering us. And there were about five of them. We were literally cornered by them. WE CAN'T FIND THE EXIT AT ALL! Then, they started their sale tactic on us. Those "Buy 1 get 1 free" tactic. *ROLL EYES* But then again, who will want to buy a $300+ bedsheet?! Can grow gold izzit?! Cannot take it. Just imagine, we were being pestered for 30-40 minutes. WTH!

At first, we thought our guide might be black-faced. I feel that he was not as black-faced as I thought most guides will do. Because I did know/come across with guides being black-faced or will even scold the passengers for not getting and etc. But I am sure that he is different from other guides that I know of. We can feel that he was disappointed. I can also understand the "stress" that he had. But thank god, we did have a pretty not bad tour guide. =)

After that, we went to this place which I forgot what is the place name. Because we were so into shopping for the local products there. HAHA!

After dinner, we headed for our Acrobatic Show (Another additional optional tour that we paid for). But it was really an "experience". After our guide gave the tickets to the ticket officers, we went in as usual. BUT, there were this bunch of locals started to dash in like there were limited seats in the theatre or as if there were some freebies in there. The ticket officers have to shout at them but they just simply threw the tickets at them and dashed like there was a war outside. WTF? I was right behind of my mum and I could really feel that they were pushing all their might. I almost wanted to scream at them.

And after that incident, I truly understand why there were "stepping to death" cases. Barbarians. After we have found our seats, we waited patiently for the show. The surrounding was full of urine smell. I literally can die from that. And suddenly, another batch of local started to dash in again. You can see the video here.

SERIOUSLY, WHAT IS THE RUSH MAN! Anything happened outside that made you rush in here to hide or something? Seriously. As you can see the surrounding, there were actually plenty of seats. And most importantly, it is all free seating! Seriously wtf man.

Overall, the show was great. Though I was feeling so sick, I did not fall asleep at all. Here was the highlight of the show. The only part that I was so into the show. Let’s get excited!

Cool uh? After that show, or rather, before the show had ended. Our guide was smart enough. Before the locals started to rush their way out AGAIN, he quickly asked us to stand and leave the theatre. We were literally running (AS IF we were being chased by "something") because we were so afraid being pushed by them. Can you imagine the scene? LOL. What an experience. And this ended our last night in Beijing!

Day 5 in Beijing!
Finally the last day in Beijing, we were taking the night flight back to Singapore. Saying goodbye to my-every-day-cup-noodles-for-breakfast-day. HAHA! I will not be eating cup noodles for weeks!

My mum insisted to take a picture with my guide and sent to my niece and nephew. She wanted them to see if my guide really look like PSY. In the end, my mum got me to take picture with my guide. =.=
After that, I sent this picture of my fiance. His reaction is damn big. He said "What the hell is his hand placing at your waist?!" LOL! Jealous pig.

Next, we went to Jingshan Park(景山公园). Jingshan is at the north side of the Forbidden City. You may get to see the full view of the Forbidden City when you climb up the three story pavilion which is at the top of one of the peaks at Jingshan.

Climbing these stairs, remind me of the stairs in Great Wall of China. OH NO *SCREAMED*

Beautiful scenery but too bad, it was kind of foggy at that time. Can you see the forbidden city?

After a short climbing exercise, we visit the Foot Massage Shop, which was one of the shops that the guide will bring you to. Before foot massage, a so-called professor came in and gave us some medical talks. My eyes almost closed when he was doing all the talkings. After that, a group of student came in and helped us with the foot massage. Don’t worry, they are all professionally trained. While we were having our massages, two physicians came in and wanted to “check” our health. I was "checked" by the oldest physician. He almost got me in buying the medicines that cost a few hundred! GOSH! Though whatever he pointed out were quite true. I don’t have good health lah, I admit. My heath is quite weak and yes, he diagnosed that I have anemia and I know I have too. But still, why do I have to buy their medicine? Right? In the end, none of us bought because it was pretty useless. We know our health problems but why do we have to buy their medicine when we don’t even trust their medicine? Right? And again, our guide was disappointed. HAHA!

I forgot the place that we went to. It is a moving painting. Quite interesting cause it is about the olden days in Beijing. Here is the video.

Next, we went to the last shopping shop which is next to Olympic Village. Literally we thought that we will not buy anything and even the guide told us not to get anything. In the end, we still got it. Not sure if we were being cheated. My mum and I bought a jade for my brother for 300RMB. It was priced at 1000+RMB and was reduced to 300RMB because the one who attended to us was the boss’s son. It was really a long story. Guess we were being cheated. But I really love the jade that we picked for my brother. HAHA! A lesson learnt.

Our last stop will be the Olympic Village (Bird’s nest). As you know, Bird’s nest is a stadium that was designed for the 2008 Summer Olympics. Running man came here too! HAHA! The weather suddenly became very foggy that day and all of us put on mask because we were feeling so uncomfortable with the air.

If I don’t remember wrongly, this is a IBM company. Unique uh?

As you can see, the air was so foggy!

And everything ended here. We got to the airport pretty early I would say. We were loitering around for hours! Sitting and chatting at one of the fast food while waiting to check in. Listening to stories from the elderly. Haha! And finally we got back onto the plane to our flight back to Singapore. And again, the plane was full of their locals. I wasn’t well for the whole flight and yet managed to force myself to stay awake for the meal on board. I literally feel that I am eating while sleeping. HAHA! Immediately fell asleep RIGHT after I had them. For goodness! Damn cheapo? I MUST EAT INFIGHT MEAL~

Well, more or less I have wrote down the happenings in this trip. And this is the end of our Beijing Trip. Not sure if we will back to China soon after the "experience" we have gotten. But nevertheless, it is really an experience to us. I wouldn't say I really enjoy myself a lot, party because I fell sick throughout the whole journey even though I had flu vaccine with me. FML seriously. But thank god, I am just having a normal flu that last me for quite long (One week I guess?), no H7N9 lah! Hahaha. And I hope my mum enjoyed herself too, at least she went to China. I don't know where to bring her to next time. China will not be in the list...for the time being. Hehe!

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