Photoshoot with Mambostevie Mo-Works

In April, we had a school theme shoot with the Mambostevie Mo-Works. Yes, we went back to our secondary school for our shoot.

Specially thank to Mr Ling - the principal of Bendemeer Secondary School and also Mr Neethi for helping us to find the old bendemeer uniform. HAHA! Mr Neethi is very helpful towards our requests. I remembered the days in Bendemeer where he is so strict with us and most of us always love to disturb him, making him so pissed off. That's bad uh?

And also my cousin, Daniel. At first we thought that we couldn't find any uniform so we asked him for his uniform though he went to different school as us. We managed to use the shirt that he had borrow for us. And lastly, one of the prefect in Bendemeer who he actually took out his pant just to lend us his white pants for that few hours! HAHA! Don't worry, he had his PE shorts then. In the end, we managed to have a white pants that we borrowed from one of the student and the top that we borrowed from Daniel (Though different school logo, we still can photoshop that away!)

Back to Bendemeer, we have lots of thoughts and feelings. Come to think of it, secondary school life is the best time of all. How many of you agree to it? We agreed that if we were able to turn back the time, we would love to go back to that period again. Not because we date during that time, but we feel that secondary school life is the only period that we can really enjoy ourselves. The time where we really play hard, study hard, do all kinds of shit together, hang out together, skip remedial lesson together, stand outside DM room together, punished together, disturb certain teachers together and etc. Can't list down everything. =) It is just so fun.

And that was one of the reason why we chose to have our school theme photoshoot back in Bendemeer. We can't have our solemnization there, we'll go back there for photoshoot then.

This place just meant so much to us. ♥
We used to "can't wait to get out of here" but looking back how much we actually miss this place.

The parade square that we used to assemble. How much we hate this place cause we were made to sit/stand even on a scorching morning/afternoon. Listening to the boring speech by the principal and sometimes even will try to "meditate" for a few minutes. HAHA!

The view of all the classrooms. Seems like nothing much changes were made here.

He kept saying that I look so "KATTY" except that I am not wearing any specs but wearing make up.
During those days, I looked horrid. Yes. Horrid. I don't dare to show the picture of myself during that time to anyone. Most probably people will think that I went for plastic surgery. Lol. I bet something very wrong with his eyes. But he always said that he is smart to find such a gem (YAYA! A GEM or GERM?!) which nobody appreciate at that time. Lol.

Back to the photo shooting, we really had lots of fun with Mambostevie Mo-works Team. They always have lots of crazy ideas. I am so pleased with every photos taken by them. Damn cool and they were totally what we wanted. (Continue to read and I will share them out!)

Because our solemnization is school theme, I thought of making it into an album instead (Like those kind of wedding album). We went around huntingfor the photo ablum shop and we finally confirmed: Colour Lab (Located at The Adelphi) Auntie May and another auntie attended to us. They are very friendly and they even produced the album to us 2 weeks earlier than we expected. *JUMP AROUND*

Here is the preview of the album that I designed.

It will be solely based on the school uniform instead of the short gown series (Thank Yenyee for lending me her gown. Glad that I am able to fit in though. Lol)

There are lots of awesome shot that I wanted to share here. But I guess I will be ended up uploading all of them instead. Haha! Shall find some times to upload the rest of the photo in my Facebook instead.

This album was placed beside my reception for my guests to browse. (Photo grabbed from Ying Ying!)

Once again, thank you Mambostevie Mo-works Team for the awesome shot. Because of that, we are able to make a school theme album for our solemnization. I spent about a few weeks to get this album done and I am very proud that I received lots of praises on it. Hehe. All the midnight oil burnt was worth it. Check out their works here and contact them for all the enquiries. Stevie will be glad to attend to you.

With love

Unknown  – (July 17, 2013 at 12:44 AM)  

Nicely done the album.. glad u like our photos we shot for both of you.. congrats once again! :D


Anonymous –   – (July 17, 2013 at 9:04 AM)  

Hi, how long have u know Stevie ? I'm looking for a photographer for my outdoor shoot actually.

Jas –   – (July 17, 2013 at 12:44 PM)  

Wow! Are you a designer? You seems to design a lot of things. Your invitation card and now your album. Super cool!

K A T T Y  – (July 18, 2013 at 11:01 AM)  

Hi Stevie, Thank you! Because of the greatly pictures taken too! :D

Hi Anonymous, I knew Stevie for quite long actually. He is a very nice person, hand your outdoor shoot to him, I sure you won't regret (:

Hi Jas, Thank you! I'm not a designer but I do a bit of designing every now and then (:

Ann –   – (July 22, 2013 at 12:30 PM)  

How much you paid for this shoot?

K A T T Y  – (July 26, 2013 at 12:08 PM)  

Hi Ann, I was offered a "friendship" price for this shoot which I think it wouldn't be nice if I reveal the price here. Do contact stevie for any quotation :)

Unknown  – (March 12, 2015 at 3:55 PM)  

Hello Katty.. haha.. still looking like 2013 Katty..haha… catch up some day! :D

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