Island of God - Bali

Finally, it is BALI time! We waited for more than six months for this vacation. A trip that is full of hiccups, I would say. Supposing we have 10 people going with us, we ended up with only 7 of us. And we stayed at a 5 bedroom villa. Sound scary uh? Lol.

Many have asked me how can we travel when we are having our solemnization in one week time. Well, quite stress too. But we managed to complete what we should before we went for this holiday. Thank god, everything went perfectly fine. Except that initially I was quite worried on my weight. I was on diet for the past few weeks. Successfully reduced 4kg. Though 2 more kg to go for my ideal weight. I was so afraid that all my efforts will go into the drain. Isn't it torturous if you go for a holiday yet you still have to watch your diet? HAHA! Luckily, I only increased a few grams and then back to the normal weight. Hehe!

On our way to the airport early in the morning.

Our group photo before we left for check in. It was Ling’s birthday on that day too!

When boresome struck during our flight to Bali.

Reached Bali. It was about 2 hours and 40 minutes from Singapore to Bali. Quite long uh?
Met our villa personal and they drove us to our hotel. It was about more than one hour of journey.
Finally we were getting near to our villa. Here are the surrounding of our villa. Lots of plantation around us.
Along the road, you will see many women carrying things on their head. Just like the one that I have captured above. Wow. I was so impressed by them. As for the men, they tend to carry heavy goods on their shoulders, some will also carry things on their head too. They are really good at balancing.

Finally we have reached our villa. We stayed in Villa Chocolat Beach for the three nights. We actually got mixed up with Villa Chocolat Bali and Villa Chocolat Beach. We supposed to book the Villa Chocolat Bali (Which is better location and nicer). Their names are so messy that we thought we booked the right one. Well, just see how is Villa Chocolat Beach then. =(

Villa Chocolat Beach is so far away from the city area. It is actually at the southewest coast of Bali. And that explained why we are surrounded by all the plantation. Villa Chocolat Bali is the one that is at the heart of Seminyak area. So booked carefully, Beach or Bali? You choose.

This is our living room. We literally WOW when we saw the place. It wasn't that bad as we thought it will be. It looked clean and fresh. Very close to the nature.

Our own private swimming pool. Kinda small but it is facing the sea! That is one of the advantage of this villa. We have a private swimming pool and a beach!!! Hurray! And Indian Ocean is just right in front of us! We were still thinking "What if the tsunami hit on us?" I think most probably we will die because we have no place to escape (Remember? We are surrounded by all the plantations) Haha! But choy lah! We still came back in one piece!

And because we have only 7 of us. We actually gave up one of the room which have two single beds. We balloted the rest of the 4 rooms among ourselves. All the rooms are almost the same except that 2 of the room will be "outside" of the villa and the other 2 will be "inside" of the villa with bathtub in their toilets.

Ballot using the keys.

The first picture below shows the "outside" villa room. As you can see, it is facing outside of the villa. Meaning you will get to see the sea view when you wake up early in the morning.
The second picture above shows the partly open-air private bathroom with bath tub. All the toilets are open-air private. It is so close to the nature that we are so not used to it. HAHA!

After we have chosen our rooms, we separated and went to our rooms to settle on our stuff. Something really bad happen to most of us. As for myself, I got scared for a few time. Those shocking kind that caused me to scream out damn loud.
1. I was in the toilet for nature call. After I have done with my nature call and flushed the toilet. A palm-size spider crawled up from the toilet bowl! OMG! I screamed so loud till fiance got a shocked and rushed to me immediately. But thank god, the servant helped us to clear it.
2. After that while we were in the room, one hornet flew into our room. HORNET! I literally faint. And again, the servant helped us to clear it.

Like I've mentioned, we were so not used to the nature environment. Besides that, the rest of our rooms were filled with RED ANTS and mosquitoes! We were so busy spraying with insecticides. Sound bimbo right? Honestly speaking, we do feel that we are bimbo but we are just not used to it. The guys might take it because they went through army. To the girls, we feel like dying after seeing all these. Lol.

Our villa comes with our own vehicles as well as driver. All we have to pay was the salary to the driver (I forgot how much, but it don't cost a lot) and the petrol (It don't cost much too). The first location we went was Potato Head Beach Club. It is one of the best beach bars in the world.
Opened in 2010, it is a uniquely designed beach club. It showcases the owner's collection of Indonesian furniture. Which explain this picture :)

The food that we ordered.

The total cost of this meal was:
Approximately about $170+. Each person cost around $20 – $30. Consider expensive in Bali but in Singapore, perhaps we will think that it is quite cheap considering that it is quite a atas environment.
It was such a pity that we did not bring any of our swimwear. The "nightlife" here is quite happening.

After that, we asked our driver to drive us to the nearest Supermart because we wanted to get some drinks as well as tibits. And accidentally we saw a store selling pancake! OMG! We rushed down immediately as if we were very hungry (But to the fact that we had just finished our local supper not long ago. Didn't manage to take any pictures though) Hahaha!
Too excited until we forgot to take picture of it. Hehe! Banana chocolate pancake is da bomb! Immediately fell in love with it and made it a point to have Banana chocolate pancake EVERYDAY! That was how my few grams come from. Hahaha!

Back to our villa where the horror came! As mentioned, we were surrounded by nature, close to nature. Therefore, we have LOTS of uninvited guests. And when we were back to the villa, we have little frogs welcoming us! Up to 15 frogs each day! Our servant actually helped us to chase away everyday! Mosquito, lizards and red ants were all around you when you were bathing at the open space bathroom. I can't even concentrate at all. I even told fiance that I will become crazy after the trip because I am paranoid. HAHA! FYI, I am so afraid of lizards!

And lastly, a mini celebration for Ling.

Our sumptuous breakfast prepared by our chef! It was their local cuisine for that day breakfast.

After breakfast, we went for swimming at our private pool! At first, we did not dare to swim because there were lots of dead ants. But our gardener told us that the water will "renew" every four hours. Not sure if it is true. We somehow feel more safe. LOL. We are like damn pampered kind.

(Pictures taken with iPhone)

And we went to our private beach. The waves were very scary! Like I've mentioned, we can see India Ocean just across us. Just imagine we swept by the waves! Omg.
If you realise, the look-alike mud are actually the "sands". But if you look carefully, there are actually kind of gold-ish glitter together in it. Not sure why but Patson said that the sands are kind of mineral or something. And we decided to "play with" it! Shocking uh?
HAHA! We really had no idea if that look-alike mud sand are mineral or some leaked black oil or something. But it was really fun. We really had a great time and it seems like we are back to those teenager life where we just played. Everyone was too stress with work I guess. Adult life. Sigh.

After that, we went to have our lunch at Ibu Oka for our Babi Guling. Heard that it is very famous.
We did not manage to eat the pig skin which are the most famous there. Heard that you have to order before you come but our driver said that we don't have to. So in the end, we did not have that. Here are the food. It did not look appealing at all. All of us think that it was overrated.

Well, but I like the fried chicken though it is kind of salty.Hehe!

After that, we walked around before we headed to our massage. It was not expensive but I forgot about the price.
The bathtub looked yellowish but it wasn't in fact.
While we were done and waiting for the rest at the reception. I actually saw firefly. It was my first time seeing it! At first, I still asked him what was that because it was so bright and it was flying around. When he told me that it was firefly, I immediately took out my camera but failed to take it. =(

Dinner again!
After dinner, we asked our driver to bring us to buy pancake. AFTER DINNER, PANCAKE AGAIN! The driver must be thinking we are damn hungry. We always asked him to drive us around for food!

And I saw this. Sometime that we don't get to see in Singapore. Not even in our childhood days. Interesting uh?

It look like "Min Jian Guay" The one that Singapore has it too! BUT Y SINGAPORE U NO SELL BANANA CHOCOLATE?!
We had American Breakfast for that day.

If you realise, we did not have for any land activities or water activities. Mainly because Patson had to stand-by for his phone, there were some cropped up on his work and sometimes he had to search for somewhere where wifi is available. In the end, we focus our trip on relaxation and eat! YAY! And oh, water sports in Bali are very expensive. We compare the pricing in Phuket. Phuket is like two - three times cheaper than Bali?!

Initially they wanted to go Tanah Lot Temple. But after knowing about the Bali curse in Tanah Lot Temple, they decided not to go for our sake. Cause we are getting married in a week time! HAHA! Actually fiance don't want to go. He is very superstition at times. Google on Bali Curse in Tanah Lot Temple and you will know what is exactly all about.

After that, we went to Matahari to get our groceries. I told the girls that the shampoo, pads and etc were cheap. In the end, we went there to shop for these. LOL. Batam has Matahari, Bali also have. GRAB ALL THE PADS! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Exploring around. Some of us got some clothes here too! Wally and I got a dress at $6 only! Start to haggle for good price!
Beach area. Have the "patong" feel.

The man lying look like Spongebob - Patrick. It remind me of this:

Some ice cream to cool us down. It was so freaking humid!

Pampering ourselves once again
 I had foot massage as well as pedicure

After that, we went for dinner. Our driver brought us to the local “Pasar Malam”.

And we settled down at one of the store thinking that we might be get use to their food.
Fiance ordered something which shocked all of us
Babi Guling again. But look carefully, what did you see in that plate?


I will zoom in. 
DID YOU SEE?! O.M.G We literally OMG when we saw that. He is not fussy over food, but this is the first time that he literally gave up the whole plate. I don’t even dare to try it! Don't you feel that it look like armpit hair?!?! SERIOUSLY WTF MAN!

Luckily, the satays are at least better.
After that, we went to walk around the Pasar Malam. We were like an alien walking around there. But thank god, we really have a good driver. He was so worried of our safety and he accompanied us throughout the whole trip and even translates for us.

After that, we went back to our villa.
While we were in our room, guess what the rest did?
These four of them were actually washed their hair in the swimming pool. The young of us (Wally and us) were actually in our room while the “older” one were bathing in the swimming pool. SHOCKING UH!? When we came out, our face was like “What the hell…”

This photo seems weird uh? HAHAHAHA!

It was our last night here. Went havoc again.

 My favourite childhood snack! Anyone had this before? (:

We slept pretty late the other night but we were the first to wake up for a morning swim.

After a good brunch, a group picture before we say bye to Bali!

All of us actually opt that we will not come back to Bali anymore. It was not that it was a very unpleasant trip but we feel that we can go to somewhere else better for the price that we have paid. Also maybe because of the villa that we have stayed. It was SO out of no where and it took us at least an hour to get into the town area. Pretty far. We spent most of our time on transport and most of our money on food (Which we like!). But still, at least we have been to Bali before. HAHA!

With love

Unknown  – (July 31, 2013 at 5:44 PM)  

Hi babe! May i know which fight did you purchase and the price per pax? (:

Anonymous –   – (August 1, 2013 at 12:20 AM)  

How much did u spend in total? I'm planning for mine trip too! :)) -queenie

K A T T Y  – (August 1, 2013 at 12:11 PM)  

Hi Estheriie,
We flew by Airasia. The cost is about $172 (Can be cheaper I guess?) :)

Hi Anonymous,
Including villa and air tickets, I think I spent about $700. I only change $300 and I still have some rupiahs left. haha!

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